Lord of the Roof: Demon of Epilepsy

Lord of the Roof: Demon of Epilepsy

For thousands of years before our present era, epilepsy was associated with evil demons and also ghosts that roam in the home at night.

As I mentioned in my article, The Babylonians Diagnosed Epilepsy As Demon Possession, the Ancient Babylonians were the first people in history to study and document the various human neurological and psychiatric disorders, including epilepsy. They believed that epilepsy was the cause of a supernatural disorder due to an invasion of the body by evil demons or spirits or the anger of personal gods.

The Babylonian demon of epilepsy was said to be called Lugalurra (bēl-urri/Lugal-urri/Lugal-ugri/Lugal-arri) which means “Lord of the Roof.”

For example, tow lines from the the text reads, “If a man approaches a woman on the roof, the Lugal-arra will seize him,” or “If a man approaches a woman on the roof, the (demon) Lurker (rabisu) will strike him with a stroke.”

Since the Babylonians play a large role in years leading up to the formation of Christianity, it should be no surprise to you that we find that the Lord of the Roof in the New Testament has a parallel in the Gospel of Matthew with the epileptic boy healed by Jesus is said to be possessed by “the Son of the Roof” (bar ˀeggārâ, Matthew 17:15).

The Ante-Nicene Christian Library: The Apostolic fathers (1870) says the Syriac word Peshitta translated in § 1, 79 as “The son-of-the-roof,” a Syriac phrase said to mean a demon of lunacy. A word used in Arabic of the devil producing insanity.

The lines read in transcription of the Babylonian tablets have been interpreted by researchers from the Institute of Epileptology from King’s College, London, United Kingdom, and †Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

summa am ˇ elu anta ¯ subb ˇ u b ˆ el¯ uri ¯ …qat etimmi q ¯ at m¯ am¯ ˆıti…
eli-su iba ˇ sˇsi al ˇ u lemnu ireddi- ˆ sˇu´…

They are translated as:

“If a man has been suffering from antasubb ˇ u, b ˆ el¯ uri ¯ , qat etimmi ¯ or qat m¯ am¯ ˆıti, and an alu lemnu ˆ then begins to inflict him with ideas of persecution…”

The researchers stated that the word antasubb ˇ u,ˆ is a understood to mean “the falling disease,” or what we call epilepsy characterized by major seizures. The term bel¯ uri – means literally “the lord of the roof.” It was this demon that supposedly caused epilepsy by lurking on the roof of a house.

The word qat etimmi ¯ means “the hand (power or influence) of a ghost.” The words alu lemnu ˆ translate, nonspecifically, to “evil demon.”

It is interesting that the Babylonians had said that epilepsy was caused by a demon and specifically, a demon called the Lord of the Roof who they thought actually “lurked on the roof of a house.”

Why the Lord of the Roof and why did they think this demon had resided on the roofs of their homes?

In my own experiences in dealing with the supernatural, modern science and “things that can possibly lurk on the rood on our modern homes,” I have met with a supernatural entity/organism that is intelligent, parasitical, and adversarial to humans to the point that it seeks to maim, eat and kill them.

Like the mythical Kronos, the real-life devourer of children…

This organism is the oldest living entity on earth. We know it as Mold in English and Fungus in Latin.

An evil demon like entity that lives on the roofs of houses and inside the walls and in the basement wreaking complete havoc and mayhem on the occupants of that same sid house unbeknownst to them until often, it is too late.

Here is some supporting evidence for my Babylonian theory on toxic parasitical molds being the true “Lord of the Roof.”

Mold makes Vancouver house uninhabitable – Couple’s health, finances, wrecked by situation”

Craig and Shelly Johnson bought their Andresen neighborhood home 24 years ago. To the high school sweethearts, it was the perfect place to raise their kids and enjoy their future grandkids.

This summer, the Johnsons learned their dream home was poisoning them.

After a decade of unexplained chronic pain, fatigue, respiratory infections and debilitating headaches, Craig, 54, and Shelly, 50, learned the attic of their home was full of various varieties of black and white mold.

Read more @ Columbian.com

Mold forces Seminole County firefighters out of station, into trailer

Firefighters are not allowed inside the building during remediation and must sleep in the temporary trailer behind the building.

“The crews here knew there was likely going to be mold behind the cabinets, due to the leaks in the past,” Seminole County Fire Union President Jon Divita said.

9 Investigates obtained records that show concerns about leaks and mold were well-documented.

Spring 2015 maintenance notes stated, “There is a roof leak in the kitchen. It is above the cabinets to the left of the sink. Water is running down into the cabinets down the doors onto the counter.”

