The 7 Stars and 7 Golden Lampstands of DNA

The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are7 stars, lampstands and churches the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches. In the End Times, Saint John had prophesied the appearance of the “one like a son of man,” who reveals what the seven stars and seven lampstands represent. (Revelation 1:14-20)

In the Gnostic biblical text, the Revelation of Saint John, we are told the truth of the seven stars by John, who clearly states that these stars are actually angels of the seven churches. The meaning of angel is a spiritual human being who is believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. This angel would be an actual person in the flesh.

The seven churches do not represent actual buildings, but the Body of Christ who are represented by the DNA of people or groups (tribes) of people. The word “Church” comes from the Greek “ku-ri-a-kos” or “ku-ri-a-kon” that had later morphed into an Old English word “cirice (kirche or Kee-ree-ke)  and in Scotland, it was “kirk.” These words would eventually evolve into the modern English “church.” (1) The Greek Ku-ri-a-kos is derived from its root: “Ku- ri-os,” which means “lord.” Thus,  the Greek “kuriakos“, that today in English is pronounced church, is something that “pertains to, or belongs to, a lord.” (more…)

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What is Hell? The Answer – “You make your own hell”

“Man is himself the creator of his heaven or hell, and there are no demons except his own follies.” – Elphias Leviheaven-and-hell 2

(This article is Part II on What is Hell?) – There are no horned demons, Mr. Satan, or an official known place on a world map called hell. These man-made titles are nothing but words that describe the energies and chemicals that act and react AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT us humans according to our thoughts and actions; for every action there is an opposite reaction.

Remember Einstein had said that everything is energy, and that of course includes us humans with our thoughts, and actions that create a chemical energy within us, that then affects our without (our life or outer world) and even the afterlife. So if you are looking for hell, look within and then look around you to see what your thoughts and actions have created. (more…)

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Here have we war for war and blood for blood, Controlment for controlment – Shakespeare, King JohnAs within so without

Blood is the seat of our soul. It is said that he who controls the blood, controls the mind. In the stressful and poisonous world that we live in today, many people do not control their blood. Therefor, they are easily mind controlled because they are poisoning their very own blood supply with their poisonous thoughts, harmful actions and passion filled lives. A combination, that not only makes them easily mind controlled, but also sick, and over time, it eventually kills them.

This is the AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT of Gnosticism and Alchemy. In order to KNOW THYSELF, we first need to know how thyself operates. Part of this process involves the study of the occult mysteries of health, universal laws of nature, energies of science and becoming medically familiar with the human body. One of the subjects that I would like to explore today, is blood alchemy and the bible. Two very important subjects that go hat in hand, or what I’d like to call, ‘Theoalchemy.’ Theo meaning, relating to God or deities,and alchemy meaning the human chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter.


In alchemy and science, color is very important when it comes to the aspects of man. From our blood within, to our aura without. It is all connected. We are all consciously, and some of us unconsciously choosing our own colors of health or disease by our thoughts, actions and lives. The German-Swiss Renaissance alchemist and occultist, Paracelsus confirms this when he had written that the causes of disease can be classified under five heads, among them Psychological causes and that could be cured Psychologically, by mind and faith.

The meaning of temperament is “a person’s animal nature, and especially as it permanently affects their behavior.” This is different from an occasional change of your moods that we can experience and that vary from day-to-day. Your temperament is your overall tone or vibration and energy or astral aura that is you most of the time. For example, if  you are in bad mood often and have a tendency to be overly negative, you would be considered to have a bad temper or negative temperament.

In science, temperament or erasis, meaning mixture or tempering of elements, fire (phosphorus and sulfur), air (oxygen), Seal of Solomon symbolearth (carbon), water (H2O). This is where the modern alchemist must practice the art of healthful balance with his mind, thoughts, actions, diet and living. A way of life, that I would like to call “Modern Gnosticism and Alchemy.” A simple method of human operation, that involves the proper management of these chemical energies within our bodies and that we can help regulate with a healthy temperament via positive thoughts, healthy actions and happy lives.

