Daytona Demons: Native American Curses and Spiritual Warfare

Daytona Demons: Native American Curses and Spiritual Warfare

In the U.S., Volusia County and Daytona Beach in the state of Florida are one of the nation’s hot spots for serial killers, pedophiles, drug traffickers, and demon-possessed criminals. It is said that the area creates a certain kind of atmosphere of insatiable anger that seems to permeate the humid air infecting the local population.

An unseen fog of evil that perpetually grips the lost souls in these quiet blood-drenched beach communities that seem to breed some of the most bizarre criminal behavior the world has ever seen that some religionists would call demonic.

A running joke among Volusia County law enforcement is that as soon as the news had broke about another serial killer on the loose, they would often jokingly suggest that he would wind up heading to Daytona on Interstate 95.

Former Daytona Beach police chief Paul Crow, who investigated local serial killer, Gerald Stano had said;

“We used to always have a saying, ‘Sooner or later, the son of a bitch will come here.”

The Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood, who also served as Daytona’s police chief for a decade before being elected sheriff in 2016 recently stated;

“If you’re a serial killer, the playing field is ripe for people on the fringes of society. Those who have been discarded by society find their way here. Who better for a serial killer to prey upon than someone who isn’t going to be missed after they’re gone?”

Volusia County came across my radar during my research into the phenomenon of murderers who have claimed to be demon-possessed in my body of work I call the “Cult of Demons.”

This haunted county is a well-known national hot spot for not only criminal activity but also paranormal and psychic phenomenons that cause seemingly normal people to suddenly become insane and or in their own words, demon-possessed.

What I often have found when I studied the history of these locations like Northern Florida is that they were ancient tribal grounds occupied for hundreds and if not thousands of years by Native American tribes like the Timucua.

The Timucua were the most powerful Tribes of Native Americans in North America who had ruled and controlled all of Central and Northern Florida prior to the rival of the Spanish, French, and the Russians. They lived in relatively small semi-agricultural villages containing between 30 houses and 200-300 residents.

The Timucua and their lands then became the target of European conquerors and settlers who had sought to usurp the natives.

They were actually one the first major tribes to encounter by the Franciscan Jesuits who took advantage of the preexisting political hierarchy by establishing missions at the largest and most important villages of the precolonial alliance system. The first founding city of the Jesuits, St. Augustine was also the first city in America located just North of Timucuan lands in order to control the area and also honor one of the Fathers of Catholicism – Saint Augustine.

The Timucua were described as a fierce people who were extremely tall, heavily tattooed and they also practiced black magic rites such as human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Ancient history tells us that many Native Americans like the Timucua believed that the world was inhabited by spirits, demons, and gods who could influence people. It appears that from historical accounts that they were well versed in black magic and these references to blood rituals and human sacrifice verify that these people knew the ancient rites of curses which I believe were imported along with them onto American soil from their Phoenician/Hebrew and Egyptian ancestors.

Author William Grimstad had written in Weird America;

“The Timucua were first mentioned by Ponce de Leon in 1513. Little is known about them, and there is no indication of any special affinity with other Amerindian tribes. They were heavily tattooed, went largely unclothed, and practiced human sacrifice and at times cannibalism. What is known of their language also suggests a Pacific rather than American orientation.” (Weird America, pg. 66)

To combat the Europeans, historical evidence shows that the native tribes would perform certain blood rituals and rites to curse and defend their land against the invaders. With war, curses are inflicted upon foes and blood is spilled onto the soil which contains the very disembodied spirits ie: parasitic organisms that make up our DNA.

If the Timucua indeed did curse the soil, I contend that modern science and the constant stream of media reports over the years about criminal activity in the area can help verify my theory. I also believe that these curses may still be in effect which is attributing to making these areas hot spots for not just any old felon but cursed meccas for the evilest criminals who have ever lived.

The Catholic Encyclopedia details some of the historical observations about the Timucua’s rituals and practices which included a peculiar rite of purification by means of a “black drink” made from the leaves of the Ilex cassine.  Here is an image depicting the Black Drink ceremony.

My theory is that this “black drink” was a psychoactive brew made from the fungi on the Ilex cassine’s fruit and or leaves that helped the Timucua to commune with these parasitical organisms who they befriended.

