Saucers, Secrets and Shickshiny Knights

(SOURCE: Order of St. John) – About ufology, one thing is now certain: it’s been the province, for decades, of intelligence Shickshiny Knightsagents. Confirming what many have long suspected, the CIA recently admitted that, during the 1950s, it recommended that the National Security Council adopt a policy of debunking UFO reports.

This is a story about Men in Black, only not the kind you see at the movies. These men in black don’t cover up UFO incidents; they promote them.

Consider Philip J. Corso. This retired U.S. Army colonel is the co-author (with Bill Birne) of The Day After Roswell, a recent release from Pocket Books whose publication was timed to coincide with last summer’s much hyped anniversary of the alleged UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. In the book, Corso presents himself as a national security insider who is coming clean about the UFO phenomenon and the U.S. government’s involvement with it. The book–which contains no index, no footnotes, and virtually no named sources–reads like a bad episode of NBC’s dimwitted Dark Skies, outdoing much science fiction in the fantastic quality of its claims about UFOs, EBEs, and the like.

Among other things, Corso claims that in the early sixties he headed the Army’s Foreign Technology Division, in which capacity he oversaw the handling of alien material recovered from a saucer crash in New Mexico. Moreover, Corso says his office supplied portions of the saucer debris to various defense contractors and high-tech labs (who were led to think that it was stolen Soviet technology) who developed out of the bestowal such modern marvels as the computer chip, fiber optics, and kevlar. (Of course, Tommy Lee Jones says something similar in the movie Men In Black, adding velcro, microwave ovens, and, as I recall, karaoke machines to the mix; but Corso purports to be serious about this.)

And that’s just for starters. He goes on to regale us with tales of dead alien bodies on display at army bases and secret installations on the moon. Oh yes, and then there’s the truth (“now it can be told!”, as they used to say in the old Captain America comics) about Reagan’s Strategic Defense initiative. Turns out they didn’t call it “Star Wars” for nothing, as its real purpose, according to Corso, was not to deflect a missile attack by the Russkies, but to counter the threat posed by the inscrutable saucer men. This, of course, led to the end of the Cold War, when Reagan agreed to let the Soviets use Star Wars technology to defend the USSR against the same galactic menace.

It gets curiouser still. Corso was formerly a “research assistant” to right-wing segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond (R-South Carolina), the oldest, longest-serving, and (for many) most annoying presence in the U.S. Congress. As Corso’s old boss, Thurmond was persuaded to write the forward to The Day After Roswell, a coup the publishers emphasize with a big blurb on the cover. However, Thurmond apparently neglected to read or even inquire about the book he was plugging; when someone woke him up (he’s well into his nineties) and explained that he was in effect endorsing the existence of UFOs, Thurmond reacted with an announcement disavowing any knowledge of Corso’s kooky-sounding subject matter.

Given such bizarre turns, as well as the complete lack of support for Corso’s claims, a reasonable person might surmise that Corso is either a) a shameless hustler trying to milk a popular myth, b) a mental case, or c) a provocateur whose “work” is meant to disrupt serious inquiry into UFOs and discredit the tiny group of writers and researchers who try to engage the phenomenon with some semblance of intellectual integrity. Option c, in other words, would cast Corso as a debunker of UFOs, since the most likely impact of his outrageous claims will be reinforcement of the notion that ufology is strictly the province of lunatics and fools.

National Security

About ufology, one thing is now certain: it’s been the province, for decades, of intelligence agents. Confirming what many have long suspected, the CIA recently admitted that, during the 1950s, it recommended that the National Security Council adopt a policy of debunking UFO reports. The Spring issue of the CIA journal Studies of Intelligence contains an article by historian Gerald K. Haines entitled “CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-1990.”1The article asserts that concerns over UFO “hysteria” prompted the CIA in 1953 “to create a special outside scientific panel to look into the security implications” of the phenomenon. According to Haines, the panel concluded that there was nothing scientifically unusual going on, i.e., that UFOs were not alien spacecraft. However, the panel was concerned about the impact that a nationwide wave of UFO hysteria might have on Cold War security. If the Soviets were to devise some sneaky means of inducing such a panic, then we might have a real problem. According to the panel, the resultant furor could distract the populace and clog vital lines of communication, making us sitting ducks for a nuclear sneak attack.2 (It all sounds a bit like something from Dr. Strangelove: “Mr. President, I regret to inform you that we’ve discovered a UFO Hysteria Gap!”) Therefore the panel recommended that the NSC “debunk UFO reports and institute a policy of public education to reassure the public of the lack of evidence behind UFOs.”3 (Can you say, “swamp gas”?) The report further recommended that the project enlist the aid of mass media outlets, ad agencies, business organizations, and “even the Disney Corporation to get the message across.”4

Yes, that’s right, boys and girls, according to a CIA journal, the Disney Corporation played a secret role in Cold War ufology, though that’s a topic for another occasion (or perhaps an animated musical). Still, what seems clear is that the spooks saw the realms of mass media and pop culture as areas of real concern about the UFO phenomenon. According to Haines’ article, they set out years ago to manipulate popular beliefs.

One suspects that certain government agencies have persisted in working to manipulate popular belief in UFOs. Moreover, one suspects that at some point such agencies decided to widen the net and approach UFOs from the other direction as well. Currently, the ranks of ufologists are full of ex-military and national security types. Moreover, many of these individuals affirm the existence of UFOs, giving voice to some of the strangest extant scenarios regarding the topic.5Like Corso, many of them offer wild tales and little or no supporting evidence. Consider Bob Lazar, a source for much of the lore surrounding “Area 51” in Nevada. Lazar claims to have worked on top secret government projects, some of which involved the “back-engineering” of recovered alien saucer technology. He claims to have observed aliens, or alien-like entities, at underground bases. Unfortunately, he can produce no real evidence to support his claims.6(It is perhaps interesting to note that the man who “discovered” Lazar, Las Vegas reporter George Knapp, also strongly promotes the reliability of Corso.)7

From the Pentagon perspective, “witnesses” and “testimony” of this type might prove useful in a couple of ways. Given their dubiousness, such reports can obviously be used to debunk UFOs, as per the recommendations of the 1953 CIA panel. However, among those inclined to believe such claims, outrageous stories of the Lazar type can provide a convenient smokescreen. Smokescreen for what, you ask? Well, for what everyone–both UFO believers and skeptics–seems to agree is going on at Area 51, namely the development and testing of super-high tech weaponry. The “debate” is over whether or not the technology in question is derived from “alien” sources. But for those charged with running such a super-weapons lab, a prime interest is secrecy. To such cloak-and-dagger types, wild stories about UFO bases and alien bodies may be just what the spin doctor ordered. They could be very effective at distracting the public from, and confusing the enemy about, what’s really going on. (“The Pentagon bookstore,” Corso co-author Birne enthuses, “stocks The Day After Roswell..”)8

In other words, I’m suggesting that the national security establishment decided, at some point, to go beyond the recommendations of the 1953 CIA panel regarding UFOs. Moreover, they in effect decided to do to the American public what they feared the Soviets would do; they decided to contribute to–to foment–UFO hysteria or, at least, confusion. Of course, their motivation for doing so would have been different from that of the purported Soviet enemy. The rationale would be classically Cold War: we have to develop new weaponry and we have to conceal that development; moreover, we have to know what might happen if an enemy power were to induce UFO hysteria nationwide.

