Luciferian Brotherhood of the Fireflies

Have you ever wondered why a firefly lights up? Would you believe me, if I told you that it was with the help of Lucifer?firefly light 2

Welcome to the not so secret society of the firefly. The Luciferian Brotherhood of the Fireflies, who light up the darkness of the night-time sky.

The reason why these flying insects light up is from the result of a chemical reaction inside their bodies that causes a luminescence (chemiluminescent) in their abdomen that arises from a cycle of reactions between the air and biochemicals called ATP, luciferin and the enzyme luciferase. Luciferin is heat-resistant, and it glows under the right conditions. Luciferase is an enzyme that triggers light emission. ATP, a chemical within the firefly’s body, converts to energy and initiates the glow.

This is why they have the name fire and are also known as lightning bugs, or luminous beetles. Even as an infant in the form of a glow-worm, the baby firefly shows signs of light. The Master God Firefly said, “Let there be light, and so there was light.”

Frogs love fireflies. In fact, they eat so many of them that after time, they start to become Luciferians themselves and began to glow as well. It comes from a mineral called phosphorus, which is found in small amounts in the firefly’s body. These same methods employed by the firefly, and even the frogs to produce its light is the same way we humans use this same chemical. A role that phosphorus plays in nature is similar in the metabolism of plants, animals and we humans.

All living things, not just fireflies, contain ATP and phosphorus. Phosphorus is the major energy storage molecule in living organisms, and a main component of human DNA, RNA and ATP, that combine with phospholipids to form all our cell membranes. It is through our DNA which contains this chemical light called phosphorus, that we become conscious to the world and who we are, in order to live in the light.  It is also known as the universal agent and philosopher’s stone. The word phosphorus means “Light-Bringer”, and the Latin word corresponding to Greek Phosphorus is “Lucifer”.

Hence, Lucifer is really just an allegory to describe the light of phosphorus which resides in our very own DNA, and the same methods used by the brotherhood of the Luciferian Fireflies.

FIREFLY FACTS:Firefly light

  • Fireflies emit light mostly to attract mates, and also to communicate.
  • Fireflies can recognize their own species and the sex of another firefly by species-specific flash patterns.
  • An adult firefly lives only long enough to mate and lay eggs.
  • Fireflies are primarily carnivorous. Larvae usually eat snails and worms. Some species of fireflies feed on other fireflies.
  • Firefly lights are the most efficient lights in the world.
  • There are more than two thousand species of fireflies found in the world.
  • Most fireflies found in the U.S. are east of the Rocky Mountains.


Ancient 6,000 year old phallus found in Israel

Some remarkable traces of Stone Age life were unearthed recently in northern Israel, including a pit of burned bean seeds and a Phalus greek womancarving of a penis that’s more than 6,000 years old, reported by the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA).

Archaeologists are excavating at Ahihud Junction ahead of the construction of a new Israeli railroad line to the city of Karmiel. They found evidence of ancient settlements from two eras: the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period and the Early Chalcolithic period (seventh millennium B.C. to fifth millennium B.C.).

“For the first time in the country, entire buildings and extensive habitation levels were exposed from these early periods, in which the rich material culture of the local residents was discovered,” IAA excavation directors, Yitzhak Paz and Ya’akov Vardi, said in a statement this month.

Read more from

Apocalypse: First Eastern Orthodox Leader in a Thousand Years to Attend Pope’s Inauguration

Pope benedict and Bartholomew IVatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said,“There were no ‘invitations’ sent out. All who wish to come are warmly welcomed.”

There was a unique guest yesterday at the new Popes Inaugural Mass, who hadn’t attended in over one thousand years. This holy guest was the Eastern Orthodox Church leader, the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I. This is really big news for those of you out there who follow biblical prophecy because the fact are, that there has not been an EasternOrthodox leader that has attended an event like this since the East–West Schism, which is dated approximately in the year 1054.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is the Eastern Greek branch of the Catholic Church, and the Vatican and Pope represent Rome’s Latin branch. At one time, they were essentially the same Brotherhood, but differences between the Latins and Greeks had frequently caused them to be in conflict with one another.

These differences would not only end up in schisms between the East and West, but they also had caused the Latins to declare war in 1204 on the Greeks when they had sent the Knights Templar to capture and sack Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade.  This attack by Rome was the final schism that had caused the Eastern Orthodox Church to formally break away from Rome and the Pope for about a thousand years.

However, in 2004, this great divide between the East and West would begin to quickly repair itself when  Pope John Paul II had extended a formal apology for the sacking of Constantinople in 1204, which was importantly and also strongly condemned by the Pope at the time (Innocent III, see reference at end of paragraph); the apology was formally accepted by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

Here is a portion of the news article

Bartholomew — the spiritual leader of 250 million Orthodox faithful worldwide — has said he is attending the Mass to underscore the importance he attaches to “friendly ties” between the churches in a “new era.”

