Alien hand syndrome (AHS)

Alien hand syndrome (AHS)

Imagine having little to no free will over the movement of your limbs. Now picture yourself with a hand that you literally have no control over.

A hand which seems to have a mind of its own and often, it is extremely adversarial to you. It will get mad and cause you harm. A hand that also wants to attack and hurt you to the point that it will even try to wrap itself around your neck in order to strangle you, slap your face and leave you black and blue.

I know this sounds like the plot of Hollywood Horror film but this actually happens to people in real life. Welcome to The Science of Human Duality in a modern world where people with brain lesions, seizures and surgery experience a strange  medical phenomenon known as “Alien hand syndrome (AHS), Alien Limb, Anarchic Hand or Dr. Strangelove syndrome.” It was originally called “la main étrangère (‘the foreign hand’)” by Brion and Jedynak in 1972 describing patients with corpus callosal tumors.

In Stanley Kubrick’s movie Dr Strangelove, the main character has AHS and is described as “erratic.” His right hand appears to have a mind of its own, at times raising his dark gloved hand in a Nazi salute and at other times, clutching his own throat as if to choke him. Dr Strangelove must try to restrain this rebellious right hand with his left hand.

Alien hand syndrome (AHS) can be described as a medical condition that affects that brain which causes people not being able to control their bodily movements and their limbs seem to move on their own. For example, a person with AHS may move their hand, hit, and or reach for something even though they had “no thought or desire” that caused the hand to move.

It is important to note that most patients describe the involuntary hand movement as if it as a mind of its own and It is that AHS most commonly affects the left hand and leg. 

Today, medical Experts describe alien hand syndrome as a phenomenon reflecting a functional “disentanglement” between thought and action. It has been proposed that alien hand should be strictly defined as involuntary movements of the limb, whether appearing purposeful or not, and should be associated with a sense of loss of ownership (Hassan and Josephs 2016).

There are many reports that this alien hand appears to act mostly in a negative or hurtful manner towards the patient and or their loved ones. It is as if the limb has some unseen “psychic phenomenon or unknown entity” controlling it.

Patients with AHS may personify the limb, referring to it as “my little friend,” and often report the limb as “having a mind of its own.” Many researchers quote an example of a patient who reported that her hand intermittently attempted to choke her. Patients often attempt to control the hand as though it were a rebellious child, sometimes rebuking, holding, slapping, or chastising it. Most people who suffer from this disease simply feel estranged from the hand or accept only a tenuous relationship with it.(Clinical Evaluation for Aphasia -Kaufman & Milstein 2013)

In 1908, German neuro-psychiatrist, Kurt Goldstein was the first person to publish a detailed case report about a right-handed woman who had suffered a stroke affecting her left side from which she had partially recovered. The problem was now the patient had no control over her left arm which she described as if it belonged to another person and performed actions that were independent of her own will.

The patient complained of a feeling of “strangeness” in relation to the goal-directed movements of the left hand and insisted that “someone else” was moving the left hand, and that she was not moving it herself.

One day, Goldstein’s patient complained, “There must be an evil spirit in the hand!”

Goldstein first connoted the “alien” quality of unilateral repetitive grasping, the impression that an alternate entity is responsible for the behavior (Goldstein 1908).

Researchers in a 2014 study, describe this negative behavior as the following; “Alien hand might manifest as a self-groping behavior and self-oppositional behavior. Autocriticism has also been reported, with the person slapping the alien hand with the normal hand. The person loses control of the affected hand as if it is being controlled by an external force. The alien hand might grab onto things and the person might have to use the other limb to release the objects from it.”

The researchers conclude, “At extremes, the alien hand has been reported to even suffocate the patient.”

A 2013 study reveals the case report of an 84-year-old African American woman who developed AHS and was so distressed by her involuntary movements that she thought her arm was “possessed by the Devil”.

The researchers had said, “An 84-year-old African-American right hand dominant woman presented to the emergency department complaining of headache and episodes of uncontrollable left-hand movements. She described the episodes wherein her left arm moved uncontrollably as if it was groping around trying to grab herself on her body. The patient explained that while asleep she felt that “someone is trying to grab means if someone is in bed with me”.