The same kind of twisted logic drove other secret U.S. projects during the Cold War. Korean War reports about Red Chinese “brainwashing” of American prisoners provided the rationale for decades of CIA research into mind control techniques. When atomic war loomed as a real possibility in the fifties, the need to understand its effects was used to justify experiments which exposed unwitting Americans to nuclear radiation. Compared to those interventions in the name of national security, the creation of some UFO hysteria seems a modest imposition.

So, to return to Corso and the question of his purpose: he may be hoping to cash in on a popular topic; he may be some sort of kook; or he may be carrying water for the Pentagon (or all of the above). We can’t say for sure, but a couple of things are clear: he has a background with the Pentagon, with, more specifically, military intelligence; and there is evidence to suggest that he’s had a career as a disinformation specialist.

Secret Societies

For details on this point we must turn to the literature on the Kennedy assassination. That, you may object, is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, for if there is another topic of popular interest that’s as whacked-out as UFOs, it’s the Kennedy assassination. But bear with me, and keep in mind that the authors I am about to cite approach their research in the most scrupulous fashion. Unlike Corso, they footnote their work with scholarly precision and distinguish clearly between facts and inferences, theories and speculations. The books detailing Corso’s background include Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by UC/Berkeley professor Peter Dale Scott; The Man Who Knew Too Much by journalist Dick Russell; and a tome about American intelligence (which does not emphasize the JFK case) called The Old Boys by Burton Hersh. They concur on the following history:

In the early sixties Corso was a member of a secret society called The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, also known as the Shickshinny Knights of Malta, after the Pennsylvania town where the order was based. (This group is not to be confused with the other–and better known–Knights of Malta, the Rome-based Sovereign Military Order of Malta.)9 The order’s “Armed Services Committee” was full of retired military types with ultra-rightist sympathies and included generals from the MacArthur circle like Bonner Fellers and Pedro del Valle. The Committee also included British Admiral Sir Barry Domville, who was fingered by the English as a Nazi agent and jailed during World War II, and General Charles Willoughby, former chief of intelligence for General Douglas MacArthur, whom MacArthur referred to as “my little fascist.”10

The Shickshinny Knights were fanatical anticommunists. Some of them, like Willoughby, were affiliated with international ultra-rightist organizations like the World Anticommunist League and the International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture. Shickshinny, PA was itself the home of many White Russians who had fled Russia when the Bolsheviks came to power. In 1963, the Grand Chancellor of the Order was Col. Charles Thourot Pichel; during the thirties, Pichel had lobbied the German government to appoint him the official American liaison to Hitler.11

The Shickshinny Knights Armed Services Committee membership list also included Philip J. Corso, who, according to Russell, “had been a twenty-year Army Intelligence career man until his retirement in August 1963”.12 Russell notes that in 1954 Corso had been the Army Operations Coordinating Board’s delegate to the CIA team planning the overthrow of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman. (This coup, in which the democratically elected leftist Arbenz was successfully removed from office, was primarily a U.S. intelligence operation. It was celebrated by the CIA as a “bloodless coup” because nary a shot was fired; rather, Arbenz was driven to flee the country by a barrage of U.S.-backed disinformation and propaganda. In other words, it was for the most part what spy folk call a “psy op,” or psychological operation.) In 1956, Corso worked with West German paramilitary units connected to the spy network of former Nazi masterspy Reinhard Gehlen.13 (Corso himself claims that he participated in Operation Paperclip, the American intelligence operation that repatriated Nazi rocket scientists like Werner von Braun and Walter Dornberger to the U.S., so that they could run the U.S. space program.)

According to Peter Dale Scott, after the Kennedy assassination, both Corso and Frank Capell (another Shickshinny Knight, also an editor for the John Birch Society) were instrumental in spreading “stories linking Oswald to Russia and Ruby to Castro’s Cuba.”14 In Deep Politics, Scott argues that such stories were systematically disseminated after the assassination as part of a coverup, i.e., a disinformation scheme whose purpose was to deflect attention away from the real forces behind the Kennedy murder.

Russell concurs, saying that Corso was “among the first to spread rumors hinting that Oswald was tied to a Communist ring inside the CIA”.15Apparently the colonel is still on the case: according to Corso co-author Birne, an upcoming volume from the duo, tentatively titled The Day After Dallas, will give the real insider’s lowdown on the JFK assassination, emphasizing alleged penetration of the CIA and “the entire U.S. secret government,” by the KGB.16 (Interestingly, Russell explores indications–admittedly circumstantial–suggesting that the real group behind the assassination was connected to Willoughby and a “right-wing clique inside the Pentagon.”17

Both Russell and Scott link Willoughby, Corso, and company to a power struggle within the national security establishment between ultra-right military intelligence types and more “liberal,” civilian CIA men.

  • Willoughby’s “old boys” were a vastly different breed from the old-school tie, Ivy League crowd who ran the CIA. Their enmity went back to a battle for hegemony between Military Intelligence and the OSS [the CIA] during World War II. While the CIA’s power base expanded, the MacArthur-Willoughby’s team’s very existence was threatened. One Democratic president, Harry Truman, pushed them out of the far east. But Willoughby and his ilk did not fade away. They melded into global alliances, extending from quasi-religious orders such as the Shickshinny Knights of Malta to the [ex-Nazi] Reinhard Gehlen-Otto Skorzeny spy team in Europe.18

Such details may have no bearing on Corso’s bizarre UFO memoir. But they make clear that Corso has had a lifelong association with military intelligence and the ultra-right. They also suggest that he’s no slouch at disinformation schemes and no stranger to hidden agendas. Furthermore, it’s clear from such history that Corso is a veteran of CIA-style espionage. Interestingly, in The Day After Roswell, he paints CIA types as the bad guys in the story. It’s this branch of the government that is bent on keeping the truth from the American people, Corso implies. Salt of the earth military patriots like himself just want the truth to come out, dadgummit.

Populist Generals

The image of populist generals fighting faceless bureaucrats on behalf of you and me has great appeal to Americans raised on John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart movies. Author Jim Marrs concludes his recent book on UFOs, Alien Agenda, on just such a note, ascribing the alleged government coverup of alleged alien presence to the exploitative “money power” that was the target of the old populist political movement.19 Marrs even brings up the story of the populist General Smedley Butler, who, after a career as one of the Marine Corps’ most celebrated leaders, repudiated imperialism and the globalist agenda of corporate America back in the 1930s. Butler is a fascinating figure (he began as the most gungho of Marines and ended as a spokesman for the League Against War and Fascism) but he has zero to do with UFOs.20 But for Marrs the UFO issue is basically populist politics; as with the Kennedy assassination (the subject of Marrs’ bestselling Crossfire, it’s a case of the people being lied to and manipulated by the elites of business and government.