Edward Pentin reporting from Rome — When Pope Francis celebrates his inaugural Mass tomorrow, seated on his right will be cardinals, bishops and — for the first time in over 1,000 years at a Mass of this kind — the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

On his left will be heads of state and ministers including President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Vice President Joe Biden and congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Delegations from 132 countries have confirmed their presence at the ceremony which officially marks the beginning of Pope Francis’s pontificate. These include six reigning sovereigns, 31 heads of state, three crown princes, 11 heads of government and many other dignitaries.

But the Vatican, keen to avoid accusations that it had invited the likes of Jesuit-educated Mugabe to the Mass, has stressed that no one received invitations. “The delegations are coming to Rome following information of the event made public by the [Vatican] Secretary of State,” said Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi. “There were no ‘invitations’ sent out. All who wish to come are warmly welcomed.”

The liturgy in St. Peter’s Square is expected to be relatively simple and “not too long,” the Vatican said, and interestingly, Pope Francis will not be distributing holy communion. It’s not immediately clear why, but the Vatican seemed to infer it was to keep the Mass shorter and simpler.

Observers, however, believe it is so the Pope is not put in the awkward position of giving communion to Catholics such as Biden and Pelosi whose public positions on abortion are at odds with Catholic teaching. As cardinal, Pope Francis was categorical in disallowing holy communion to any who facilitated an abortion, politicians included.

Also seated close to the Pope will be Jewish and Muslim representatives and members of other religions, together with around 1,200 priests and seminarians as well as diplomats accredited to the Holy See and civil authorities.

The rest of the piazza is expected to be packed with pilgrims and tourists. The Vatican has said everyone is welcome, and no tickets are required. Rome authorities are preparing for up to a million people to attend the Mass, although the final number is expected to be lower.

Among those present tomorrow, perhaps the most remarkable is that of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I. It is the first time in over a thousand years that the Greek Orthodox leader has attended a papal inauguration and points to great improvements in Catholic-Orthodox relations in recent years.

Bartholomew — the spiritual leader of 250 million Orthodox faithful worldwide — has said he is attending the Mass to underscore the importance he attaches to “friendly ties” between the churches in a “new era.”

Jesus Described as Shape Shifter and Eagle According to Ancient Egyptian Text

Jesus Eagle“Then the Jews said to Judas: How shall we arrest him [Jesus], for he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man…”

According to author Roelof Van de Broek, Jesus was not only the messiah who walked on water and healed the sick, he was also a master shape shifter who sometimes could become invisible and at other times he took the shape of an eagle.

These newly deciphered Egyptian text dating back almost 1,200 years tell us of shape shifting descriptions of Jesus, that were made in a super secret book purchased by JP Morgan in 1911 that was titled, The Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem of the Life and the Passion of Christ. It was just recently translated by author Roelof Van de Broek, who had stumbled upon its fascinating contents when he found the mysterious book sitting on the shelves of the Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

The translation was a gift from “archpriest Father Paul,” who, “has provided for this book by his own labors.” (more…)

Viking-Like ‘Sunstone’ Found

calcite crystalBelow is an excerpt from a great article on titled, First Evidence of Viking-Like ‘Sunstone’ Found. In the article it describes a special stone called a “calcite crystal that the Vikings had possibly used for navigation before the invention of the magnetic compass in the 16th century.

Special stones and rocks have always had a significant meaning to the Brotherhood. From the cornerstone of Jesus Christ, to the foundation of Peter the rock in which the Catholic Church was built, and to the Stone of Scone in which many Kings have been ordained. These stories were passed down to us by our ancestors because these very specific stones had a significant meaning to them and it was the life force they had contained that was so special.

One of these secret life forces is known in the occult world as Lucifer. Lucifer in alchemy is truly just an occult name for a naturally occurring chemical element in nature and life called “phosphorus.” The calcite crystal of course contains inorganic phosphate with the effect explained in terms of the initial formation of two-dimensional nuclei between adsorbed phosphate ions on the steps of the crystals. (more…)

Drinking Blood From Skulls

SkullBow“I shall go to war to revenge the death of my brothers! I shall kill, I shall exterminate, I shall burn my enemies! I shall bring away slaves ; I shall devour their heart, dry their flesh, drink their blood ! I shall tear off their scalps, and make caps of their skulls.”Indian War Song. Bonus Travels through Louisiana.

Some of our ancestors had many customs in the past that today many people would find them appalling. One of these customs was drinking blood from a skull.

In the time of Herodotus, it was was said that the Issedones decorated with gold the skulls of their dead relatives and then had used them as drinking cups. The Anglo Saxons had drank the blood out of the skulls of their dead foes and it is in Valhalla, that Thor and Odin proclaim they will drink blood from the skulls of their slain enemies.

The picture above is from an article titled, “Earliest Directly-Dated Human Skull-Cups.” This is an actual ancient skull that was found by scientists at Gough’s Cave in Somerset, UK and it is said to be the oldest ever found at approximately 14,700 years old. This find is an obvious indicator that verifies this skull and blood drinking practice and it may prove what land these tribes had originally spawned from. (more…)

Did you know dogs have human DNA?