The researchers concluded, “At times, she felt the need to talk to her hand or yell at it in order to command it to stop these embarrassing movements. These movements occurred while she was attempting to eat, watch television and during use of the toilet. The patient was evidently very distressed by these events and thought that her arm was “possessed by the Devil”.”

A 2007 study study reveals the story of a 41 year-old, left-handed, HIV positive, white woman who was admitted to a hospital in 2005 after she suffered severe headaches on her “right side” of the head which later developed into drooling and the loss of control of her left hand which she called a “monster.”

During the same period, she developed brief episodes of left-hand weakness associated with dysarthria. Two weeks later, the patient lost control of her left hand, mainly at night where upon waking her left hand was grasping her right arm. Subsequently, her dominant hand presented extravolitional movements, as if having a will of its own, not responding to volitional commands such as opening a door or holding an umbrella, but groping unneeded objects and having difficulty releasing them.

The patient often found her left hand closed, in front of her face, as if it were “looking” at her.

She was afraid of her hand: “it seemed to be a monster”.

What causes alien hand syndrome?

Most people who have been diagnosed with alien hand syndronme (AHS) suffer from lesions and tumors located in the right hemisphere of the brain and from damage to the corpus callosum which can give rise to “purposeful” actions in the sufferer’s non-dominant hand (an individual who is left-hemisphere-dominant will experience the left hand becoming alien, and the right hand will turn alien in the person with right-hemisphere dominance).

But in the vast majority of patients, the damage occurs on the right side of the brain which causes their left hand to become alien.

In “the callosal variant”, the patient’s hand counteracts voluntary actions performed by the other, “good” hand. Two phenomena that are often found in patients with the callosal alien hand are agonistic dyspraxia and diagnostic dyspraxia.

Numerous cases have been reported of the syndrome after surgery for epilepsy and seizures. which is a  neurosurgical procedure with an incision involving the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a band of nerve fibers in the middle of our brains that acts as a mediator between our left and right hemispheres of our brain.

Apparently, once its cut, all neurological hell can break loose and then it appears that an alien or little demon then controls the left hand.


Agonistic dyspraxia involves compulsive automatic execution of motor commands by one hand when the patient is asked to perform movements with the other hand. For example, when a patient with callosal damage was instructed to pull a chair forward, the affected hand would decisively and impulsively push the chair backwards.[14]

Agonistic dyspraxia can thus be viewed as an involuntary competitive interaction between the two hands directed toward completion of a desired act in which the affected hand competes with the unaffected hand to complete a purposive act originally intended to be performed by the unaffected hand.

Diagonistic dyspraxia, on the other hand, involves a conflict between the desired act in which the unaffected hand has been engaged and the interfering action of the affected hand which works to oppose the purpose of the desired act intended to be performed by the unaffected hand. For instance, when Akelaitis’s patients underwent surgery to the corpus callosum to reduce epileptic seizures, one patient’s left alien hand would frequently interfere with the right hand. For instance, while trying to turn over to the next page with the right hand, his left hand would try to close the book.


Pope Pius XII declared against the practice of lobotomy to treat (change) socially unbecoming behaviour, maintaining that a lesion to the frontal lobes would strip a person of free will. This thorny issue was debated at some length by an ad hoc committee of ecclesiastics and scientists. They came to the conclusion that the freedom of will of people affected by such a lesion would be degraded, and advised against their becoming priests or receiving Holy Communion.

Here are some good videos that further detail this research.

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Dark City: A film about extraterrestrial parasites who seek to control people’s minds

Dark City: A film about extraterrestrial parasites who seek to control people’s minds

“They control everything here including the sun, that’s why it’s always dark. They can’t stand the light.” – Dr. Schreber

In the 1998 film, Dark City (IE: Dark Mind, Reptilian Brain = Parasite Left Brain), is about a group known as the “Strangers” (Archons, Fallen Angels) who live in the underworld (hell, unconscious mind) and are able to keep their parasitic grip on its human hosts above ground through a giant head (Satan, Devil, Great Serpent).