Corso strikes a similar pose: he’s a populist general–or colonel, anyway–who’s here to blow the whistle on what those creeps in the ivory towers are doing to us. But Corso is no Smedley Butler, nor is he a populist in the old sense of the term, where the slogan “Share the Wealth” implied a concern for the underclass. The Shickshinny Knights who made up the Armed Services Committee of the society were described in the group’s literature as “Soldiers of Christ and Advocates of a Free World”–as the shock troops of global anticommunism.21 Sharing the wealth, it seems safe to say, was not part of their agenda.

But even Corso’s pseudo-populist position has a Shickshinny feel to it. As both Scott and Russell demonstrate, the Shickshinny milieu represents a faction of the intelligence community that is to the right of the CIA and which views the whole civilian intelligence apparatus as a hotbed of dangerous liberalism. J. Edgar Hoover’s own turf war with the CIA during the 1950s factors into this. As Scott writes:

  • The intra-bureaucratic feud of the 1950s between the CIA and Hoover was much more than a matter of personalities: it was a conflict between alternate visions (globalist/internationalist versus nationalist/expansionist) of how the United States should expand into the rest of the world. Where the major oil companies and their allies in the CIA thought of creating and dominating a global economy, their nationalist opposition in the United States preferred unilateralist expansion into specific areas, above all Latin America and the far east. The latter group allied dissident generals, resentful of civilian control, with exploiters of minerals and independent oilmen opposed to the oil majors, like William Pawley and H. L. Hunt.22

These days, many would argue that the people would be well served by more opposition to the global economy and its elite promoters. But the “nationalist” opposition to globalization described above might as well be called the “fascist” opposition. Hunt, Hoover, and the Shickshinny types may not be fans of globalization, but they sure aren’t the champions of ordinary folk. For “unilateralist expansion into. . . Latin America and the far east,” read “Guatemala,” “Chile,” “Korea,” “Vietnam.”

Propaganda for the Ultra-Right

Coming back then to the question of what Corso is up to, I want to propose another possibility. While Corso is no doubt enriching himself at least a bit, and while his claims may indeed help the Pentagon disguise projects like Area 51, he may have still another purpose in mind, the same one he had in mind back in 1963: namely, stirring up popular sentiment against internationalism and the dangerous liberals in the CIA. (Imagine, for a moment, the mindset that views the CIA as “liberal.”) He may be performing his Shickshinny specialty, spreading propaganda on behalf of the reactionary right. It’s just that today he’s using popular belief in UFO coverups to do so.

Think about it: conspiracy theories have of late become the national pastime. Of course, this is understandable, given that actual conspiracies–like Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the Kennedy coverup–have inundated the American people in recent decades. The current popular obsession with conspiracies is also fueled by the decline of the old myth, dominant in the fifties and so flattering to America’s self image, which assured Americans that conspiracies can’t happen here. In recent years the old myth has collapsed under the weight of reality. But now, in place of the discredited old certainty, the popular imagination has embraced a new myth, one that is just as sweeping and irrational as the old one, but which says the opposite: i.e., everything’s a conspiracy. And in this, activists of the ultra-right see an organizing tool.

The ultra-right has a long historical association with conspiracy theories; claims that the Jews were plotting to take over the world served Hitler and the Nazis quite well in their rise to power. Today, in the wake of the Cold War, it’s quite clear that the ultra-right is on the rise again, as are grandiose, demonizing conspiracy theories. In some corners, a program appears to be underway whose purpose is to exploit popular interest in conspiracies for rightist purposes. Consider the militia subculture: while this milieu no doubt includes some people who are sincere in their distrust of big government, it’s also full of neo-Nazi organizers looking to draw such innocents into the fascist orbit. Conspiracy theories about government plots, many of them as kooky sounding and ill-supported as those spouted by Corso, abound in this same milieu. These help drive a wedge between the people and “the government,” reinforcing a popular alienation which the ultra-rightists can exploit.

Lore about UFOs and government coverups can be made to fit this same pattern.23 It’s a popular mythology that can be used to convince people–through drama, not data–that yes, something terribly wrong, something virtually demonic, is going on “in Washington.” Of course, not everyone will be convinced by such propaganda; indeed, many won’t even listen; but some will, and they will tend to encounter the stories in media contexts where standards of proof are, at best, loose. On talk radio, on the Internet, in subcultures like those surrounding the militias or ufology, assertion often passes for proof and rumor for fact.

Propagandists for the ultra-right have, one suspects, figured this out. They’ve targeted these marginal, unregulated areas of the media and are using them to spread myths, rumors and lies, the gist of which is always the same: that “the Guvmint” is your worst enemy. Never mind that the people spreading such tales often emerge from the national security milieu themselves, as was the case with the Shickshinny rumormongers in 1963. Never mind that their quibble seems to be not with exploitation per se but with who gets to reap the benefits of it. Never mind that such “Soldiers of Christ” seem mostly to worship military might.

Is Corso still a propagandist of this type, or is he today just a buffoon? The colonel ends his book congratulating himself on having saved his country, his planet, and his species It’s so ridiculous, you have to chuckle. Old Soldiers of Christ never die; they just protect the earth from the scum of the universe. And hey, you can’t argue with that. But let us give the last word here to a different kind of soldier:

  • We must give up the Prussian ideal–carrying on offensive warfare and imposing our wills upon other people in distant places. Such doctrine is un-American and vicious. . .There must be no more reactionary and destructive intelligence work. The true domestic enemies of our nation–hunger, injustice, and exploitation–should concern the military intelligence; not the subversive shadows of their own creation.24

So wrote Smedley Butler, ex-Marine general and authentic populist, in 1935. Now: who you gonna call?

Notes and References

by Martin Davis – This page was copied from the original site on

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Devil Worm

There is a worm found miles under the Earth that is now known by scientists as the deepest-living animal ever found. In fact, this worm may be the devil-wormdefacto king worm of the earth. It is called by scientists, the “devil worm.” A worm like no other animal, that can withstand the highest heat temperatures and crushing pressure inside the earth.

The devil worm was discovered back in 2011.  It was detected in and recovered from deep rock fractures and water in several gold mines in South Africa 0.9 km (0.56 mi), 1.3 km (0.81 mi), and 3.6 km (2.2 mi) under the surface of the Earth. Scientists had interestingly named the worm after a demon named Mephistopheles of the Faustian legend,  and called this worm, “Halicephalobus mephisto.” A name meaning, “he who loves not the light.”

The devil worms are related to earth worms who are part of the Detritivore family. They are also known as detritophages, detritus feeders, detritus eaters, or saprophages, which are heterotrophs that obtain nutrients by consuming detritus (decomposing plant and animal parts as well as feces). (Wikipedia) They play the “MAIN ROLE” on earth in the decomposition of all pant and animal life. For example, they are the end consumers of we human consumers . After we die, the only thing left of us after we are eaten, are the worms who had also fed on us when we were alive. The worm eats our rotting flesh and through its feces, our immortal energy known as phosphorus, which is the Alpha and Omega of nature is then deposited again into rich soil, sand and rocks as energy. Hence, they play one of the, if not the most important roles as recyclers in ecosystem energy flow and biogeochemical cycles.(Wikipedia)

These devil worms named after demons, may have also appeared thousands of years ago in ancient literature such as in both bibles of the Old and New Testaments. Many parables relate man to a worm, and even suggest angels come from worms. Stories that we can find such as in the Gospel  of John which is interpreted by Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.); For if the Lord Himself says, “But I am a worm and no man,” ‘ who will hesitate to say what is written also in Job, “How much more is man rottenness, and the son of man a worm ? “First he said, ” Man is rottenness;” and afterwards, “The son of man a worm:” because a worm springs from rottenness, therefore “man is rottenness,” and “the son of man a worm.”