“An animal or a plant cannot be entirely hot—that is, consist wholly of fire; nor can it be wholly moist, as is the element of water: there must necessarily be a mixture or tempering of qualities, and the individual temperament is designated from that quality which super abounds.”

Our temperaments directly relate to the alchemical color aspects of our blood and also the color of our “energy aura.” This bad attitude eventually turns your red blood dark by heating the ‘temperature’ of your normal helpful chemical energies such as phosphorus, sulfur and homocysteine in your blood. What this does, is change them into harmful gasses and acids such as sulfur dioxide which is the product of the burning of sulfur or of burning materials that contain sulfur and that will simply kill you over time if you do not correct these abuses of your mind and body.

Devil_vs_JesusOur goal as modern Gnostics and Alchemists, would be to master the science of being human. A science, that not only includes the acquirement of knowledge, but also the implementation of this knowledge into our lives and families. A Gnosis (knowledge) that cannot only transform us into healthy individuals, but also change our very chemical beings into light and truth in order to become closer to God, rather than dark souls like that of Satan. Fallen stars from the pride of Lucifer who can again become immortal through the teachings of Christ in which we resurrect ourselves back from the grave and our fallen states.

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Many people think that demons are composed only of legions of evil spirits, but this is simply not true. There were many Demons-and-Angels timevarious ancient cultures in history, and also people today, who still believe that demons are the recently departed spirits of their ancestors, who can be either good or bad. The Christian concept of a demon, would be the angels and saints of Catholicism. Therefor, a demon is more of a pagan concept and an angel is a Christian invention; both basically have the same spiritual meaning across many cultures.

The English word demon is derived from the Latinized versions, “dæmon” and “daimôn” of the original Greek “δαίμων.” According to Plato, in his Cratylus, the etymology of daimôn/daēmones (δαίμονες: deity/daêmôn δαήμονες) is from tfanuwv, knowing, wise or intelligent.

Like Socrates, Plato had also taught that the soul is immortal and all knowledge gained in one’s life, is actually knowledge learned from a previous lifetime. This is also where human intuition (wisdom) originates from. The knowing within our very DNA that helps our soul to be guided through the waters of life with the assistance of our spirit guides, AKA demons.

33rd Degree Freemason and Master Rosicrucian, Manly P. Hall had written on demons and angels in his most popular book, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages;”

The Christian Church gathered all the elemental entities together under the title of demon. This is a misnomer with far-reaching consequences, for to the average mind the word demon means an evil thing, and the Nature spirits are essentially no more malevolent than are the minerals, plants, and animals. Many of the early Church Fathers asserted that they had met and debated with the elementals.


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Prominent Kabbalist: The Russian Invasion of Crimea is a sign of Impending Jewish Redemption

(SOURCE: rucho shel mashiach) – On Purim (Monday March 17th), Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch, Head of the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, allowed a secret to slip out. He peeled back the curtain and offered a peek into a tradition handed down from his grandfather, the Vilna Gaon, a prominent 18th-century Kabbalist:

“Even though I am careful not to share the mysteries, I feel that this is something I am permitted to reveal..This was something Rabbi Isaac had received directly from those who heard it from the mouth of the Vilna Gaon, who said, shortly before his passing:

“’When you hear that the Russians have invaded Crimea, you will know that the bells of Redemption have begun to ring. When you hear that the Russians have reached Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey, as it is called today), you can already don Sabbath clothes and await the appearance of Moshiach.’

“Last week the Russians invaded Crimea and the world slept… According to our tradition from the Vilna Gaon, this is a sign of impending redemption … Perhaps what the Gaon meant by ‘bells of the redemption’ is like a bell that signals the arrival of someone or something.”

Adapted for easier understanding for readers of all level of familiarity with the tradition from the presentation and translation of the teaching in English by Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz

An article in Hebrew on the Purim sermon can be found here.

Update: The version recorded in the writings of the Vilna Gaon’s students’ is as follows:

When the Russian ships cross the Dardanelles, it is already time to don Sabbath garments  

היא כי כאשר יעברו ציים רוסיים במיצרי הדרדנלים, אפשר כבר ללבוש בגדי שבת…


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Worms Fighting to the Death & Taking Over Human Minds

Unbeknownst to you, there is a fight to the death happening right now inside, and on your body. Everything you do, say, think, and Worm fightseat is affecting this eternal fight for dominion over your organs, bones, blood and your entire human shell. For some, the fight will end early in their lives. For others, they will be able to keep the battle going for much longer than some of their human cousins. In the end there will be only 1 victor, and I will give you hint of who wins this battle of the fittest, it is definitely NOT you!

