A War for Your Soul

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A secret shared in the light is but a mystery still to the profane. Most are drawn to the dark depths in the sea of the insane. A war for their soul, many of them lost before they began to speak. Soldiers of the matrix carrying bricks in the heat. Building the very prison systems

The Immortal Fibonacci Love Spiral of Time and Space

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Through the Fibonacci spirals of love we surf our creative sexual energy back through time and space to our heavenly homeland where we had met before. Together we forever bind our soul's energies once again as one in the ethereal elements of the divine cosmos that will always be connected through the immortal love we have for

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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I was your alleged Brother when we served together, but what happened now that I'm a civilian on the street and homeless? O Brother, Where Art Thou? I was your Christian Brother in church. You said you were a man of God who would be there for me and my family because that is what Jesus

The Conqueror Worm

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(By Edgar Allen Poe) – Lo! ’t is a gala

Burning Valley of the Fallen Angels

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Mount Hermon in Syria is along the 33rd parallel This is the place, where in the Book of Enoch, the Nephilim fell Mount Hermon formed the boundary of the dominions of the Ancient Israelites Where the Sons of God, those who are awake, had begun their plight The sons of God came in to the

To Burn a Different Light

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Here is a great poem of light and hope that I'd like to share with you, by Gary Wenkle Smith - I send this to you With sadness But with hope That we will No longer live Inside the lie. So easily it consumes— That which we claim Is our purpose Is our reason Is

Warrior’s Dawn

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By Gary Wenkle Smith Before the great light warms Mother Earth, the Warrior rises. Looking out to see the new day. Ready for that which must come. Knowing that which only a Warrior can know. Sensing the presence of Great Souls. The new day breaks. The Warrior is prepared for the battle of the day.

The Scent of the Flower and Our Spirit

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(By Jack Grisham- Author and Singer T.S.O.L.) - I guess if you were to find a simple explanation for the spirit you could call it the scent of a flower; that essence that drifts away from the object in view and connects it with the world around--have you ever held a flower with no scent--beautiful,

Bear-Gog-Lion: Prophecy of Pope Bergoglio

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My Brothers, this is the second beast of Revelation 13. Prophecies in the making, Hidden Hand, the Pope voted in on Revelation 3:13 - 2013. Caesar's bear out of the woods, and the Eastern light enters the dark catacombs of the Vatican lair. Gog the Prince from the North, Tubal Cain, prepared to beat swords

Pyramid Complete

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Money is energy. Everything is a form of energy, can't I see? To 'earn' money is to expend my energy that would be best spent on me. Humans built the pyramids with their own cash; moving rocks ain't free. The masters work behind the scenes, so the slaves cannot see. Chasing the dollar, the next

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