The Catholic Encyclopedia writes;

“Prisoners of war and their descendants constituted a slave class. Their military organization and methods were superior to what was found among the northern tribes. Scalping and mutilation of the slain enemy were universal, and the dismembered limbs were carried from the field as trophies or to serve for cannibal feasts.

Polygamy was customary. Gross sensuality was prevalent. The chief gods were the Sun and the Moon, the Deer, and other animals. They were extremely ceremonious, celebrating planting and harvest seasons, fishing and hunting expeditions, the going and return of war parties, marriages, and funerals, each with special rites of prayer, fasting, feasting, dancing and purification by means of the “black drink” brewed from the leaves of the Ilex cassine.

On certain great ceremonial occasions, the first-born male infants of the tribe were delivered up by their mothers to be sacrificed to the Sun, in whose honor also a sacred fire was kept always burning in their temples.”

We know that the Catholic Franciscan friars along with the Jesuits were part of the conquering people who had usurped the Timucua so one must be careful when reading the victor’s accounts of war but when we examine these stories and others they seem to align with the truth.

That truth was that like most Native Americans, they were a culture based on war, magic, race, and conquest which constituted the rites of their religion and whose lives depended upon defending their tribes which were their extended families numbering in the tens of thousands.

Like almost all Tribes around the globe during these times, the magic of war ie: black magic ritual ceremonies played a daily role in their lives.

I believe that the scalp dance and shoving arrows in their prisoner’s anuses with the spilled blood and the subsequent orgies with Timucuan semen sprayed on the ground were specific rites to curse the ground and make it a Timucuan stronghold.

If this magic was carried on for hundreds and if not thousands of years, these areas could possibly have soil in which the very DNA of the Timucua would make up much of the soil microbiome and would most likely be parasitic (evil conscious negatively charged by black magic rites) to almost all spiritually weak people who come in contact with these organisms.

In the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, we find more details of cficepheir religious rites and black magic blood rituals;

“The Timucua declared war by sticking a number of arrows into the ground, fliers up, in close vicinity to the enemy’s camp. This was done with the utmost secrecy the night before the attack, and locks o human hair were seen dangling from the end of the arrows.

The chiefs led the warriors on the war-path, club, arrows and bow in hand; when the fight had begun, they placed themselves in the center of the combatants, and their usual mode of attack was to surprise the enemy, as is done by all Indians.

They fought valiantly and impetuously when compelled to fight openly; their weapons were spears, clubs, bow and arrows, and a small target hung on the chest. Their arrows were headed with stones and fishbones, both being worked quite handsomely and carefully.

The warriors put to death all men captured (though exceptions to this are recorded i, cut off their arms above the elbow, and their legs above the knee, took their scalps, and ran an arrow into their anus, leaving them in this condition on the battle-field.

The scalps and sometimes the cut-off limbs were brought to camp, stuck on poles which they connected with garlands, and during the scalp dance, which lasted three days and nights, the most revolting orgies were gone through.

The oldest of their women were compelled to join hands in the maddening dance; the scalps of the slain were smoked over a fire, while praises were sung to the sun for the victory obtained. Women and children of the enemy were kept as slaves.”

If the Timucua ruled most of Florida and performed these black magic rites en mass, quite possibly they built a magical net stretching like filaments of fungi over hundreds and thousands of miles from one point of their tribal territory to all four corners.

A web to catch any foreign organism ie: person and or animal stepping on and living in this cursed soil would now be subject to the DNA and mycotoxins of these subconscious negative entities creating an air of evil when breathed in and or soaked through the skin via dermal absorption, results in possession ie: madness, schizophrenia, and or criminality.

A researcher from Florida State University examined the Timucuans religion to find that their rituals and belief systems could be divided into three categories of Cosmology: purity, pollution, and impurity.

Purity was associated with the sacred to purify the environment so the Timucuans were said to have used certain objects like fire, First Fruits, blood, corn, tobacco, and black drink to achieve a personal state of purity in order to attract the attention of and interact with their ancestors and the gods. This state of being was said to be rare and often dangerous for untrained individuals to interact with these dieties who were associated with the Upper World.

Pollution was the second state of being in the Timucuan cosmology which was with “symbolic dirt” connected to a negative state that had the power to alter a person’s state of being in bringing them closer to the Under World. The Timucuan had ritually used a woman’s menstrual blood, childbirth blood, dead bodies, and disease as their main symbols of pollution which allowed them to enter a state which allowed them to commune with the spirit world.