Did the Saints and Fathers of the Church know about these devil worms? Was St. John implying that worms are the products of man, or the offspring, the son of man a worm? Our immortal minds contained in the body of a worm, that may be akin to the devil worm who resides inside the fires of the earth to only rise again like a phoenix?

These devilish questions are now appearing to not seem so out of this world, or should I say, inside of this world?

Devil worm 1Here is a Princeton University press release about the devil worm;

Professor Gaetan Borgonie, University of Ghent, Professor Esta van Heerden, University of Free State, and Professor Tullis Onstott, the Geomicrobiology Group, lead the team that discovered the 0.5-millimeter-long Halicephalobus mephisto or “devil worm” living deep in the Earth’s surface. This new species of nematode was found living at depths of 0.9 miles (1.3 kilometers) in the Beatrix Au mine, in the Free State Province of South Africa where they were conducting their research. Prior to their discovery, scientists believed only single-cell microbes, not multicellular organisms could live that far down.

National Geographic had written a news story on the devil worm;

What’s more, the team found evidence the worms have been there for thousands of years. Isotope dating of the water housing the worm placed it to between 3,000 and 12,000 years ago—indicating the animals had evolved to survive the crushing pressure and high heat of the depths.

“This discovery may not surprise passionate nematologists like Gaetan, but it’s certainly shocking to me,” Onstott said.

“The boundary of multicellular life has been extended significantly into our planet.”

Worm Inspires Search for Extreme Life

Onstott hopes the new devil worm will inspire others to search for complex life in the most extreme places—both on Earth and elsewhere.

(Read “Searching for New Earths” in National Geographic magazine.)

“People usually think only bacteria could exist below the surface of a planet like Mars. This discovery says, Hold up there!” Onstott said.

“We can’t negate the thought of looking for little green worms as opposed to little green microbes.”

Worms kinds in humansI have written some very controversial articles about worms many times here on the Gnostic Warrior. These previous articles had focused on the worms that we humans have both on and inside our flesh. My research into this worm matter has proven to me that these worms may do more than just live on our flesh and blood. They may in fact be one of the root causes for many of the diseases that plague humankind, and that they may actually have a type of human or demonic mind of their own. Hence, the devil worm may in fact be a link between the death of man, in which he rots into the ground, and reborn life. His reborn nature may be inside the worm who carries this life blood in the form of energy to its next human destination. This cycle is then rinsed and repeated by the same immortal worm patterns, to only return into the depths of the earth where scientists are now rediscovering the devilish worm truths that may have been known to the ancients for thousands of years.

For if the Lord Himself says, “But I am a worm and no man.”

This all reminds me of the movie,” Clash of the Titans” that was based on the Greek myth of Perseus and that involves a huge worm like sea creature called “the Kracken.” In the movie, the King of the Gods Zeus reluctantly unleashes this sea beast onto his kingdom of human mortals on earth in order to make them suffer for their sins. The close up image to the above right of the devil worm looks just like the Kraken. Quite possibly The Powers That Be (TPTB) have followed the script from the movie by giving us our own devil worm reality show in which they have also proclaimed, “Release the Kraken.”


1. Princeton University

2. National Geographic

3. Wikipedia

4. Worm Gnosis 😉

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Santos Bonacci Arrested – Full Video of Arrest

Here is the entire video of the arrest of Santos Bonacci on January 22, 2014. The warrants for Santos are said to be for various Santos Bonacci arrestedtraffic infringements, and the arrest agency, the Sheriffs of Victoria. His first hearing is next Wednesday, on January 29th at the Dandenong Magistrates Court.

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President Obama will meet with Pope Francis in March

(CNN) — President Barack Obama will meet with Pope Francis for the first time on March 27 at the Vatican, the White House announced Tuesday.

Obama’s visit with the leader of the Roman Catholic Church will be part of a larger European trip that the President will take that month.

“The President looks forward to discussing with Pope Francis their shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality,” a White House news release said.
Obama raised the Pope’s stance on inequality in an economic address in December.

“Across the developed world, inequality has increased,” Obama said. “Some of you may have seen just last week, the Pope himself spoke about this at eloquent length. ‘How can it be,’ he wrote, ‘that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?’ ”

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry told reporters last week — after his own visit with the Vatican’s secretary of state — that Obama would soon meet with Francis. But Kerry did not specify when.

Obama met Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, in 2009. That meeting, which took place at the Vatican, was Obama’s only meeting with a Pope.


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Pope Francis’ new Spanish cardinal brands homosexuality a ‘defect’ that can be cured

The Pope’s new Spanish Cardinal has called homosexuality a physical “defect” that can be cured, it has been reported.Fernando Sebastián

Equating homosexuality to his own high blood pressure, Fernando Sebastián told the Spanish newspaper Diario Sur on Monday that: “Homosexuality is a defective manner of expressing sexuality, because [sex] has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation.

“A homosexual who can’t achieve this (procreation) is failing,” he said.

He continued: “Our bodies have many defects. I have high blood pressure.”

He added that calling homosexuality a defect was “not an insult” but is instead helpful because it is “possible to recover and become normal with the right treatment.”


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Santos Bonacci Arrested and in Custody

Breaking news from the Gnostic Warrior. Santos Bonacci was arrested in Australia today.Santos Bonacci arrested

The spokesperson for Santos, claims he was kidnapped by Queensland Sheriff’s deputies without a true warrant and is being held in custody unlawfully. The arrest took place at the home of Sonia and Hiromi Bonacci, who it has been reported that Sonia is his niece, and Hiromi is his wife.”

For several years, Santos Bonacci has been an outspoken critic of governments around the world, and he has also spoken out against the Vatican and Pope for various alleged crimes. Lately he has been involved in various freeman and freedom movements, where the legal authority of government is challenged in court via the law and reclaiming of DNA.

Some of his most recent posts may relate to his arrest by law enforcement there in Australia.

Santos image 2On January 8th, 2014 Santos had posted this message:

Private prosecution coming up friends, I had a call by a private corporation today, called Sheriffs office Victoria. Here is the Prima Fascia evidence of their intent to commit fraud by attempting aid and abet one to create joinder to a legal name! I’ll keep you posted. Just wait to see the fun our little private prosecution team here in Melbourne are going to have when we prosecute the ‘Sheriff’s Office of Victoria’, private corporation probably owned by some rich pedophiles in Toorak! We are also going to make a documentary and share it with the world for a lesson in freedom! Stay tuned!

Could this arrest be related to his political activities and outspoken condemnation of various governments and the Roman Curia?

Only time will tell, and as soon as I find out more, I will post this information on Gnostic Warrior.

