Giant Prehistoric Monster Found With Skull Said to Weigh Almost 400 Pounds

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This article below is from the Milwaukee Sentinel – Aug 12, 1928. This true American news story tells about the discovery of a prehistoric giant monster with a skull that was said to weigh almost 400 pounds when alive and was found in the Gobi desert. It was discovered by Roy Chapman Andrews who was considered

14 Giant Skeletons Over 9 Feet Tall Found at Santa Monica Beach in California

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Here is an old news story from The Washington times on July 13, 1908, about the discovery of fourteen giant skeletons that were over nine feet tall in Santa Monica Beach, California. The skulls have the formation of an Indian head with high cheek bones, and other pronounced characteristics. In every case the teeth are practically intact.

Giant Skeleton Found in Kentucky Stolen

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Our ancient Gnostic Warrior federal news bureau is reporting that a giant 10 foot skeleton found in Victoria, County Kentucky in 1872 has gone missing. A local historian, Anna Laura Duncan who works for the Victoria county government said, “If any bones were found, I don’t know where they would be.”

A Giant Human Skeleton 18 Feet Tall Found in Texas

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Our ancient Austin, Texas Gnostic Warrior news bureau reported long ago, that an oil prospector had found the remains of a giant human skeleton that is an incredible 18 feet tall. Experts say the skull is six times larger than the average human and they estimate this giant to weight approximately 2,000-2,500 pounds. He is said to

The Alien DNA of the Elongated Nephilim Skulls

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The official science is out, in regards to the genetics of the elongated Paracas skull mystery, and the findings are simply out of this world. One of our planet's most renown elongated skull experts is Brien Foerster. Brien has written extensively on these massive skulls, and he also lives in Peru where he conducts tours called the

Giants in the Bible – Part I

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If you ever wondered what happened to the giants, these quotes from scripture will explain the end of their story in a nut shell; The sons of Joseph were authorized to invade the “land of the giants” [xvii. 13] and Og, the king of Bashan, and the last sovereign of the Amoritish dynasty, encountered Moses

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