It was said that their rituals had brought about process similar to death and dying (thus becoming a sacred ancestor) or through shedding the blood of the lineage (birth, menstruation, and blood sacrifice), which links the earthly family to the sacred family.

This is key to understanding my theory that the soils fungal microbiome was cursed via their blood and rituals of death which last until this very day.

The Timucuans death rituals associated with funerary rites include the shedding of blood, human sacrifice, public mourning of women, cutting hair as a symbol of mourning which was associated with the body’s decay as symbols of the Under World. Decay is associated with fungi and I contend this same said fungi is still prevalent here wreaking havoc on local heathen and the sinful,

In the Timucuans Cosmology, blood was something to be closely controlled and the general population was said to have kept segregated from spilled blood.

The Spanish certainly were not ignorant of the importance of blood and their familiarity with the magic of blood rituals which had a religio-political importance closely connected to the elite class to control their city-states.

This leads me to research by Scientists from Cornell University who discovered that fungal filament allows electrons to travel through soil farther and more efficiently than previously thought.

“Microorganisms need electrons for everything they do. If they consume nutrients or spew out methane or expel carbon dioxide – for any living, biological process – they need electrons,” said Tianran Sun, postdoctoral researcher in soil and crop sciences and lead author of the paper that appears March 31 in Nature Communications.

Like large volumes of electricity that flow from Niagara Falls throughout upstate New York, electrons convey through soil via carbon. “We weren’t aware of this high-definition soil distribution system transporting electrons from far away. It’s not kilometers, it’s not meters, but centimeter distances that matter in soil,” said Johannes Lehmann, professor of soil science.

In fact, amending the soil with pyrogenic carbon – known as biochar – brings high definition to the electron network. In turn, the electrons spur conductive networks and growth, said Sun.

“Previously we thought there were only low-performing electron pathways in the soil – and now we’ve learned the electrons are channeled through soil very efficiently in a high-performing way,” said Lehmann.

The ancient religion and beliefs of the Timucua actually align perfectly with what Cornell scientists call electron pathways in the soil and my modern theory that the “symbolic dirt” infecting the areas in and around the Volusia County and Daytona Beach have been cursed by the blood of the Timucua.

Blood infected soils and air from the Timucuan microbiome warriors that can be very dangerous for those people of different DNA who are mentally and spiritually weak people who reside and or visit there.

The reason being is that the systematic liquidation of the Timucua places a lot of their blood and DNA into the region which I believe with their occult knowledge they charged via curses to ‘feed’ the negative entities that they created who now reside and torment the people who live there.

Especially the ones who do not understand this history and are weak-minded. Meaning they are often ignorant people who have little control over their own minds and lives that become tools for the Timucuan Under World of evil demons who seek to torment and destroy any alien invader.

People like the pregnant Florida mother, Ebony Wilkerson who on March 4, 2014, was tormented by who she called demons that demanded she drive her minivan with her three children straight into the ocean surf in Daytona Beach.

This negative energy and evil parasites can possibly be equated to what researchers call high-definition electron pathways in the soil that are transported via a mycelium network of microorganisms to unsuspecting victims like Wilkerson.

At the time of the attempted murders, Wilkerson said she didn’t have a care in the world because she was with God and wasn’t aware that her three children locked in the minivan she was driving towards the waves were in danger.

Wilkerson then told her kids to close their eyes and go to sleep, ‘I’m taking you to a better place,'”

Thankfully, bystanders came to the rescue of her children and apprehended the delusional woman who heard demons that told her to kill herself and her family.

Ebony Wilkerson’s sister told a 911 dispatcher that Ebony wigged out inside her Daytona Beach home before putting her kids in the minivan and speeding away.

“She’s talking about Jesus, that there’s demons in the house,” the sister told the operator.

The Demons of Daytona Beach has also been a favorite spot for several killers who have gained national notoriety.

The first in a line of infamous killers to terrorize Daytona was Gerald Stano who moved to the area with his parents when he was a young adult. He was first arrested in 1980 after one of his victims, a local prostitute, escaped from a hotel room after he had beat her and doused her with acid.

Stano was eventually linked to 33 murders and may have killed as many as 88 people. The women he was known to have killed ranged in age from 12 to 34.