The reason being, is that the human body is infested with 8 different kinds of worms; that along with our higher selves (I like to call my soul), fight for dominion over our material bodies. Some of these same worms fight one another for control in order to replicate their species and kill ours. Some of us humans will sadly lose our worm eaten minds and organs during the process. All the while, these devilish worms are having the feast of their lives. Hence, the battle of the fittest, where the worm is king and man just worm food.

Worms kinds in humansMany of these worms have small gnashing teeth, while some grow to be 2 feet long and who devour our insides and entrails without us ever even knowing they are living inside of our intestines. There are also the microscopic worms called the Demodex that crawl upon our faces and bodies causing acne, and also in our eyeballs making us blind as they eat our sulfuric secretions upon our skin and then  burrow their poisonous poop rotten carcasses into our very same skin where they simply rot and die, making our skin worm carcass graveyards.

This is no script from a  Hollyweird movie, and I’m definitely not a fear porn promoter who makes money from scaring the worm shit out of you. Nope, I’m just some wise fool with a worm complex, a blog, and internet connection here, shouting from internet rooftops in order bring these Wormwood Revelations to you in the Apocalypse. (unveiling)

Whether or not you take heed to my words or simply dismiss them as worm nonsense, is up to you.


Like many humans enjoy to fight, worms also love to fight. But please let it be known that the ancient fighting worms of the earth actually make the fighting humans of today in the UFC look like total wimps with worm arms. You see, in the UFC you have humans who have trained for several years in martial arts, that wear pads to protect their gonads, and have rules in order to help prevent serious injury or death. A sort of civilized human barbaric way to manage these aggressive human males who like to beat the shit out of one another. But in the fighting world of worms, there are no rules and these bad boys do not don pads. When they fight, they often fight to the death just like the Greco and Roman gladiators had done in the ancient past.

Here is a quote from a recent article on how worm fight and how this is rare amongst animals;

“Fighting, let alone fatal fighting, has not previously been described in any other nematode and fighting to the death is relatively rare amongst animals. Studying their behaviour helps us develop better pest control strategies – as well as providing us with a fascinating insight into the fundamental behaviour of animals and the external conditions that influence their fighting instincts,” said Griffin.

Hell, I guess we humans have to try to take the higher ground over our lower down trodden cousins known as the worm. If we don’t take heed, these same worms fighting one another to the death will become the defacto conquering kings of our own bodies. Bodies that eventually dies by becoming rotting worm filled corpses, in which the worm has obviously kicked our asses to kingdom come.

A recent article titled, “Survival of the fittest: Early life experiences can make worms fight to the death,” helps substantiate my many other articles I have written in the last year on worms.

“This is an interesting finding in terms of our thinking towards animal behaviour and fighting,” she said, adding, “conditions during early stage development have a profound effect on the expression of fighting in adults. Nematodes may be simple animals, but many of the biochemical and neural processes that take place in them have parallels in higher animals including humans”.

“Fighting, let alone fatal fighting, has not previously been described in any other nematode and fighting to the death is relatively rare amongst animals. Studying their behaviour helps us develop better pest control strategies – as well as providing us with a fascinating insight into the fundamental behaviour of animals and the external conditions that influence their fighting instincts,” said Griffin.

The study looked at worms that kill insects, using symbiotic bacteria that they carry around with them and reproduce inside the insect cadavers. Several generations can pass through a large insect and eventually, tens or even hundreds of thousands of nematode descendants emerge from the spent cadaver in soil and wriggle away in search of fresh hosts.

These are exactly the kind of conditions where we might expect fatal fighting to evolve, said Griffin.

Read More From The Journal IE


Ladies and gentleman, llleeeeeetttttt’sss get readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to worm rumbllllllllllllle!

