Is the counterfeit spirit controlling your mind and taking over your soul ?

Here is one of my latest walk and talks where I discuss the Gnostic idea of the “counterfeit spirit” and how it relates in modern time to the demonic fungi.

A science of mind control that I know can be quantified and measured.

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Pope Benedict XVI: Authentic “gnosis” is a development of faith inspired by Jesus Christ

As part of my series of articles on Christian Gnosis and Mystical Christianity, I will continue to focus on the Catholic Church’s gnostic teachings or more appropriately, what they may call, “authentic gnosis” practiced by “true gnostics”.

This is quote by Pope Benedict XVI taken from a 2007 sermon on Clement of Alexandria given at Saint Peter’s Square. (more…)

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All Americans Are Liars

The original Gnostic quote comes from the Cretan philosopher Epimenides Gnosis who said, ” All Cretans are liars.”

Today, we find the lying Cretans in America.

Paid Liars in fake American media. Paid Liars in politics. Lies from our Satanic cult down from Santa Claus and our sacrilegious commercial Christmas celebrations and Black Fridays.

Let us not forget our current social media hell with fake social media lies and lying fake friends.

I have knowingly participated in the orgies of lies as an American Liar because just like “All Cretans Are Liars!” –  “All Americans Are Liars!”

Therefore, I can honestly say the truth when I declare today that “All Americans are Liars!”


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Jesus: The Tribe of Idea (Judah)

In my previous articles, The Meaning of Idea and Gnosis in the Bible, I explain that the Greek words found in the New Testament that are often translated in English as “to know, to see – to observe or to come to know through observation – to perceive and understand,” are “eido, eida, eidos, oida, ida, ginosko, epiginosko, epistamai, gnosis and epignosis.”

Words and deviations of these words that can be found hundreds of times in the Scripture.

This is also where we get the Platonic Eidos or Idea in English which is the main premise behind Plato’s “The theory of Forms or theory of Ideas.

This is the Matrix or material reality that we live in today. A world created by man through knowledge which then leads to ‘Forms’ or ‘Ideas’.

What I find fascinating is that we can find Platonic Eidos or Ideas all throughout the Scripture as well. For example, we find the verbs oida or eido and the nouns eidomen or oidamen hundreds of times on the Bible.

These same Greek words later become in English, “idae and idea.”

Examples of these words in Scripture are often connected to the prophets and Master Jesus.

Other words that connect to the English idea and derive from the old Greek oida, eido,  eidomen, and oidamen are Idaean, Judiean, Judean, Juda, and Judah.

It appears that in the Scripture, eido or oida is used not in the sense of just knowing, but “knowing perfectly or right knowledge.”

What we can call “true spiritual knowledge or Gnosis.”

This was the message of Jesus in the New Testament showing that the path wasn’t just mere knowledge, AKA Gnosis of the Father, but knowledge and love is the path that leads to the Father.”

Like when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees in John 8:55 by differentiating his knowledge (Gnosis) of the Father with theirs by claiming that his is on the order of oida. In John 5:37, Jesus shows that his knowledge of the Father is different than the Pharisees when he says, “you have never heard his voice or seen his form [eidos].”

In other words, they don’t really have “true spiritual knowledge or Gnosis” of the Father because they lacked love. Jesus had true Gnosis and this is why he is called the “εἴδομέν – eidomen” in the Scripture.

As in Luke 9:49 when John says they say the eidomen casting out devils. Luke 9 : 49, “And John answered and said, Master, we saw [εἴδομέν – eidomen] one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. ”

According to the Book of Genesis, Judah was the fourth son of Jacob and Leah, the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Judah and founder of the Kingdom of Judah, the land of Judea. This is where we get the term Jew and as most people know, Jesus was a Jew from the Tribe of Judah or should we just say the “Tribe of Idea?”

As I mentioned in a previous article, the Greek historian, Diodorus Siculus had said  Crete was once also known by the name “Idea.” The true home of Jesus, the Cross and many Saints and prophets.