Perhaps the most famous serial killers on the list is Aileen Wuornos because she was a woman and prostitute who targeted men. She was convicted in the 1989 murder of Richard Mallory, 51, in Daytona and admitted to six other slayings in Marion, Citrus, Pasco, and Dixie counties.

Wournos was executed in October 2002, becoming the second woman executed in Florida after the U.S. Supreme Court restored the death penalty in 1976.

Next, the we have the “I-95 killer,” Gary Ray Bowles who murdered six gay men.

In March 1994, Bowle’s first victim was John Hardy Roberts, 59, who was killed in his home on Vermont Avenue in Daytona. Bowles struck Roberts in the back of his head with a lamp, choked him and stuffed a towel down his throat. Bowles killed his other victims in almost the same fashion during the several months.

More recently, we have the alleged Daytona serial killer, Robert Hayes, 37, who was a student with a criminal justice major at Bethune-Cookman University. Hayes is accused of killings of three prostitutes between 2005 and 2006.

Hayes was arrested as the result of DNA matches on September 15 in South Florida in connection with a 2016 prostitute slaying of Rachel Bey, 32, in Palm Beach County victim that matched DNA taken from two of the Daytona victims. All of the women were killed with a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson.

Hayes was investigated twice by legal authorities because he had purchased a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson from a local gun shop prior to the killings but detectives didn’t see any connection at the time.

Police investigators said that Hayes who is an educated African American doesn’t fit the profile of a typical serial killer — an uneducated, aimless white male.

Perhaps, I can offer law enforcement a tip.

If I were lead occult investigators on this case, I would contend that he perfectly fits the profile of a person suffering from the ancient Timucua curse of the soil in which his lungs and blood have become infected with the Timucuan made – Daytona Demon…


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Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh II

Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh II

We are living in strange and ignorant times.

When I saw the news of the event, I thought it was an internet joke.

Then I looked into this some more and then read the description of the event, and that’s when I about threw up my coffee on my computer keyboard.

The hosts of the event are claiming to be witches and are inviting the downtrodden and disenfranchised to use black magick to place hexes on Brett Kavanaugh and upon all rapists and the patriarchy.

The description for the event reads;

When I scrolled through the links showing the names and images of the people who have signed up for the event, I had a good chuckle. Most of the attendees appear to be 20-30 something Millenials who probably learned some lame Harry Potter magic online or joined the Church of Satan for X dollars who foolishly think they are now all mighty magi-kians with the demon of Anton LaVey as their personal slave.

It’s a demon shit show, to say the least…

Playing with Black Magic is not for kids, nor is it for ignorant adults.

When you do, people get hurt and some possessed. Then, all hell breaks loose!

This is when souls are lost and innocent people are ritually murdered for sport. I see it happen all the time.

In the world of magic, when you play with darkness and things you do not understand, you will get pitchforks shoved up your ass and ritually sacrificed.

I’m serious folks – when you jump in the pen with the Wolves who control all Magic, you’re going to be taught a hard lesson about the magical and natural hierarchy of our world.

This is the second time the group has called publically to use black magick and spells on government officials. Back in February, witches from around the country had cast a mass spell to drive President DonaldTrump from office. The plan is said to continue every night of a waning crescent moon until he is no longer president.

The organizers had set up a Facebook page, called “A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him.”

With that said, this news of more black magic and public spell casting has some members in the Catholic Church a bit worried and for good reason.

The National Catholic Register’s Patti Armstrong reported on the response to the use of black magic and a public spell on Brett Kavanaugh by one of the Vatican’s leading U.S. exorcist’s, Fr. Gary Thomas of the Catholic Diocese of San Jose, California.

Thoams said, “I’m appalled. I sent this to a load of exorcists yesterday and their reaction was similar to mine. That shows this is not something that is make believe.”

He further stated, “They are more confident that the general public will be more accepting of the demonic,” he said. By contrast, Father Thomas noted that throughout history, satanic groups have been secretive, but now they are making it public in the name of freedom of religion.

“This is a conjuring of evil—not about free speech,” he said. “Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech. Satanic cults often commit crimes; they murder and sexually abuse everyone in their cult.”