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Strong gay lobby undermines the security of the Pope

This article is from an Italian news source. The title reads; Former head of the Swiss Guard: “Strong gay lobby undermines the Pope-and-Swiss-Guardsecurity of the Pope” – The accusation of Elmar Maeder in a German magazine: “It ‘a kind of secret society”

“A gay lobby so powerful as to be dangerous to the security of the Pope.” The accusation comes from Elmar Maeder , 2002-2008 commander of the Swiss Guard.

Maeder, 51, speaks in an interview with the Swiss weekly Schweiz am Sonntag . “Of the existence of the gay lobby I can speak from personal experience,” he explains, adding that the Swiss Guards commander warned his men from possible Pitfalls of monsignori Curia. According to Maeder, “the problem is that this network is composed of people so faithful to each other, to form a sort of secret society.”

Read more here

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Esoteric Dope

By Iona Miller – If you don’t pay your exorcist you can get repossessed.Pipe Einstein

‘Everything that relates, whether closely or more distantly to psychic phenomena and to the action of psychic forces in general should be studied just like any other science. There is nothing miraculous or supernatural in them, nothing that should engender or keep alive superstition. Psychic training rationally and scientifically conducted, can lead to desirable results. That is why the information gained about such training . . . constitutes useful documentary evidence worthy of our attention.’ Alexandra David-Neel (1931:xiii)

Iona Miller brings a unique background to the overlapping arenas of parapsychology and intelligence work. Her close contact with experts in the field brings a level of comprehension beyond that of most conspiracy and freedom writers. In addition, her work in metaphysics and psychotherapeutics, as well as art and paramedia ecology, brings a depth and aesthetic mere reporters cannot duplicate. Ms. Miller works with the world’s top physicists, transpersonal psychologists, intell officers from several agencies, and a host of “usual suspects.” Take a walk on the wild side of ESP(iona)ge and see what that clandestine world has to offer and how it works. Ms. Miller specializes in Do It Yourself (DIY) Mind Control Countermeasures.


Esoterics! It’s dope. This complex fusion of glamour, power and mystery is the coolest thing on the planet. Esoteric cults are too numerous to count. Those who can’t resonate with others start their own eclectic brands.

This exotic subject and way of being is challenging, so deep you can never fully comprehend nor master it. But, any way you look at it, it’s dope. It is, by definition, an altered state of consciousness. What hyperreality ideas are you mainlining? What disinformation is being thought injected into you?

Are we being hopped up, wired and tranquilized with a deluge of trumped up new age philosophy that plays to our enculturated narcissism? Why does esoterics have such a narcotic effect? What are the rewards that trigger our dopamine circuits and maybe even the psychedelic DMT of the pineal gland, or Third Eye? Is the Astral Plane the primordial Virtual Reality?

Why are so many convinced esoterics is the panacea of post-postmodern life when it comes from a pre-technological era? Maybe new age philosophy is an Aquarian Conspiracy cooked up by the spychologists of Tavistock Institute, but Intelligence itself isn’t immune to its own psycho-babble propaganda and unconventional beliefs. The confluence of these two currents is the domain of ‘conspirituality.’

Have we been trained to “want to believe” by manipulating the same superstitious mindbody circuits exploited since neolithic shamanism by magicians and spies? Have we just built ourselves a bigger conceptual box with more wiggle room? Is The Secret of quantum mind really ‘out of the Schrodinger’s Box thinking’ or the latest manufactured meme? Can we really manifest a qualitativly higher level of our potential, individually and collectively? Then where are the Homo Lumen?

Why do we get high on esoterics? Why do we fantasize about mind over matter? How can we be so sure, when we take on an inner mission that we are not just tilting at windmills? Why do we get so defensive when our beliefs are challenged? Could it have something to do with our perennial struggles to control destiny, to manifest our will? Critical situations call for critical thinking. With human survival at stake, we need to question our paradigms.

Sex and the Siddhi

Siddhis is the ancient mystic name for psychic phenomena. Mind expansion increases the potential of unusual powers. Personal power (chi, mana, prana) comes from libido, sexual and psychic energy. Sexual techniques (Tantra, Kundalini, Sex Magic, Taoist Alchemy) have been used in the east and west to raise amplitude in libido, to build energy charge. Yet, it is said that cultivating these powers is a distraction from Reality, from Enlightenment.

At the personal level, esoterics is the soft technology of self-development and change at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It means initiatory ordeals and challenging confrontations with yourself about the reality of nature and your own nature. To stay out on your personal edge means always being just a little off balance, at home in the chaos, alert to the resonating gaps in awareness.

At the dynamic group level, it is all this and something more. Esoteric caduceus coils wind like an ancient serpent throughout society. It has been a clandestine sociopolitical 5th column force at least since the Renaissance, in Elizabethan times, and certainly since the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. Many societies have a history of influence peddling as a cover for espionage.

Portrait of Madame Blavatsky

Portrait of Madame Blavatsky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hitler’s occult motivations with the SS are well-documented. Less well-known is that he drew his ideas for an Aryan nation from the Theosophical Bible, The Secret Doctrine. Einstein also derived his most-famous equation from the well-used annotated copy of Madame Blavatsky‘s tome he always kept on his desk.

Drawing Out the Inner Nature

Perhaps Intelligence knows something we don’t about the weird phenomena and psi-strat they term ‘Esoterics’ with its ‘Wizard’ practitioners. But is it expanding our sense of reality or merely diverting our attention from what should be more compelling matters of existence?

Even intelligence officers will claim everything from being UFO/ET abductees, to Time Travellers, to reincarnations of famous historical figures. They absolutely believe what they are saying and act from it. Watergate bagman and uber-spook E. Howard Hunt became interested in the occult from the historical incident that inspired The Exorcist. A disproportionate number of CIA Case Officers come from the cryptic, ritualistic Skull & Bones secret society.

Wired for Weirdness

Spooks really ARE spooky, even if they often stick to just one area of the paranormal. The nature of spying is looking for the ghost in the machine. They are as much or more fascinated by the Great Unknown than the general public and as likely to consult Edgar Cayce as Jane’s Intelligence Review.

How different is scenario modelling from foretelling the future? Remote Viewing at SRI was financed by CIA during the Cold War to the tune of $13M. With RVers, Precogs, AugCogs and electronic dope, no philosopher’s stone has been left unturned in the search for more intelligent intelligence. They quit trying to find it and retooled to invent it.

There are lots of smart people around, but what sets genius apart is its unflagging novel creativity. Genius isn’t something you are, but something you have or occasionally experience as it flows through as unique innovation or insight. The transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, by embodying your own genius, by hyperdimensionally supercharging your field body, is what esoterics is about. Naturally it has its own challenges and inherent rewards.

Esoterics changes your subjective point of view to the transpersonal observer self. For those who resonate and are attracted to the subject, the esoteric lure of mystery is as magnetic and compelling as any drug. Esoterics creates its own unique brain cocktail at every stage of the process/goal. Its addicts are as compulsive as any dope fiends, perhaps more so, since they haven’t created their own deprogramming or recovery programs.

We are driven and Mystery is at the heart of that drive, whether it is the esoterics of the occult, esoteric espionage, New Age philosophy, esoteric electronics, or the clandestine Great Game of spooks and kooks. The poison is the cure. Nothing is what it seems. Esoterics is a radically different point of view and level of observation. When you get there, you aren’t just “you.”