By December 2015, maintenance notes stated, “There is mold and wood rot that needs to be mitigated.

Read more from WFTV 9 News

Milan family forced to flee home over toxic mold

MILAN, Illinois – A Milan homeowner says he and his family have been going through hell in a dispute with American Family insurance over toxic mold in their home and what caused it.

“They’ve been lying to us. They haven’t been up front and honest, they’ve been deceitful, just everything you would not expect from an insurance company,” said homeowner Jason Beeks.

He and his family have been forced to flee their home because of toxic levels of mold.

“Right now, the atmosphere inside the house is not live-able. It will kill you,” he said.

He says it started after a heavy wind and hail storm that hit the neighborhood on August 2, 2015. Several roofs were damaged, and Beeks filed claims on two vehicles and his 7-year-old roof.

Read more @ WQAD News

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The Babylonians Diagnosed Epilepsy As Demon Possession

The Babylonians Diagnosed Epilepsy As Demon Possession

The first line (obverse) of the text of Tablet 26 from the Babylonian ‘Medical Diagnostic Series’ reads, “If epilepsy falls once upon a person [or falls many times] it is the result of possession by a demon or departed spirit.” (British Museum, London-See Kinnier Wilson and Reynolds, 1990)

This is known as the “epilepsy tablet” numbered 26 in a series of 40 tablets which comprise an early Babylonian treatise known as Sa-gig (Sumerian) or Sakikku (Babylonian), which is said to mean “all diseases”

The Ancient Babylonians were the first people in history to study and document the various human neurological and psychiatric disorders, including epilepsy. They believed that epilepsy was the cause of a supernatural disorder due to an invasion of the body by evil demons or spirits or the anger of personal gods, which like in Catholicism, required the intervention of the priest or ašipu.

The descriptions they left behind are very similar to our more modern clinical descriptions, minus the demons and spirits. The Babylonian medical text includes many of the classical symptoms of epilepsy such as paranoid delusions, hallucinations, mood and sleep disorders, as well as religiosity and hyposexuality.

Several different words for epilepsy are found in the medical texts, including bennu, miqit šamê (Sum. AN.TA.ŠUB.BA), and miqtu, as well as the Hands of several supernatural entities. They also describe the core symptoms by the words miqtu “fall”, ḫayyatu “fit”, and ṣibtu “seizure”.

Please keep in mind that the Babylonians were well aware of the multiple attacks that haunt epilepsy sufferers could be the attack of solitary or multiple demons who had seized upon the victim. They used priests to heal the victims and apparently knew the exact timing to intervene in order to drive the demon out of the person.

The following account of a unilateral focal motor seizure, which today we call ‘Jacksonian’, illustrates how a demon can be driven out only if the person is “consciously aware” and if “they are not so aware, the demon cannot be driven out.”

“If at the time of his possession, while he is sitting down, his (left) eye moves to the side, a lip puckers, saliva flows from his mouth, and his hand, leg and trunk on the left side jerk (or twitch) like a newly-slaughtered sheep it is miqtu. If at the time of the possession he is consciously aware, the demon can be driven out; if at the time of the possession he is not so aware, the demon cannot be driven out.” (BM 47753, reverse, lines 1–3).

The Babylonians had detailed the psychoses of epilepsy which we find from texts belonging to the British Museum and the Berlin National Museum (Reynolds and Kinnier Wilson, 2008).

‘If a man has been suffering from seizures, absence attacks, nocturnal epilepsy or automatisms, and an (or, possibly, the) evil demon then begins to inflict him with (ideas of) persecution so that he says—although no one will agree with him that it is so—that the finger of condemnation is being pointed at him behind his back and that god or goddess are angry with him; if he sees horrible, alarming, or immoral “visions” and is (consequently) in a constant state of fear; if he engages in periodic outbursts of anger against god or goddess, is obsessed with delusions of his own mind, evolves his own religion, and says—although (again) they will not allow it—that his family are hostile towards him and that god, king, his superiors and (city) elders treat him unjustly … and he has no desire for female relationships …’.

They were also aware of the serious potential consequence of epilepsy resulting in death:

‘If an epilepsy demon falls many times upon him and on a given day he seven times pursues and possesses him, his life will be spared. If he should fall upon him eight times his life may not be spared’ (BM 47753, obverse, line 6).

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How does toxic eating effect our spiritual development?

As Einstein had said. “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.” The Great Pythagoras said All is number. This frankenfooodeverything and All includes we human beings who are alchemical energies composed of a God given mathematical formula.

The key in the Great Work is perfecting ourselves through right thoughts and actions. When we abuse ourselves with bad thoughts, actions and bad living, we are unable to properly work on our soul’s development because we have changed the God given math code that makes us human. This change can lead us to become almost inhuman like beasts, devils and human parasites who are selfish creatures.