The Pythia Priesthood of the Delphic Oracles

The Pythia Priesthood of the Delphic Oracles

Outside their Temple carved in stone were the ancient Gnostic maxims, “Know Thyself” and “Nothing in Excess”. For more than 1,100 years, they were some of the most powerful people to have ever rule the globe from what was once known as the center, naval, and soul of the world on the Holy Island of Crete.

It was here where the High Priestess of Pythia would speak mysterious prophecies as she sat atop the tripod with her legs spread and no undergarments as the vapors creeped into her mouth, nostrils, and vagina from the pit below. The name Pythia is derived from Pytho, which is derived from púthein – meaning “to rot”, and is said refers to the sickly smell of the decomposition of the body of the monstrous Python after she was slain by Apollo.

Upon the altar in the Temple burned sweet incense to hide the pungent smell of the misty smoke and the walls and roof were covered all over with laurel garlands. Intoxicating fumes would rise from deep within a small cavern in the ground at the center of the temple where there stood a high tripod, on which the High Priestess – Pythia, took her seat whenever the oracle was to be consulted.

The tripod was perforated with holes that allowed the vapors to completely envelop the Pythia. As she straddled herself over the tripod with her legs spread wide allowing the spirits of the vapors to enter into her bodily orifices, which caused her body to enlarge, her hair stand on end, her complexion changed, her heart panted, her bosom swelled and her voice became seemingly more than human.

These mysterious vapors would completely change the Priestess into another being that they believed could prophesy and tell the future. This smoke rising from the pit affected her body and brain in such a manner that she fell into a state of what can possibly be described today as “religious ecstasy” or “speaking in tongues.”

Here is an ancient depiction from a scene of the Delphic Oracle which shows the Pythia Priestess enveloped in serpents alongside Athena and Pylades and Erinyes (330 BCE). In Greek mythology, the Erinyes, also known as Furies, were female deities of vengeance who were sometimes referred to as “infernal goddesses.”

These were the first prophets (prophētai,προφῆται”, singular prophētēs) – meaning “one who speaks on behalf of another person” and I believe from these virgin women, the Lord and his Apostles were born.

Speaking of the rotting carcass of Pytho, Pausanias relates a text where she is called “the great and terrible monster, the nurse of Typhon, who devastated the land”, which I speculate could have been in reference to the previous religion and or cult of the Cretans being centered upon the Great Mother and nature who represented the earth but after her death, she represented death and war, for now, the vapors from her rotting carcass of a religion encompass the whole earth in a dark mist.

Pausanias writes in the first person how Apollo slew Pytho;

“Here,” says Apollo, “ will I build a splendid temple to be an oracle for men ; they shall bring hecatombs from the Peloponnesus, from Europe, and from the isles, and I will make revelations unto mortals in my sanctu~ my.” Having thus spoken, Phoebus Apollo laid the foundations, and upon them Tropho~ nice and Agamedes, sons of Erginus, placed the stone threshold, aided by countless tribes of men, and raised the temple with polished blocks of stone.

And hard by there was a spring of pure water, guarded by a she-dragon, a great and terrible monster, the nurse of Typhon, who devastated the land ; and the Lord Apollo slew her with his sharp arrows, and, having slain her, he mocked her and said: “ There lie and rot upon the ground.

No longer shalt thou be a scourge to my worshippers. Neither Typhoeus nor the dread Chimaera shall save thee from death, but here shall the black earth and the sun god Hyperion cause thee to rot.” So he spake exalting, and darkness covered her eyes, and the sun caused her body to rot, whence the place is now called Pytho, and the Lord Apollo the Pythian.

In The Travels of Lycurgus, it speaks of his arrival at Delphos to consult the oracle of Apollo, who he states is worshipped there under the name of Pythian, from the serpent Python, which he killed. It is written;

“Over the vent of the cavity a tripod is placed, which the Pythia, or priestess, mounts, when consulted, and from which she gives the oracle. The priestess was a long time preparing by sacrifices and purifications a fast of three days and other ceremonies before she ascended the tripod. I presented my offering: the Pythia mounted the sacred tripod, and the god denoted his approach by the agitation of a laurel that stands before the gate of the temple, which shook to its very foundations.