Do It Yourself Countermeasures

Get an overview of the “Big Picture,” the way Reality and the world actually works. This is not the world you think you live in, and perhaps not the one you wish you lived in, but it is time for a Reality Check. There are many threads of historical antecedents that have made our world what it is today. From the dawn of civilization a secretive priesthood has been the power behind the throne.

Among active factions in esoterics are the Illuminati and other western and eastern secret societies which function as behind-the-scenes social engineers of global cultural life. Your lack of belief in such agendas doesn’t mean it isn’t so. Their ability to affect you transcends your personal beliefs because they work through your hard-wired circuits, cradle to grave. The commodification of new age personalities is also manipulated by the cryptocracy.

They create the Romanesque “Spectacle” of distractions to dull your vision – as misdirection so you don’t look behind the curtain. They train you to their behavioral, academic and job market specs. Paradoxically, they may be caught in the esoteric webwork of their own machinations. It is unavoidable. Do It Yourself mind control countermeasures may be your only effective protection against ESPionage, but even your reactions have been accounted for in the grand scheme of things.

Numerous factions, each with their own agenda are trying to hack the global system and hijack your mind. TAKE IT BACK. “Be Your Own Reality Pilot;” “Be Under the Influence of Yourself,” as the sayings go. This is a map of the terrain and a scorecard of the primary players and their plans for dominating the hidden interior and exterior landscape of international politics, power, economics and culture. Make no mistake; they have climbed inside your head.


The occult is one of the keys to world events; reality is also defined by politics. Like nature, history is cyclic and can be manipulated. Drug companies are as powerful as banks and oil. Corporate feudalism has replaced democracy as the new elitist rule. Corporations compete with shadowy nation-states and international mafia-style crime rings. All of them employ electronic dope from television and gaming, to nonlthal weapons and HAARP in the war for your cooperation and mind control.

It takes intelligence to be a magician, but a magician can also be an active agent of intelligence, figuratively and literally. The real question is, rather, how and why and who and what do these things serve? Restoring self and society is the essential wisdom of the Grail. But this quest can be co-opted for narcissistic or pathological ends. The Secret Doctrine can introduce both positive and negative praeternatural forces.

Secret Missions

Who is served by the Holy Grail of occult knowledge? What is the Grail, and whom does it serve? The secret is in the power and the power is in The Secret. It is a meaningless metaphor without the experiential process of self-transformation to back it up. That’s why it can’t be told. It is the panacea, a personal path of recovery for “what ails thee.” The Grail is a metaphor for connection to the mystical Source of everything, the ever-renewing Fount of all manifestation – creative potential.

All paths lead toward a personal journey of transformation and enlightenment, though not all journeys fulfill the total potential of creativity, compassion, engagement, and spirituality. On a classical “hero’s journey” like Parcival, when you find the Grail, and are called to its service, no knowledge remains hidden for long.

Magick was the first transdisciplinarian occupation, drawing on all areas of knowledge as well as what we now call performance art. Before science divorced the occult arts it was called Natural Philosophy. Before everyone over-specialized [became more and more expert at less and less], they were what Buckminster Fuller called ‘generalists.’ He claimed kings made smart people become specialists so they wouldn’t see through the royal racket.

Trump Card

A Magus is a “worker of magic” which eludes rational definition, since magic happens in the gaps of reality, the unborn potential of the Abyss. The Magus is both a symbol of enlightenment and deception (disinformation)– just like the Tarot card, The Magician, is a card of duality: Wisdom and Folly.

“Now you see it; now you don’t” is the forte of the illusionist, the juggler of realities, who is master of Orwellian double-think – holding the tension of the opposites. You alternate between faith and skepticism until you go beyond the ordinary boundaries of both, slaying each thought with its opposite. Myths present themselves as systems of antinomies, or opposites: heaven/hell, good/evil, life/death. The Magus lives at the Paradox.

Traditionally, the Magus is one who can demonstrate hands-on magic: healing, mythical living, vision and foresight, transformative rituals, metaphor therapy, alchemical transmutations, charging of talismans, spirit comm, etc. Magick works on the principle that man is a microcosm of the Cosmos because a fractal representation of the whole universe is embodied in our holographic nature.

Arts Magian

A modern Magus is any person who completes the circuit between heaven and Earth, one who seeks to bring forth the divine ‘gold’ within her or himself. He or she is also a Mentor, an Initiator, divining and reading the signs and revealing deeper purpose and meaning in “the god-game.”

But that is how the outer world sees it. Every Magus has a foot in both worlds. Their inner life is mercurial, a complex psychic layer-cake of inner planes of transcendent experience where quantum leaps of consciousness are possible and messages are exchanged with the Great Unknown.


Perception of what is real and what is not dims and vanishes in a whirlwind of synchronicities. Imagination is reality. Magicians understand the world we live in, or think we live in, is an illusion, a construct of our own perceptual apparatus and a malleable interpretation of our brains. Postmodern philosophy concurs as does New Physics that our perceived reality is a complex construction of our perceptions and beliefs — pure illusion.

But the hyperdimensional gifts of the Spirit come at a price. The magician taps into, becomes one with, an essence that pop culture calls The Force. Photons and phonons are quantized modes of vibration. This subatomic vibration of Light and Sound is the enlivening force, which feeds creation and allegedly responds to focused intention at the primordial level. Information controls and patterns energy.

Hermetics is a Spiritual Technology

For masters of the Hermetic Arts, all magick is wrought through this impressionable ether – the Astral Light –a plenum of potential, using true properties of nature, it’s laws, forces, and principles. Science now describes it as the scalar physics of subspace. The mage seeks to selectively establish an internal order out of this chaos, then externalize it, according to his/her vision. S/he is the soul guide who initiates the transformation process.

Among the original esoteric texts, The Hermetica included works on magic, alchemy, astrology, healing, gnosis, theurgy, ritual and philosophy. Sympathetic magic contends that like substances sharing an essence can influence one another through resonance effects. Likewise the hypnotic and magnetic qualities of charismatic individuals can create rapport with others to influence them.

The Magus power card also represents the fine line dividing white magic from black magic, toxic or malignant black ops. Sensory deprivation, loss of equilibrium, confusion techniques, social isolation, physiological stress, severe shock and ceremonial terror tactics were the forerunners of brainwashing techniques. The US employed “Shock and Awe” in Iraq as much to demoralize the people as to batter the infrastructure.

This is the realm of psychic attack and psychic self-defense, of witting and unwitting “sorcerers” stealthily vying with one another for power. Weaponized ESP can affect the body, mind and soul of one’s opponent. But it can boomerang back on the sender 3-fold, according to the cautionary prescription.


Power can be used in either a self-serving manner, or as one in service to the All. In order for The Magus to achieve his aims, there must be constant awareness and self-examination, pressing on and exploring one’s boundaries, breaking through into the boundless realms. The archetypal Shadow can creep in at any time both in personal and national or international interaction.

This is also the Trump of discernment. The Magus can discriminate between various realities and fantasies, between various points of view, without buying into any belief system, literally. The sorcerer orchestrates and works within others’ belief systems, choosing from the palette of compelling philosophical and spiritual ideals.