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The Bible Says “Son of Man a Worm,” & Science Says, “They Are Like Miniature Human Beings”

“Whenever any scientific revolution has driven out old modes of thought, the new views that take their place must justify Worm costumethemselves by the permanent or increasing satisfaction which they are capable of affording to those spiritual demands which cannot be put off or ignored.” — Rudolf Hermann Lotze

Today we are seeing the merger of science and the bible, but the facts are most scientists, and men of the cloth may fail to see the signs of this Apocalyptic event. Many people will think that these scientific revelations of the bible could be called blasphemy. Some will ignorantly think that this is something straight out of a Dan Brown novel, and I’m some bad guy in the Illuminati trying to enlighten unworthy humans. But the facts are, that this is no novel or Illuminati conspiracy.

In reality, this time in which we live is called the Apocalypse. A word that simply means”the unveiling,”and this event is exactly what Saint John had spoken about in the Book of Revelation. French Occultist, Gnostic and Philosopher, Eliphas Levi had said that in the end days in the tradition in the Church that the manifestation of the Mysteries of the Apocalypse is reserved till the last times.

The below dialogue is a satyr based on real words and facts that help substantiate what I and Eliphas Levis had stated, that Mysteries of the Apocalypse would be revealed in the End Time.

Worm ApocalypseMODERN SCIENCE: In a wonderful way, they are like miniature human beings.” – Dr John Sulston, Director, Sanger Centre, UK

MODERN MEDIA: “Small Worm Makes History – Scientists have taken a historic step forward in unraveling the mysteries of life. Researchers in the UK and the US have mapped all the genes in a small worm called Caenorhabditis elegans.”  – BBC News

OLD TIME RELIGION: “But I am a worm and no man. How much more is man rottenness, and the son of man a worm ? “First he said, ” Man is rottenness;” and afterwards, “The son of man a worm:” because a worm springs from rottenness, therefore “man is rottenness,” and ”the son of man a worm.”

MODERN SCIENCE: “By looking at the genes that are needed to make worm muscles, we can learn quite directly about the genes that make human muscles – because they are the same.” – Dr John Sulston, Director, Sanger Centre, UK

MODERN MEDIA: ‘Worm Wins Nobel Prize – In 1974, he showed that by adding a chemical compound, gene mutations could be induced in the worm – and that these mutations could have profound impacts on the development of the creature. This is the bedrock of much genetic science today – demonstrating the principle that our genes, if somehow mutated, might have a radical knock-on effect. This is the basis of the Nobel Prize award.’ BBC News

OLD TIME RELIGION: ‘where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.’ Christ has said, “Because I fire, ye shall live also.”

MODERN SCIENCE: “The worm’s genetic blueprint has already proved useful in the study of the human brain condition Alzheimer’s disease.’ Monise Durrani, BBC Science

OLD TIME RELIGION: “How much less man, that maggot, And the son of man, that worm!” – Job 25:6

MODERN SCIENCE: “We have provided biologists with a powerful new tool to experiment with and learn how genomes function. We’ll be able to ask and answer questions we could never even think about before.” – Robert Waterston

MODERN MEDIA: What you can learn here from a crawling worm is applicable to humans,” Larson said. “Because it has the same building blocks.

OLD TIME RELIGION: “I have said to the worm, thou art my mother.” “The worm shall feed sweetly on him.”

Here is an excerpt from Éliphas Lévi’s, “Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual” that speaks about the Mysteries of the Apocalypse reserved for the end times…

So is the Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis or Secret Doctrine of the first Christians, and the key of this doctrine is indicated by an occult versicle of the Lord’s Prayer, which the Vulgate leaves untranslated, while in the Greek Rite, the priests only are permitted to pronounce it. This versicle, completely kabalistic, is found in the Greek text of the Gospel according to St Matthew, and in several Hebrew copies, as follows:

The sacred word MALKUTH substituted for KETHER, which is its kabalistic correspondent, and the equipoise of GEBURAH and CHESED, repeating itself in the circles of heavens called eons by the Gnostics, provided the keystone of the whole Christian Temple in the occult versicle. It has been retained by Protestants in their New Testament, but they have failed to discern its lofty and wonderful meaning, which would have unveiled to them all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse. There is, however, a tradition in the Church that the manifestation of these mysteries is reserved till the last times.”