They are said to be an ancient parasitic alien race that is on the verge of extinction who seem to have unfathomable mental powers.

The main character, John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) awakens in a hotel bathtub, suffering from amnesia (iGnosis/ignorance) and discovers the bloody horror scene of a corpse of what can be called a Satanically murdered (sacrificed to the demonic fungi) woman along with a bloody knife. He flees just as the Strangers show up to investigate the room.

The Strangers pursue Murdoch who eventually discovers that he has the Gnostic mind powers—which the Strangers also possess, and refer to as “tuning”—and he manages to use these powers to escape from them.

Murdoch meets Dr. Daniel Schreber (Kiefer Sutherland), who has the special Gnosis (knowledge) about the Strangers and he is also a bit crazy (schizophrenic). The mental capacity of Dr. Schreber gives him the inherent ability to see into their world. He explains to Murdoch that the Strangers are endangered extraterrestrial parasites who use humans as their hosts.

Dr. Schreber describes their abilities to alter physical reality like that of parasitic fungi/molds. The Doctors says in the film;

“They had mastered the ultimate technology – the ability to alter physical reality by will alone”.

They are telepathically connected to each other as “they share one group mind”.

They are most active at night, where the Strangers stop time and physically rearrange the city as well as changing people’s identities and memories. Having a hive mind, the Strangers have been experimenting with humans to analyze their individuality in the hopes that some insight might be revealed that would help their race survive.

It is interesting to note that the Strangers are most active when the people of the city are asleep or unconsciousness. The same thing can be said about parasitic organisms that reside in the human body who are most active at night to a global population is almost totally unaware of these interdimensional parasites that reside in their own bodies.

The crazy doctor writes about what he calls little men who are a few millimeters in height and are “invading his body because of his power.”

Schreber then says, “On some nights the souls finally dripped down onto my head, in a manner of speaking, in their hundreds if not thousands, as “little men”. I always warned them against approaching me, since I had become aware of the immensely increased power of attraction of my nerves.”

Another parasitic fungi/molds parallel is how the Strangers are able to manipulate the people of “Dark City” through this hive mind by working in unison to control the unconscious projections of its inhabitants. The Strangers have the ability to manipulate the unconscious humans and Dark City through a type of hive mind or collective conscious apparatus that is symbolized with a gigantic head with a clock inside.

This massive head is employed at night by the parasitic demons when the people of Dark City are sleeping AKA unconscious. This parasitic ability is observed during one scene when the Strangers conduct a tuning experiment with their collective will-power through the massive head, which opens to a clock at 9 p.m., which eventually turns to midnight.

Through this massive head, the Strangers create false memories (maya) for its unconscious slaves who are now controlled by the Strangers.

The main character, Murdoch’s task is to reawaken to who he truly is and activate his Gnostic abilities in order to escape the mind control grip of the Strangers (Archons) by exiting Dark City (Labirynth/Matrix) and defeating their leader AKA the Minotaur (Satan, Devil – AKA The Gigantic Head of the Fungi).

Apparently, Murdoch is some type of Gnostic Warrior who is able to Gno (know) the Strangers (Archons) and discover the Revelations that the city as an enormous space habitat (Fungi/Dark Matter) surrounded by a force field.

The Strangers bring the Gnostic Warrior, Murdoch to their home (fungal colony) beneath the city and force Dr. Schreber to imprint Murdoch with their collective memory (Fungi Gnosis), believing Murdoch to be the final result of their experiments. Schreber instead injects Murdoch with the memories (Gnosis) of his childhood where he learned who these Strangers were and how to defeat them using his genetic Gnostic abilities.

The Strangers use the bodies of dead people as vessels to move around. You can recognize them by their pale skin, and big bald heads. Their choice of clothing generally consists of a long black trench coat, black fedora, gloves, and boots, which give them a menacing appearance. Beneath their coats, they wear black leather suits of unique design made of different black leather pieces held together with a number of intricate straps, belts, and laces.

In the original form, they are bluish gelatinous tadpole-like creatures. Across the body section, they have a rounded mouth with lots of teeth and lots of tentacles.