Much of our modern world is composed of many of these selfish human beasts and devils. This is the current state of most of humanity who has been on a course of devolution for hundreds of years.

Our goal as Modern Gnostics and Truth Seekers is to take the opposite path of the rest of humanity to the illuminating high road of evolution by practicing self control, pure living and to live by example. (more…)

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Mold in the Bible

A house desecrated by mildew, mold, or fungus would be a defiled place to live in, so drastic Mold in biblemeasures had to be taken. – Leviticus 14:45

The LORD said to Moses and Aaron,  “When you enter the land of Canaan, which I am giving you as your possession, and I put a spreading mildew in a house in that land, the owner of the house must go and tell the priest, ‘I have seen something that looks like mildew in my house.’ The priest is to order the house to be emptied before he goes in to examine the mildew, so that nothing in the house will be pronounced unclean. (more…)

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Are parasitic worms having sex on your face?

Microscopic mites are having sex on your face, and researchers from North Carolina State University are eager to study them. You better believe it. Not only are they getting worms down and dirty and leaving semen on your skin, they are also vomiting, defecating and dying in your very pores. (more…)

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Third Eye Blind: Calcification of the Hippocampus, Worms and Alzheimer’s Disease

There is a common belief that the calcification or the fluoridation of the pineal gland causes Third eye - cool imagehumans to lose their connection to the spiritual world, and they become unenlightened as a result of this mineralization.

In the course of my research into the modern science of our brains, I have found that is simply not true. When the hippocampus or ammon’s horn becomes infested with worms, it begins to mineralize and we lose our connection with past memories, intuition, and enlightenment. This results in the loss of the connection to our third eye and Alzheimer’s Disease that then causes the severe depression of the soul which I’ll explain in more detail below. (more…)

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The Science of the Brain’s Third Eye Computer Chip of Enlightenment

In my last two articles called ‘The Third Eye‘, and ‘Open Your Third Eye to Walk Like an Ancient Hippocampus third eyeEgyptian‘, I had shared with you my research on the history and science behind our true third eye which I explained is known by the scientific name of the hippocampus or ammon’s horn. This is the place in our brains that modern scientists have determined where we process all new and old memories. It has also been found to be what we can call the place of intuition where we intuitively process our thoughts through our blood, then into our brain as a GPS system for the soul. (more…)

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The Prince of Demon Poop From Venus

(Warning: A few of the images in this article may be disturbing to some people. Viewer and Beelzebub 3reader discretion is advised) – This is a true story about the most devilish of all devils, Beelzebul and how the world is currently possessed by this devil.

In the Testament of Solomon, Beel-zebul (not Beelzebub) appears as prince of the demons, who had said he was formerly the highest ranking angel in Heaven and was from the evening star once known as Hesperus (which is the normal Greek name for the planet Venus (Αφροδíτη). Beelzebul claims to cause destruction through tyrants, to cause demons to be worshipped among men, to excite priests to lust, to cause jealousies in cities and murders, and to bring on war. (more…)

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The Immortal Worm of Cain and His Illuminated Race of Worms

There is a worm that is named after the biblical Cain. Its name to be exact, is known by the Worms - Caenorhabditis elegansLatin Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans). It is a transparent nematode (roundworm), about 1 mm in length that emits an illuminated blue light when they die. A nematode is a roundworm. Their many parasitic forms include pathogens in most plants and animals (including humans).

This human like transparent worm is classified by modern scientists to the status of genus. The meaning of the Latin name genus is “descent, family, type, gender;”  and the Ancient Greek: γένος – genos, “race, stock, kin.” The word genus is where we get the Latin genius, of which we get the English word, ‘genie.’ The various synonyms for genus are genie, genius, gin, the jinn (Arabic: الجن‎ al-jinn, singular الجني al-jinnī; also spelled djinn), spirit, ghost, and the Latin daemon or demon. According to Plato, in his Cratylus, the etymology of daimôn/daēmones(δαίμονες: deity/daêmôn δαήμονες) is from ‘tfanuwv,’ meaning all-knowing, wise or intelligent.

Quite possibly this new modern worm science isn’t so new after all, and has been known for millenia… (more…)

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Woman’s Brain Taken Over By a Worm

They enter into your personal hard drive through a wormhole in your mind.

The video below, is about a woman in the U.S. from Phoenix, Arizona who was sick and had various symptoms which her doctors at first didn’t know what was causing her symptoms. Later they found what they thought was a tumor in her brain, and then they performed a special surgery in order to remove it. (more…)

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