Gnosticize: To interpret as a Gnostic; to give Gnostic coloring

Gnosticize: To interpret as a Gnostic; to give Gnostic coloring

“We live in a Cult-u-re here in the West where much of our media has taken a page from the playbook of the Gnostics. Many movie scripts today are based on ancient Gnosticism where the writers Gnosticize in modern form to appeal to the senses by giving old themes a new Gnostic coloring.” – Moe Bedard

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Meaning of Keftiu

Meaning of Keftiu

In researching the meaning and etymology of words for the last 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that many researchers of modernity have systematically butchered the original meanings out of existence. It has got so bad that I have found that it is much better to just to do your own research well before our modern Babylonian era.

Take for example the people who the Egyptians called the ‘Keftiu.’

As I have explained in numerous articles, the Keftiu is just another name for the Cretans from the island in the sea called Crete which was considered the soul of the world and most powerful island for thousands of years.

If you try to research modern interpretations of the meaning and etymology of Keftiu, you will find some researchers with ludicrous meanings such as, “Those beyond or the men from the Back of Beyond; back behind; hinderland, the nail of the earth and even pillar.”

But the facts are the compound word Keftiu is derived from the words Kef or Keph and tiu or tu.

Kef is from the Greek words “kepha, kephas and or kephalé,” which mean “the head,” but also denote esoterically in religion as, “Rock, Ruler, Lord or a Cornerstone (Masonic), uniting two walls.”

The definition of Tiu we can find is borrowed from the Ancient Greek word – ταῦ (taû) which comes from the 22nd letter of the Phoenician abjad, called taw AKA ?‎ (t) which is the Omega in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The taw, X, and t, all signify the mathematical formula the left and right brain bullseye in the 22 bones of the skull that we humans need to create AKA to do which must first happen in the Kef (Kepha) AKA the head.

This is why in Middle English tawen, from Old English tawian (“to do, make”), from Proto-Germanic *tawjaną (“to make, prepare”) or the Gothic ?????? (taujan, “to make, prepare”).

After all, the Ancient Egyptians had portrayed the Keftiu has the creators and makers of all sorts of crafts, buildings, and statues. Today, science has verified that Crete and the Cretans were essentially the creators of Western civilization in which they would have had to use their heads to do – AKA Kef Tiu.

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Parasitus: The Social Media Climber

Today, in our modern world, being so-called digitally social and social media is the latest fad. From Facebook to Instagram, your favorite no-name F league celebrity and self-proclaimed esoteric online master has a page with 100,000 followers.

These people are what you might call “climbing the social ladder” and some would go so far to say that they are “social media rock stars”.

The Romans actually had a word for a “social climber” who would advance the ranks of society by getting dinner invitations from important persons.

The Roman word for these people is “parasitus.” (more…)

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The Meaning of Idea

The English word idea means, “to conceive anything in the mind; also a model, a copy to be imitated.”

Not many people know that the words idol, doll, ideal, and idyll are all derived from the word “idea.”

In Norse mythology, Ideas’ name is Idun (Iðunn) and is a goddess associated with apples and youth. The name Ida is found in England as Ada, Ida or Edith which all mean rich-gift, blessing, or happiness. The Hebrew name Adah signifies ornament.


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The Secret Meaning of April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day is a special day dedicated to playing practical jokes and pranks. In English- speaking countries it is known as an April fool; in France, an April fish; in Scotland, he is an April gawk. But most people who partake in the foolish fun have no idea why we still celebrate this day filled with gags.

It makes you wonder who is being played the fool here.


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Meaning of Spirit

The origins of the word spirit comes to us the from Latin spiritus “breath, spirit,” from spirare “breathe.” It was an ancient belief for thousands of years that supernatural beings or things fly and float in the air and they could enter a person’s body simply by breathing in these beings or things.

These flying spirits in the air have been known over the last few thousand years by various names such as “elementals, demons, devils, succubi, incubi, ghosts, specters, phantoms, unclean and impure spirits” to name a few. (more…)

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Parentalia: A nine-day festival held in honor of family ancestors

‘Our ancestors left their tombs in night’s silent hour and wailed. The city streets and broad grassland howled, they say, with a hollow throng of shapeless souls.” – Ovid

In the month of February, there used to be an ancient festival called Parentalia (Latin pronunciation: [pa.renˈtaː.li.a]) or dies parentales (Latin pronunciation: [ˈdi.eːs pa.renˈtaː.les], “ancestral days”) that was held over a 9 day period starting on February 13 and ended with the Feralia on February 21. The festival began with the performance of ceremonies in honor of the dead by the purest woman in the Roman society, a Vestal Virgin. (more…)

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Who was Pan?

In Ancient Greece and Greco-Egypt, the God Pan had signified “all things.” The meaning of the name of Pan, is an old Baphomet pan imageword denoting to close or join together. Pan is the universal agent known as phosphorus, that gives light and life to the world. Like phosphorus does here on earth, the God Pan was often considered as the great principle of vegetable and animal life. The ancient city of Pan was known as Panopolis.

Pan is also known as the Goat of Mendes and can be found today in the form of the horned goat God, made famous by the Knights Templars, Baphomet. 33rd Degree Freemason, Albert Pike had written in Morals and Dogma;  (more…)

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Amen/ Am-On the Spiritual Energy of Our Souls

By Pat Beaumier – Amen/ Am-On and the encoding of two separate energies.spiritual-awakening

This word predates all three Abrahamic religions yet all three uniquely respect Amen, or “Aummmm-onnnnn” for reasons that have not necessatily been made clear to those who use this word. (more…)

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The Meaning of Pyramid

“The word pyramid is popularly supposed to be derived from πῦρ, fire, thus signifying that it is the symbolic representation of As above, so belowthe One Divine Flame, the life of every creature.” – Manly P. Hall

The word pyramid is composed of the three words, Pyr, am (om), and id.

Pyr – The meaning of pyr or pyre is from Latin which is derived from the Greek pura, from pur, ‘fire.’ (more…)

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