They usually don’t use weapons, they can easily lift and throw a person several meters away with their telekinetic powers or make people sleep with telepathic ones. Their powers seldom fail them but if they do – for example, if for some inexplicable reason their opponent happens to be immune to them – they resort to somewhat cruder weapons, such as knives.

Even when inhabiting the human host, The Strangers have an aversion to water and light. When sprayed with water they burn and turn to dust, so if you mix these ingredients the nightmare starts to fade away.

Now that Murdoch has fully awakened to his illuminating Gnosis, he frees himself and goes to war with the Strangers, defeating their leader Mr. Book (Ian Richardson) in what can be described as a spiritual battle high above the city.

Murdoch defeats their leader Mr. Hand and informs him that the Strangers have been searching in the wrong place—the mind—to understand humanity. Murdoch turns the habitat toward the star (Jupiter) it had been turned away from, and the city experiences sunlight (illuminating phosphorus) for the first time.

The spiritual man has become the Messiah using the self-illuminating (alkalizing) power of the light (phosphorus) to kill off the remaining Strangers (fungi) and is liberated from Dark City.

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Epilepsy: The Sacred Disease and Demon Possession

Epilepsy: The Sacred Disease and Demon Possession

It has been called the “Sacred Disease,”  and in the ancient past, people who had it were either known as “divine and religiously inspired” or more commonly as “demon, devil or unclean spirit possessed.”

Today we know of this disease as epilepsy.

The history of epilepsy begins with the Babylonian codex of the late 2nd millennium BC in which many types of seizure are described as to the influence or “hand” of name-given evil spirits (Lilû, Urtilli, Ishtar etc).

For thousands of years, epilepsy was closely linked to demonology in ancient Jewish sources. It is said that during the time of the Talmud (2–5th century BCE), the Jews referred to a person with epilepsy as a “nikhpe”, meaning “one of writhes” and considered as the attack of a demon “shed” or spirit (“ruah”).

A priest is unfit to serve in the Temple if he has seizures, “even if it occurs only once in days.” According to the Talmud, epilepsy may appear for the first time at any age and it was considered to be a serious disease that may be hereditary or even contagious.

The following excerpts from the Talmud shed some light on what they thought caused epilepsy and even potential cures many centuries ago:

“If one stands nude to the light of a candle, he will be nikhpe” (person with epilepsy).

“If one stands nude to the light of a candle or the moon, he endangers himself seriously”.

“A man should not marry a woman coming either from a family of persons with epilepsy, or from a family of lepers”.

“A person with epilepsy is sometimes in full conscience and sometimes like an insane person”.

“A woman with epilepsy may conceal this defect from her environment if the seizures occur at regular times”.

In later Jewish texts, there are references to medicines such as saffron (crocus), clove (“tsiporn ha-bosem”), oxymel, and several herbs (e.g., Artemisia, Valeriana, and Arnika). Magical (nonmedication) acute and preventive means include an amulet (“kame’a”) that was worn by persons with epilepsy.

In my research into this mysterious disease, I have found interesting modern correlations between spirituality, religious fanaticism, visions, and the prophetic nature of the patients who suffered from they believed to be a supernatural malady. Even today, there are patients who suffer from epileptic seizures often describe these violent events starting sometimes days before the seizure event with dark, depressive, and even evil thoughts that do not seem to originate from themselves.

I believe that our ancestors had associated these mysterious symptoms and violent nature of the disease with demon and or unclean spirit possession. This belief did not just arise from ancient superstitious medical practitioners but from the people themselves.

Patients also often describe that right before they have a seizure attack, they develop a creepy sensation that  “something or someone is beginning to take them over rapidly. Some even claim to feel movement in their body and stomachs as a type of warning that quickly reaches the point they lose consciousness and have violent uncontrollable attacks.

They have been described well by British writer Margiad Evans who had her own experiences and explained as if it was some type of “alien power that temporarily enters the body and then pushed itself out.