By molding worldviews, a magician creates the perception, manipulates and defines the perceived reality, creates the structure for self-organizing transformation. He believes no metanarratives but orchestrates them for others. He is an opportunistic paradigm shifter, shapeshifter, chameleon, and trickster. If you assume a role does that make it real? If not, fake it till you make it. Better to be an inspired lunatic than uninspired.

All Along the Watchtower

In the intelligence field, there is a designation nicknamed Wizard, indicating not only scientific but esoteric subject matter expertise. Cloak-and-magickal-dagger? It’s all athame to me. I know what you fear and it’s true.

Spying is a combination of praeternatural instincts and deep knowledge of how things really work. It is a world of constant observation and manipulation of the system and field of play. Game theory is not irrelevant. Every “watcher” is also “watched” from another level of game play.

What spies have in common with magicians is an uncanny ability to connect the seemingly unconnected, to notice what goes on behind the scenes and to see through misdirection ~ it takes one to know one. Both also construct and execute scenarios based on projections of undesirable and desirable futures.

It is necessary in this process of strategic intelligence collection and processing to be aware of the broadest possible contexts in which to view issues and information; to be aware of the trends of many disciplines, from religion to economics, from business to linguistics, from politics to military training, from historic social patterns to new religious trends, medicine, agriculture, science and so on.

Esoteric means, roughly, secret wisdom or intelligence derived from the Greek ‘esotericos’ meaning “inner.” Esoteric teaching may just be the Big Lie – the root deception propagated throughout history to control and suppress the masses, because the priesthood has always given kings their sanction and power. In modern life, that shadowy “priesthood” is an inner cabal of globalists whose finger is in every pie.

We are hardwired for different degrees of social compliance and interaction directly related to our worldview paradigm. Traditionalists are conventional and conservative and follow “normal” social dictates of conformity. Nonconformists can inhabit other areas of the social map. Each paradigm has it’s own model of behavior and groupthink.


HELP ME (Basic Survival)
TRIBAL We (Collective Survival
GRATIFY Me (Immediate Wants)
RIGHTEOUS We (Stable Authority)
COMPETETIVE Me (Material Success)
HOLISTIC Us (Global Harmony)
INTERDEPENDENT Me (Sustainable World)
SPIRITUAL We (Collective Renewal)

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is also relevant to what your own level of development allows. The Controllers are not only aware of this; they created and promoted the system just as they promoted the Aquarian Conspiracy to create New Age philosophy, actually a distracting fusion of warmed-over Theosophy and techno-utopianism. The less physical security you have, the more mere survival occupies your thoughts and time, the less confident, creative and self-actualizing you will be. Notice it is pyramidal in form with more primitive needs [and a greater population base] at the bottom.

[see illustration at bottom of this page]

When an individual, group or institution knows how you think, they can manipulate what you think. Penetration technologies are making our skin boundary no more than a persistent illusion. Electronic penetration has superceded religious, chemical and propaganda penetration with “full-spectrum dominance” of the nervous system though the later are still skillfully employed.

Who or what is controlling you and how? “In Propaganda, Jacques Ellul contends that it is the total culture in action that is propaganda, or teaching. Thus, real propaganda is environmental and invisible, like the perceptual bias of one’s native language. The counter-environments created by the artist serve to raise these hidden environments to the level of conscious appreciation.” (McLuhan, From Cliche to Archetype, 77)

We all have an internal map of reality and our beliefs generate our reality. Our main agenda is to be right about our beliefs. Values are the source and desire for motivation. Motivation comes from values; sense of safety comes from beliefs. If you create a 1-minute-movie internally about what you want to have happen, it is more effective than obsessing endlessly on what you don’t want. But naturally you have to create an action plan or it remains wishful thinking, clinically “magical thinking.”

Esoteric Espionage

The Secret is the same as it ever was: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent. But it only really works when your motivation aligns with necessity, when the Universe backs you up. This can be over-ridden through shadowy manipulation of the field through overt and covert means – through set ups and take downs – called psy-strat. Whether for good or evil, the name of the game is “framing reality.” Only the external show is left to diplomacy.

Who makes a good spy or a good liar? There isn’t any one answer to that, but it includes sexual vitality, charisma, being a good actor, entertainer, being a good poker player, being a good con man. Cons are opportunistic people who are sociopathic, who do not feel remorse, and who are very attuned, strangely, to other people and can read them very well. They are natural predators — takers.

If I know what you really want to hear and what is in your heart of hearts, your fondest desire, because I’m good at reading you and I’m street-smart about assessing you and accessing you, I can feed you what you want to hear. A good con man does that. A good magician does that. Intelligence officers can do that, motivated by patriotism rather than sociopathy – their ends justify the means. You also have to have a good memory.

Intelligence is the key to understanding the world today. What spies have in common with magicians is an uncanny ability to connect the seemingly unconnected, to notice what goes on behind the scenes and to see through misdirection ~ it takes one to know one. Both have learned to synthesize and interpret data, how to pace and lead people (hypno-patsies) with rapport. The opening gambit of psychological warfare and mind control is flattery.

As trained observers, magicians and spies are adept at people-reading and keeping secrets; both are actors — performers. Both are in secret societies that rely on craft and often use collaborators or confederates, and mentors. How much different is stealth and surveillance than a spell of invisibility? Each has their rules of engagement in the Great Work and the Great Game.

Clandestine Craft

Even some of the elements of tradecraft are the same. Both are cryptic, using encryptions and codes. Each has its own arcane language, symbols and rituals veiled from the profane. Remote Viewing or psychic spying is virtually identical with clairvoyance. Ceremonial psychodrama is played out in public, in personality cults and “ritual” murders – assassinations, often hiding in plain sight.

Both use passwords and slogans for security. Cryptography is now ubiquitous. Programs like Echelon monitor all domestic and foreign electronic communication. Spies and magicians both are cracking the Brain Code, the wetware of humanity.

Cryptocracy refers to a type of government where the real leaders are hidden. There may possibly be a fake government that appears to be in charge and this fake government might not know themselves that they are not in charge. It can also be used when referring to similar arrangements in organizations, orders, sects and cults.

Everywhere is Ground Zero. In military terms nonlocal psychic operations are called psychotronics. Adversaries are rogue psi operatives, psiwarriors who battle like sorcerers. Psychic self defense employs thought disruption, shielding techniques, mind drain and energy manipulation. Psionics is scientific magic ~ magecraft, the product of extraordinary human potential. Precogs, like analysts, are attuned to the future.

Deep Cover

They understand viscerally that things are often not what they seem. Both are masters of disguise, the hidden environment, intelligence, espionage, and covert action. Both aim to ‘tweak the timeline’ with small perturbations that pump up to macroscopic results, setting up currents of intentional influence. They also tweak minds by controlling the environment. No one can resist what they cannot detect.

Both are Inside Outsiders, working at the fringes of the System. The “outsider” aesthetic is charged by a desire to break free from the contrivances of tradition. They look boldly outside the system and deep within themselves for inspiration that arises directly from Creative Source.

