Manly P. Hall: The Case of Flying Saucers

This is the text of a lecture given by 33rd Degree Freemason Manly Palmer Hall in Long Beach, California on July 2, 1950.flying saucers

This morning our purpose is to analyze certain aspects of the human mind in connection with the mysterious case of the Flying Saucers. First of all I would like to create a little parallel, something that will help folks to see just what we are up against in a matter of this kind.

Quite a number of years ago a famous stage magician by the name of Harry Keller created a strange illusion, he perfected in stage magic the Illusion of levitation. Keller, who was a very able exponent of the art of conjuring, worked out a method by the means of which the human body could be suspended in the middle of a well lighted stage without any visible means of support.

He was able to so project it that a committee, honestly chosen from the audience could walk around the stage and even could walk under the floating body. Of course, in those days legerdemain was one of the principal forms of entertainment. It has failed in popularity because folks of our generation are insulted rather than amused when they are fooled. Keller gave his professional secret, the mystery of the floating lady, to Howard Thurston, who exhibited it to the public throughout his life. (more…)

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