Evans’ describes her own experience, “the old idea of demonic possession … arose not from the onlookers of sufferers in fits but from the sufferers themselves. Because in the violent attacks one feels as though the body has been entered by a terrific alien power; and that that power is trying, after entrance, to push its way out again.”

Likewise, German writer Monika Maron, a declared atheist, reports that after her first seizure, she was “obsessed with the idea that an alien force had simply switched me off for fifteen minutes… and … slightly altered the way my brain functions. I didn’t really believe that, but it corresponded well with the state in which this inexplicable incident had left me”

The English word “epilepsy” is derived from the Greek word e·pi·le·psiʹa, meaning “seizure.” The meaning of the word seizure originally meant the action of capturing someone or something using force ie: takeover, invasion colonization and in medical terminology, a sudden attack of illness, especially a stroke or an epileptic fit.

Today, the term “Epilepsy” is medically defined as “a neurological disorder with recurrent sensory disturbances, loss of consciousness or convulsions; associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.” A severe epileptic fit which is accompanied by unconsciousness is called grand mal, and mild forms of a brief duration where the patient is often aware of his or her surrounding (conscious) are called petit mal.

As many of you know, part of my Great Work entails connecting these ancient teachings with modern science and also finding correlations with my research on parasitic fungi/molds which I have associated with what our ancestors had called demon or unclean spirit possession. Let me add that I have also discovered interesting research that links fungi/molds to epileptic seizures that I will share with you in a future article which further validates my work on this subject.

These ancient stories of epilepsy and spirit possession really seem to develop after the advent of conservative Gnosticism and Judaism with the Old Testament (Old Law) which later developed into the early teachings of Christianity in the New Testament (New Law). However, the study of religious and spiritual symptoms in epilepsy have received relatively little clinical and scientific attention.

Even biblical figures of the Old Testament such as Samson and Ezekiel had shown all the classic symptoms of epilepsy. A 2001 article in the New Scientist had detailed the research of Eric Altschuler, a neuroscientist at the University of California at San Diego who claimed that the Biblical strongman Samson may have been the earliest known sufferer of antisocial personality disorder and that Ezekiel, who lived about 2600 years ago, showed extreme classic symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy.

Altschuler had written, “People with the disease experience partial seizures, often accompanied by a dreamy feeling that things are not quite as they should be. Patients are often misdiagnosed with psychiatric problems.

Neurologically, Ezekiel displayed some obvious signs of epilepsy, such as frequent fainting spells and episodes of not being able to speak.”

The Biblical figure, who chronicled the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, exhibited other peculiarities associated with the disease. For instance, he wrote compulsively, a trait known as hypergraphia. Altschuler points out that the Book of Ezekiel is the fourth longest in the Bible – only slightly shorter than Genesis. “It’s impenetrable,” he says. “He goes on and on.”

Examples can also be found in the New Testament under Matthew 4:24 where epileptic seizures are listed as one of a group of diseases. In Matthew 17:15 a man called to Jesus, “Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is an epileptic and suffers terribly; for often he falls into the fire, and often into the water.” Jesus said the boy was possessed by a demon. The demon was ordered out and the boy was healed.

The symptoms of the affliction were frequently those of bodily disease (as dumbness, Matt. ix. 32 ; blindness, Matt. xii. 22 ; epilepsy, Mark ix. 17-27), or those seen in cases of ordinary insanity (as in Matt. viii. 28; Mark v. 1-5), since also the phrase “ to have a devil ” is constantly used in connexion with, and as apparently equivalent to, “ to be mad ” John vii. 20, viii. 48, x. 20, and perhaps Matt. xi. 18; Luke vii. 33)

In Luke 9:39, it is written, “and behold, a spirit seizes him, and he suddenly screams, and it throws him into a convulsion with foaming at the mouth, and as it mauls him, it scarcely leaves him.”

We also find a similar reference in Acts 8:7; “For in the case of many who had unclean spirits, they were coming out of them shouting with a loud voice; and many who had been paralyzed and lame were healed.