No sooner had the divine vapour, like a penetrating fire, diffused itself through the veins of the priestess, than her hair stood erect, and her looks grew wild and furious; she foamed at the mouth; a sudden and violent tremor convulsed her whole frame, and all the symptoms of distraction and frenzy were marked upon her countenance. She eyed me with fixed attention, and exclaimed:

“A friend of the gods, and rather a god than a man!” Here she ceased: her lips trembled, and she appeared agonized with the divine spirit that inflamed her soul. At length she again burst out into this exclamation:

“O Spartan! O favored of the gods! thy country shall flourish as long as the laws, which thou art about to establish, shall flourish: it shall become the most glorious and potent”

He concludes, “The words here died upon her lips; she gasped for breath and was led, pale and trembling, to her cell. I departed, satisfied with the answer that I had received.”

In my opinion, these mysterious vapors that were said to be from the rotting body of the serpent relate to fungi/molds that resided in these pits of which, “I will say no more.”

The 1st century BC Cretan historian, Diodorus Siculus tells of the mythology of the Oracle of Delphi that it was founded by a goat herder named Coretas who fed his flocks on Mount Parnassus. As the animals wandered here and there in pursuit of food, they “happened to approach a deep and long chasm in the rock.

From this chasm, a vapor issued, and the goats had no sooner inhaled a portion of the vapor than they began to play and frisk about with singular agility. The goatherder observing this, and curious to discover the cause, held his head over the chasm and in a short time the fumes having ascended to his brain, he threw himself into a variety of strange attitudes and uttered words which were supposed to have a prophetic meaning.

A temple was then erected on the spot, and dedicated to Apollo which is known as the Oracle of Delphi.

The word oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre, “to speak” and properly refers to the priest or priestess of Pythia uttering the prophecy containing the revelations of the God Apollo which were written down and interpreted by the priests who afterward communicated to the persons who had come to consult the oracle.

How the word delphi is connected to the dolphin and Apollo is described in an old Delphian or Pythian oracle. “It is open to students to regard the dolphin as only one of the many animals whose earlier worship is concentrated in Apollo, or to take the creature for the symbol of spring when seafaring becomes easier to mortals, or to interpret the dolphin as the result of a volks-etymologic (popular derivation), in which the name Delphi (meaning originally a hollow in the hills) was connected with delphis, the dolphin.” — Lang, Myth, Ritual, etc., 2,197.

The Science of the Vapors Which Produce Prophecy

It appears that the vapors arising from the pit are the source or cause of the action of prophecy for the priests and priestesses but the science as to how this occurred is still being debated.  The early Christian Church Fathers said the purpose of the oracles were for demons which allowed to assist them to spread idolatry; so that the need for a savior would be more evident.

Other researchers had speculated that the vapors and subsequent oracles were the results of some type of narcotic or sulphuric compound such as gas emissions from a geologic chasm in the earth. Some researchers suggest the possibility that it might be ethylene gas, methaneCO2, or H2S.

A new theory is based on oleander, most commonly known as nerium. Apparently, a researcher has put forth erroneous claims that it causes symptoms similar to those of the Pythia and similar to those of epilepsy, the “sacred disease.” In my opinion, this explanation is false because nerium does not produce the same effects and this has been proven by science.

Ingestion of this plant does poison humans producing toxic effects such as nausea, vomiting, excess salivation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irregular heart rate, drowsiness, tremors or shaking of the muscles, seizures, collapse, and even coma that can lead to death. But the facts are that it does not make you hallucinate and only one human death from oleander/nerium has ever been recorded.

The most commonly accepted explanation is the one made by Plutarch who said that the vapors from the Kerna spring waters that flowed under the temple. In my opinion, Plutarch’s official “public explanation” would have been purposely misleading due to the fact that he was a High Priest who would also know the secret operations, ingredients and even the science of the Delphic Oracle which he would have been under an oath of secrecy not to divulge.

What I have found in my research is that the leaves of the oleander/nerium plant’s are prone to fungus/mold infections.

I believe that the vapors were the result of a process of rotting flesh which contained various organisms such as fungi/molds that we know today have the ability to take over other organisms and also produce hallucinating and delirious effects. An example would be the fungus ergot which contains lysergic acid as well as its precursor, ergotamine – the ingredients for the famous hallucinogenic drug- LSD. I will expand more on this theory in a future article.