Both work sub rosa. This phrase comes from the Latin meaning ‘under the rose’ for confidentiality, black ops. It comes from the Masonic fraternal tradition. The rose is the emblem of Horus, God of Silence and Secrecy, Crowley’s “Crowned & Conquering Child.”

After the war President Harry S Truman broke up the OSS. He transferred the research and analysis branch, which employed almost 1,000 people, to the Department of State, abolished most of the more esoteric branches, including the one dealing with guerrilla warfare, and parked the branches concerned with collecting intelligence by espionage and other covert means in the office of the assistant secretary of war to await a final decision.

The decision came with the National Security Act of 1947, which Truman hoped would unify the armed services under a secretary of defense. The major price for “unification” was the transformation of the U.S. Army Air Corps into a separate and independent Air Force; a minor price was the creation of an independent Central Intelligence Agency that would report directly to the president and the National Security Council.

The act clearly intended the CIA to conduct espionage–actually, it intended the CIA to have a monopoly over espionage. The law also clearly intended for the CIA to coordinate all aspects of both the collection and analysis of secrets.

Bead Game

The Glass Bead Game or Magister Ludi (set in the 23rd Century) describes a cadre of individuals and their headmaster — the Magister Ludi — engrossed in interdisciplinary play engineering cultural values from behind the scenes. Hesse never forthrightly explained just how the game is played, but gave many hints to its structure for future aspirants seeking solutions to the critical predicament of mankind through Global Architectronics.

The Glass Bead Game requires that its players synthesize aesthetics and philosophy. The Glass Bead Game is thus a mode of playing with the total contents and values of our culture. It plays with them as, say, in the great age of the arts a painter might have played with the colors on his palette. The Game’s synthetic, non-linear information play is a forerunner of virtual reality.

After each symbol conjured up by the director of a Game, each player was required to perform silent, formal meditation on the content, origin, and meaning of this symbol, to call to mind intensively and organically its full purport. The members of the Order and of the Game associations brought the technique and practice of contemplation with them from their elite schools, where the art of contemplation and meditation was nurtured with the greatest care.

The variety of the phenomenal world reached perfection and ultimate cognition only in the divine Unity. Thus, “realizing” was a favorite expression among the players. They considered their Games a path from Becoming to Being, from potentiality to reality…We would scarcely be exaggerating if we ventured to say that for the small circle of genuine Glass Bead Game players the Game was virtually equivalent to worship.

Sub Rosa

In secret; privately or confidentially: held the meeting sub rosa. A “black” (sub rosa) propaganda section.
[Latin sub ros�, under the rose (from the practice of hanging a rose over a meeting as a symbol of confidentiality) : sub, under + ros�, ablative of rosa, rose.]

The phrase Sub Rosa comes from the Latin and means ‘under the rose’ or confidentiality. The rose was the emblem of the god Horus in ancient Egypt. Later the Greeks and Romans regarded this as god of silence. This originates from a Greek/Roman misinterpretation of an Egyptian hieroglyphic adopting Horus along with Isis and Osiris as a God.

The Greeks translated his Egyptian name Her – pa – khrad to Harpocrates. Cupid gave Harpocrates a rose as a token of gratitude for not betraying the mother of Cupid, Venus. Among the Freemasons the rose is the symbol of silence. Looking at the scorecard or playerlist of a game isn’t the same as playing it.

Seeing the World in a Whole New Light; Tweaking the Timeline

In chaos theory, small perturbations can become pumped up into very large effects. The same can happen to the historical timeline with intelligence and espionage. Small changes in dynamics can make a huge difference in Real World outcomes.

One must carefully pick where to make one’s intervention. A mis-step can lead to the brink of a catastrophic Abyss.

Mind control zombiesOccult Esoterics

Occult societies have a long tradition of influence peddling and providing covers for espionage. They are conduits of trust that transcend national borders and can cover a spy network. Naturally, occultists influenced one anothers’ beliefs, whether it was acknowledged or not.

Black intelligence ops, “Esoterics” has always been a department in most intelligence services. In MI6, it was called the Occult Bureau. The SS also had an Occult Bureau. The Watch were FDR’s supersecret team for occult countermeasures, arcane assassinations, paranormal and psychic investigation. After the war, The Watch redirected its interest to UFO phenomena.

Theosophical studies cover the origin and development of the cosmos and human development in all the planes of being from its beginning to its end. It is a philosophy of process, transformation, and evolution toward an extraordinary human potential. Out of this Utopian and scientific socialism came Theosophy, British” guild” socialism, the Fabian Society, Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells, Tavistock and iconoclast Aleister Crowley.

Occultism has served as “an alternative account of the world, available to people dissatisfied with the orthodox view of things, scientifically and politically, since the late 18th century. Older than Theosophy with roots in kabbalah, Hermetics, and pantheism, Magick was a practical application of causing change to conform with will using similar principles. They both embrace the Hermetic Axiom: “As Above; So Below,” which reflects the identity of man as a microcosm.

The Cryptocracy, through economics and mass mind control is involved in the transformation or “alchemical processing” of mass consciousness by psychological mind manipulation. With the help of these foundations and secret societies, experiments in world shaping continue multimedia and military campaigns. The goal is to seed and control megatrends so the masses live as controlled puppets – wage slaves — of the ruling elite.

SOURCE: Iona Miller

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Is Beyonce possessed by a demon?

In this video interview, Beyonce admits she has an alter ego named Sasha. Is she possessed by a demon whom she relinquishes control too on stage, or is this just normal stage acting?

Let me please remind you, that Pope Francis had come out recently saying that demons and the devil are real…

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Russian Masonic Spin Doctor

Here in an interesting article on Freemasons in Russia from the, titled “Masonic spin doctor ‘hijacks’ Navalny’s party Andrey Bogdanovname.” You simply do not see this type of political Masonic antics here in the United States like we are now seeing occur in other countries. But please don’t fret my fellow Freemasonic bred and led Americans, we will soon also see the Masons start to make mainstream news here in the states in a big way like never before. You can “mason mark” my words on that one folks…

From the;

The Russian Justice Ministry has re-registered the Rodnaya Strana (Native Country) party under the name People’s Alliance. That name had been unsuccessfully registered by the supporters of anti-corruption activist Aleksey Navalny.

Native Country was founded by professional political consultant and the Grand Master of Russia’s Great Masonic Lodge Andrey Bogdanov in June 2012, a month after Russia introduced a law allowing the creation of new political parties.

On November 1 this year Bogdanov announced that he was changing the name of his party to People’s Alliance – despite the fact that the name was already used by supporters of Aleksey Navalny. Back then, Bogdanov told the press that he did not intend to act against Navalny or anybody else, and on the contrary his move helped the popular anti-corruption blogger to get an already registered organization. Navalny’s supporters had failed to register a party in two years of trying.


What is interesting to me, is that I have seen a lot of Masonic type news lately coming out from the press. Definitely more so now, than in the recent past. In addition, the Jesuits have entered the world stage in a big way, in which they control the Vatican press with a member of their own order becoming the current Pope, who is also making headlines of his own almost daily.

I don’t know about you, but this is beginning to resemble a Jesuit led and Masonic engineered alchemical Apocalypse…

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