Suffering, Pain Along the Way

O my God, what irony it isQuote by Rumi

That we are at the bottom of hell,

And yet are afraid of immortality. – Rumi

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff– Introduction

Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague about why there isn’t much offered in the spiritual literature, by advanced spiritual travelers, concerning their trials, physical aches and pains of being human, and general ‘bitch session’ with friends/students about life.

Rare Discussion

In Rumi’s piece, we have a rare presentation by a spiritual master discussing life’s trials. In this short poem, Rumi is calling everyday life ‘the bottom of hell’ and noting the ironical nature of human frailty: living in a real mess, yet, fearful of taking the next step; to a more joyful higher plane away from this earthly suffering. (more…)

Finding a Teacher

Pure love for one’s spiritual teacher is a signpost of ‘the journey’. – S. Salimspiritual-teacher

You may follow anyone. If you can see from those meetings that some love is awakening in your heart for God Almighty, then you must keep with those meetings. – Shaykh Nazim

Are those who know and those who do not know – alike? Mindful only are the people of understanding. – The Quran 39.9

(By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff) – Each spiritual traveler’s journey is both individual and collective. With the sequence of learning experiences varying according to the person, the time, and their higher as opposed to emotional need. This sequence is established by the Teaching, the teacher, and the path. It is a sequence that originates from another dimension, has baraka or grace attached to it, and operates within its own rules. (more…)

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