It was reported that the Pythia of the Oracle of Delphi was always a “native of Delphi” or of the native land in which the oracles were consulted. I believe they did this because these people would have always been considered as representing the earth or “earthborn” as some of the oldest inhabitants on earth so in their minds, these natives would have DNA coming from the same said lands so they would naturally be closer to the source of our origins which came from within the earth.

This is why we find in almost all ancient secret initiation rituals were conducted inside caves such as one of the most famous in antiquity is the cave of Zeus at Mt. Ida on Crete. The same cave where Epimenides Gnosis would awaken from a 57-year slumber to go to purify Athens to then become the founder of the Orphic (Ophite/Levite) Religion and later Pythagoras would spend three days alone as part of his initiation rites of Knossos to become a leading Gnostic of the Pythagoreans.

In the early stages of the development of their religion, young virgin girls who were never allowed to marry were utilized as oracles. Diodorus explains how the Pythia was always a clad young virgin with great emphasis on the girl’s chastity and purity to be reserved for union with the god Apollo but after one priestess had been seduced by Echecrates the Thessalian, the Delphians made a law that in future no one should be elected who had not attained the age of fifty years. He writes;

“Echecrates the Thessalian, having arrived at the shrine and beheld the virgin who uttered the oracle, became enamoured of her because of her beauty, carried her away and violated her; and that the Delphians because of this deplorable occurrence passed a law that in the future a virgin should no longer prophesy but that an elderly woman of fifty would declare the Oracles and that she would be dressed in the costume of a virgin, as a sort of reminder of the prophetess of olden times.”

One of the most famous Greek writers and philosopher, Plutarch was actually a High Priest of Apollo at Delphi during the late first century and early second century CE. He would have been in charge of overseeing the Cult, the priestesses, interpretations of the prophecies, conduct sacrifices at other festivals of Apollo, collect money for the Temple treasury and would have been an official of the Pythian games.

Plutarch said that the Pythia’s life was shortened through the service of Apollo. Apparently, being a Pythia was a very dangerous job because it was said to be common that the Pythia would go crazy after the ceremony as she often leaped from the tripod in mad convulsions (epileptic seizures?) and then would die soon after.

As the cult developed and the priests became more learned more about the dangers associated with divination, the priestesses were then chosen from poor families in the empire and there were always two Pythias, who took their seat on the tripod alternately, and a third alternate was kept ready in case one of the others went mad or died.

More on the Delphic Oracle Connection to Crete

The Oracle of Delphi may be connected to the more Ancient Cult of Rhea (Mother Earth/Cybelle/Rhea/Gaia/Magna Mater) on Crete which was based on honoring and serving God, nature and the earth. For example, one of the most important rites was the doctrine of purification, which had its roots in Crete.  

Thus the Delphic oracle was essentially Cretan Cult in character which I will prove below.

To the Ancient Cretans (Phoenicians), Greeks and in all countries around the Mediterranean, no religious institution in all of antiquity had obtained such a paramount influence, as the Oracle of Delphi. Delphi was the most famous place for this secret religion of the oracles of Zeus (Jupiter) which could also be found at Boetia, the Siwa Oasis, Dodona, and at Olympia.

In researching the origins of this religion, it appears to have originated on the Holy Islands of Crete and Delos which was said to have been the birthplace of Appollo who was the son of the God Zeus who was also born on Crete and hid in the mountain of the Hellenistic Jews – Mount Ida.

In the Delphi Complete Works of Diodorus Siculus, he had written that Apollo has been called Delian and Lycian and Pythian, and Artemis has been called Ephesian and Cretan and Tauropolian and Persian, although both of them were born in Crete.

Siculus said Apollo was the discoverer of the lyre and of the music which is got from it; that he introduced the knowledge of healing, which is brought about through the faculty of prophecy, whereby it was the practice in ancient times that the sick were healed; and as the discoverer of the bow he taught the people of the land all about the use of the bow, this being the reason why the art of archery is especially cultivated by the Cretans and the bow is called “Cretan.”

He further stated, “To Apollo and Coronis was born Asclepius, who learned from his father many matters which pertain to the healing art, and then went on to discover the art of surgery and the preparations of drugs and the strength to be found in roots, and, speaking generally, he introduced such advances into the healing art that he is honored as if he were its source and founder.”

A paean is a song, poem or hymn which expressed triumph or thanksgiving was sung during the religious ceremonies. In the Mycenaean Linear B tablets found on Crete, the word pa-ja-wo-ne is used as a name for a healer god which was later associated with Apollo and his son Asclepius.