Dogs human DNARecent findings by DNA scientists prove that dogs have human DNA. The science is out that we humans and dogs have exchanged bodily fluids or DNA, thus causing our genetic makeup over the millennia to become very similar to one another. As a matter of fact, the top ten diseases that affect us humans, also are the top ten diseases amongst purebred dogs including cancer, epilepsy, heart disease, allergy, retinal disease and cataracts.

Here is an excerpt from National Geographic that helps explain this for you:

Scientists have completed a rough sketch of the canine genome. The results may explain why dogs are humans’ best friend: Their genes are similar.

“Dogs suffer from more than 350 genetic disorders, many of which resemble human conditions,” said Ewen Kirkness, a molecular biologist at the Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville, Maryland who led the research. “The genes responsible for these are probably constant to humans and dogs.”

The sequencing indicates that dog and human genomes are more similar to each other than either is to the mouse, though it appears the dog lineage diverged first from the common ancestor. (more…)

What is Intuition?

Intuition comes from within our DNA. Our DNA is a form of computer or internet. When we tap our intuition for answers or to know, we access our computers which is our DNA. This is where gnosis comes from and is our sixth sense.

Not many people are aware of their sixth sense that is known as intuition. Of course, most all of us are aware of the five physical senses known as sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell. But how come we are not taught in school about the sixth sense of intuition when growing up? Is there a reason why we are not taught to tap our “inner wells of resources,” AKA our blood to find answers or solutions to our lives?

I believe that this is one of the biggest secrets being held from man kind over the last one thousand or two thousand years and this was done purposely be design so we humans forget our pasts and the truth of where we come from. Maybe this was done for our own good or the opposite. This conclusion I have yet come to because I am still in the research stage of tracing my past through my DNA which has encoded into it these intuitive answers that I seek.

So, where does one intuit in order to sense via a human experience in order to have or even explain this sixth sense? The answer is that this sixth sense comes from within. As within, so without. For it is our DNA that we individually tap via our minds and hearts into in order to have intuition. The mind seeks and reasons while the heart is your DNA feeling and memory device in which you use your intuition to either confirm or discredit your minds finding based on cellular memory that uses vibrations to send these signals to our heart and gut. (more…)

Satanists view themselves as animals who are part of Nature

Gnostics and Illuminists are humans just like you and I who view themselves as sentient beings of the light whose goal is to rise above their lowly animal natures. Satanists view themselves as animals who are part of nature.

Satanists walk the Left Hand Path and Gnostic Illuminists walk the Right Hand Path. If you are not aware of the differences, please see my article here that explains this in the most simple way possible because in all reality, the occult world is very easy to understand once you pullback the veil of all the bullshit.

What we gnostic illuminsits who seek the light need to comprehend is that spirituality and the occult world is truly as simple as black and white. It is just the “players” in the occult world who make it complicated because the facts are that most Magi who are “players” are really business people do so for entrepreneurial purposes. Meaning, they make money by what they tell and do not tell or how spiritually complicated they make it.

After all is said and done, if all religions put out a book on really how easy it is and how few words we truly need to teach God or spirituality, they would be out of business in a New York Corporate minute. The reason being is that easy and simply does not sell as well to the masses as having a shepherd tell you how complicated it really all is. They tell you to just buy this thick book in order to get life. You can live like Jesus or Satan, hell they don’t care, but for Augustus Caesar’s sake, give to us what is Caesars and send in your last few dollars while you are at it.

In all honesty, if many of these religions and spiritual gurus told you how easy it all is, well then the billion dollar bible business and the hugely successful copyrighted Satanic Bible would not be best sellers anymore. Yes, just like the Roman Jesus Caesar Christ keeps the Catholic Church bank accounts fat, you can bet your last dollar that the Church of Satan is laughing with the allegorical Satan all the way to the bank.

However, let there be light and let it be said that there is a big difference between the two in their bank accounts and mission. One is a true 1300 year old successful Billion Dollar Brotherhood backed in gold via Pax Romana and the Rose CroSS with their spiritual home base on the 7 hills in Rome

and the latter is a meager 40 year old successful California based business in San Francisco.

As you can clearly see from this article that there is a big difference between a true Gnostic and practicing Satanist. I choose the light and gnosis to rise AS ABOVE the dark of my weak animal flesh in order to live in the Heavens. Satanists choose to live in their weak animal flesh natures in AS BELOW in what I would like to call Hell.

What do you choose? Light or dark?  It is simple and there is NO middle ground!


What is the difference between the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path?

There are many people out there that are confused to the differences between the Left Hand Path (LHP) and Right Hand Paths (RHP). The facts are it is really simple to understand once you get educated. My hopes are that this article does this for you.

Please look at this pictures below where we have Madonna, Baphomet, our first President, George Washington and a Tarot Card all indicating AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. But also their hands signify the two different paths as well.

As you can see from the pictures above, you have the right hand pointing up and the left hand point down. The right hand is pointing to the light which is the right hand path to represent illumination and a higher consciousness. When you take this path, you choose the light. You are AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. (more…)

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