It is well known by Christians that Jesus was not only a wandering teacher, he was a master and their Messiah who imparted knowledge (Gnosis) of how to live life to his followers. The facts are that in order to acquire knowledge (Gnosis) and teach it, you must first “formulate ideas” that then become a “vision” which leads to a “plan, design, proposal, or proposition.”

This definition of ideas being the basis of a teacher’s main job describes exactly what Jesus does for his followers so it makes sense that he is from the “Tribe of Idea AKA Judah.”

In the scholastic sense, the ideas of the teacher Jesus became a curriculum for humanity and in the Biblical sense, a theology of religion.

In the philosophy of Platonic thought, the life of Jesus is really an idea which is an eternally existing pattern of which individual things in any class (Religion) are “imperfect copies” – (Christians by Baptism rather than Baptism by True Gnosis).

Most Christians follow Jesus’ ideas of how to live life, but many “sin”, a word that means “miss the mark”. They get the “idea” but do not have the Gnosis for true salvation from their fallen states.

Therefore, they are “imperfect copies” of Jesus or “Platonic Eidos or Idea of Jesus.”

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Gnosis in the Bible

There is a long-standing misconception that the religion we call “Christianity” is devoid of the teachings of Gnosis.  An ancient Greek word that simply means “to know or knowledge.”

The facts are that if we were to take a serious look with an open mind (without dogma and sinful Christian Judgment) at the ancient Scripture of the New Testament that was written in Greek and also the modern English versions, we would clearly witness the teachings of Gnosis.

For example, the English words know, to know, knowledge, understand and perceive are found hundreds of time in the English version of the Bible. Words that all connect to the much older Greek word, Gnosis. (more…)

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C.S. Lewis on Gnostic Dualism and Christianity

The following words are from British author and philosopher, C.S. Lewis (Clive Staples Lewis). Like me, Lewis was baptized into the faith as a young child but later fell away from the Church in his adolescence and young adult years to become an atheist (agnostic).

At age seventeen, Lewis wrote to longtime friend Arthur Greeves, “I believe in no religion. There is absolutely no proof for any of them, and from a philosophical standpoint Christianity is not even the best.” (more…)

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The Brain Science of Gnostic Duality Part #1

Gnostic duality is an ancient concept based on the fact that there are two separate parts, elements, and or aspects to human beings. One element is immortal being made of light (spirit or soul) and the other mortal darkness (flesh or materiality).

The essence of this dualistic philosophy centers around the Gnostic teachings that these two opposing forces are an inherent part of human natures and these forces are constantly in an eternal battle to gain control over the minds and bodies of humankind.


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Albert Pike Explains the Square of the Freemasonic Gnostics

33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonic philosopher, Albert Pike had written about the meaning of the square base of the Great Egyptian Pyramid, “The Gnostics writes claimed that the whole edifice of their science rested on a square whose angles were: Σιγη, Silence; Βυθος, Profundity; Νους, Intelligence; and Αληθεια Truth.” (See Morals and Dogma)





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Gnostic Duality

One of the main Gnostic scientific teachings for the past 3,000 years is that we humans are dualistic beings. What the Gnostics had meant in simple modern terms is that there are two separate parts, elements, and or aspects to we humans. One element is immortal being made of light (spirit or soul) and the other mortal darkness (flesh or materiality).

The human spirit was of divine origin and good which came from the True God. It was made of an immortal light that descended from the heavens. The body was opposed to this light because it was inherently material, earthly and can be led to commit acts of evil. It was made of mortal flesh ruled by a False creator God who held sway over those materialistic souls who have not reached spiritual Gnosis. (more…)

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Aleksandr Dugin: The Gnostic

Here is a very interesting article from one of our Russian Gnostic Brethren, Alexander Dugin. Dugin is who we can call the Russian President’s “Left-Hand Gnostic Man” who is a well known around the globe as a Russian political analyst with what some critics have called right-wing fascist and anti-liberal views.

Dugin claims to be a Christian conservative.


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