Further connections to Crete can be found in the  Homer’s Iliad in the Hymn to Apollo, in which Apollo himself is introduced conducting a band of Cretans (Phoenicians), who came from the city of Gnosis – Knossus, Krissa (Krisa/CreUSA).  Apollo chose his first priests, whom he selected in their “swift ship” were “Cretans from Minos’ city of Knossos (Gnosis)” who were voyaging to sandy Pylos.

In the form of a dolphin (delphys”, gen. “delphinos), Apollo leapt into the ship and revealed himself to the terrified Cretans, and bade them follow him up to the “place where you will have rich offerings”. The Cretans “danced in time and followed, singing Iē Paiēon, like the paeans of the Cretans in whose breasts the divine Muse has placed “honey-voiced singing”.

These were Apollos Cretan priests of Pytho who we find as the head musician playing the lyre, and the Cretans follow beating drums and singing “paeans such as the Cretans sing to whom the divine muse has given the gift of sweet song.”

Historian, Professor G.L. Huxley had said, “If the hymn to (Delphic) Apollo conveys a historical message, it is above all that there were once Cretan priests at Delphi.”

These songs and dances I believe were for healing Thaletas was able to heal with his songs; Epimenides Gnosis was the magically gifted purifier and lawgiver who saved the Athenians and who after his death the Spartans held as a God. These paean hymns were also associated with the war and dances of the priesthood of the Curetes in Crete in honor of Zeus whom they were assigned as protectors. The Homeric Hymn expressly states that the Cretan priests sang paeans at their advent at Delphi, and were of a distinctly Cretan character.

While these myths seem fantastical to the casual researcher, these facts can also easily be backed by science because we know today that the Holy Island of Crete is known as the birthplace of Western Civilization and the ancient Cretans (Phoenicians) were very skilled in magic, religion, writing, war, music, and dancing which was “how the West was truly won.”

Historical evidence also states that the invention of the “paeonic meter” was consistently attributed to Crete” and its introduction into Greece was assigned to the Cretan Thaletas.” The poems of Archilochus (7th century BC) and ancient scholars mention it such as Alcman (7th century BC) and other poets who wrote in Sparta.

Later in the 5th century BC, Pindar also mentions the paeans and he was said to be especially fond of the Pythian Apollo of Delphi. The ancient Greek poet, Euripides speaks of the Delian women singing the paean in honor of Apollo and swaying in beautiful dance before the doors of the temple.

In the later days of Cicero and Plutarch, the Delphic Oracle began to lose its influence but was still continued to be consulted down to the times of the Roman Emperor Julian, until at last it was altogether banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius I who was the last emperor to rule over both the eastern and the western halves of the Roman Empire.

Magic is the tool. Math is the science. Your soul – the vehicle.

Magic is truly simple to explain. It is the magical operations that are complex given the fact it takes several steps to complete a genuine operation to arrive at magical success.

The end point being the imagination focused on the result you wish to acquire. The result, a living, breathing and bleeding entity made of your focused energy on one point in the future.

The circumpunct being the target. Your soul, the arrow….

To be a true magician, you must be an alchemical archer aiming your soul to some distant point at which you wish to arrive in the future.

To reach success in magic, it takes hard work along with a determined will, perfect imagination and to understand the alchemical science of being human in an inhumane world.

There is no room for laziness, gluttony, fear, idleness, and or speculation in the magical arts.

There is no try. You must only do.

Magic is the tool. Math is the science. Your soul – the vehicle.

It is therefore extremely dangerous to make sport of the Mysteries of Magic

“Those who abdicate the empire of reason and permit their wills to wander in pursuit of reflections in the Astral Light, are subject to alternations of mania and melancholy which have originated all the marvels of demoniacal possession, though it is true, at the same time, that by means of these reflections impure spirits can act upon such souls, make use of them as docile instruments and even habitually torment their organism, wherein they enter and reside by obsession, or embryonically. (more…)

There is only one dogma in Magic

“There is only one dogma in Magic, and it is this: The visible is the manifestation of the invisible, or in other terms, the perfect word, in things appreciable and visible, bears an exact proportion to the things which are inappreciable by our senses and unseen by our eyes.” ~ Èliphas Lèvi

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