And they brought the boy to Him. When the spirit saw Him, immediately it convulsed the boy, and he fell on the ground and rolled about, foaming at the mouth. Jesus asked the father, “How long has this been happening to him?” And he said, “From childhood. It has often cast him into the fire and into the water, to destroy him; but if You are able to do anything, have pity on us and help us” (Mark 9:20-22).

It is obvious that this boy who had symptoms of epilepsy was said to be actually possessed by a demon.

Please keep in mind that the original Scripture was written in Greek so in Matthew (4:24; 17:15) the Greek word se·le·ni·aʹzo·mai is used in place of epilepsy. The Greek meaning is “to be moonstruck.”

Today, we find that the King James Version uses “lunatick,” while other modern translations use the word “epileptic(s).” (Matthew 4:24; 17:15.—AS; NW; RS.)

To be continued…

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Parkland Shooter: “I hear demons. A voice, demon voice.”

Parkland Shooter: “I hear demons. A voice, demon voice.”

This article is part of an ongoing series focusing on people who have claimed demon voices and or Satan made them hurt and murder innocent victims and also commit suicide.

A chilling video released by Florida Prosecutors on Wednesday shows the interrogation of Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, telling Broward Sheriff’s Detective John Curcio, “I hear demons. A voice, demon voice.”

Cruz said, “The voice is, is in me. To me, it’s me and then my bad side…It’s a voice. The voice is in here and then it’s me, it’s just regular me, just trying to be a good person.”

The confession video was taken just hours after he killed 17 innocent people in cold blood.

It shows a man who is crying out about being demon possessed as he punches himself in the face and also pretends to shoot himself with his left hand in the head (Left Temple), while saying “just kill me.”

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Is the counterfeit spirit controlling your mind and taking over your soul ?

Here is one of my latest walk and talks where I discuss the Gnostic idea of the “counterfeit spirit” and how it relates in modern time to the demonic fungi.

A science of mind control that I know can be quantified and measured.

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The Brain Science of Gnostic Duality Part #1

Gnostic duality is an ancient concept based on the fact that there are two separate parts, elements, and or aspects to human beings. One element is immortal being made of light (spirit or soul) and the other mortal darkness (flesh or materiality).

The essence of this dualistic philosophy centers around the Gnostic teachings that these two opposing forces are an inherent part of human natures and these forces are constantly in an eternal battle to gain control over the minds and bodies of humankind.


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Febris: The Roman Goddess of Fevers

There was once a dreaded Goddess in Ancient Rome known as Febris who caused illness, disease, and pestilence. It is from Febris where we get the English word fever. A word that is generally used to describe a symptom of various illnesses and diseases often characterized by increased body temperature, thirst, shivering, headache, and in severe instances, delirium. (more…)

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Lemures: The Roman Parasitic Larvae Spirits

In ancient Roman mythology, the Lemures (lem’u-rez) were greatly feared evil spirits who caused disease and infection. They were thought to be malignant spirits, specters or ghosts who haunt the earth by night and to possess great power for evil over the living.

The reputation of the lemures really took off at the beginning of this 6th Age shortly first Pontifex Maximus of this 6th Age, Augustus Caesar had conquered the Gnostic Greek Hellenes, Cretans, and the Greco-Egyptian empire. It was at this time that many of the Gnostic philosophers from Greece, Crete, and Egypt were brought into Caesar’s inner circle. (more…)

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Demonic Fungi/Molds Survive at 33,000 Feet in the Air

“However, they also may be transmitting diseases from one side of the globe to the other. The researchers found E. coli in their samples (which they think hurricanes lifted from cities), and they plan to investigate whether plagues are raining down on us.”

As part of my ongoing research on spirits, demons, and parasitic fungi/molds, I would like to present to you more current scientific articles and stories that correlate with some of my ancient research. (more…)

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The Demonic Dark Spirits of the Air

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the dominations, the powers, the lords of darkness, the mischievousness of spirits in the upper regions” – The Second Epistle to Timothy

Over the course of the last couple thousand years, many philosophers have written about the unseen world of spirits that they had claimed had a direct influence and in some cases, these spirits could possess the bodies of their victims. A type of evil A.I.(artificial intelligence) or Archonic being that often could be found floating and or flying in the air. (more…)

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