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From Sperm to the Worm: And from these worms God made angels

By understanding what happens in the worm cells, researchers also learn what happens in human cells. Of the 5,000 best-Bible and scienceknown human genes, 75 percent have matches in the worm – Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute

Now let us look to the bible and ancient science, for the Lord Himself says, “But I am a worm and no man. How much more is man rottenness, and the son of man a worm ? “First he said, ” Man is rottenness;” and afterwards, “The son of man a worm:” because a worm springs from rottenness, therefore “man is rottenness,” and “the son of man a worm.”

In a wonderful way, they are like miniature human beings.” – Dr John Sulston, Director, Sanger Centre, UK

Is man really rotten, and the son of man a worm?

The scientific facts are that many of the allegorical and literal stories that are told in the bible, can now be easily compared to modern science. In order to do so, you have to have an open mind to both science and religion, and also the willingness to use reason in the form of common sense to merge the two. Also, the fact that the office of the inquisition is no longer burning heretics at the stake; this really helps us layman to freely explore both science and religion without the fear of death for doing so.

Christ had called himself a worm, and the Jews had also esteemed Christ as a worm. He was considered loathsome to them and was hated by them to the point they had trampled upon him, and trod him under foot as men.(1) As said in Mark 9:48 – ‘where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.’ Christ has said, “Because I fire, ye shall live also.”

devil-wormThe bible passage above and the quote from Dr. John Sulston, seems to correlate exactly with the current science of the various species of worms that can be found on earth. Worms are simply the most cunning and adaptable creatures in the world. They make the million year old cockroach who can survive just about anything and anywhere, look like child’s play; for the worm is truly king of this world. For example, I recently had written an article called Devil Worm which told the story of a worm like no other animal, that can withstand the highest heat temperatures and crushing pressure inside the earth. In fact, Scientists had interestingly named the worm after a demon named Mephistopheles of the Faustian legend, “Halicephalobus mephisto.” A name meaning, “he who loves not the light.”


In both the New Testament and the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), you can locate several stories about worms that may help us answer some of these life after death questions. Stories of men being called worms, or angels being connected to worms can be found in many places all throughout the bible.

And from these worms God made angels. If the Lord said of Himself: “I am a worm and not a man” (Ps 21:7) We find this passage more correctly rendered in the Hebrew Bible: “Man that is a worm (rimmah), and the son of man which is a maggot” (tole’ah).

Now my second question; “Is man that is a worm (rimmah), and the son of man which is a maggot” (tole’ah)?”

In studying science and the worms, or what could be called in the occult, elementals; I have found that worms infest the blood, organs, bones and  cells of the human body. There is not one human on earth who doesn’t carry these worms. They are a scientific fact of life, for all life is born from the origins of the worm of the sperm, to our ending of putrefaction of our bodies in the DNA of the worm. Hence, the biblical saying, “The son of man a worm,” is because that worm is essentially our DNA being when we die and in which it recycles itself back into Mother Earth.

In a 1998 article in the Associated Press, researchers proved that both humans and worms share many genes with one another, and that the study of the worm will lead to cures of diseases in humans.

Researchers Map Worm’s Entire Genetic Code; Could Lead to Cures for Diseases WASHINGTON (AP)

Researchers have mapped the entire gene pattern of a tiny soil worm, a feat that some say is the biological equal to landing on the moon and a major milestone toward finding new ways to cure disease.

The worm, a type of nematode called Caenorhabditis elegans, is as common as dirt. Thousands live in a typical handful of garden soil.

But the small creature also is a complex, multicelled organism that carries many genes that also exist in humans, and function in the same way.

As a result, the worm provides a crucial keyhole view of the vast world of genetics, said Robert H. Waterston, who led a team at the Washington University Medical School in St. Louis that joined with British scientists to map the worm’s genes.

“This worm is really an animal just as we are,” said Waterston. “It has muscles and many different kinds of cells. And it also ages, just as we do. By and large, it uses the same genes that we do.”

By studying genes shared by worm and human, researchers will learn at a molecular level what can go wrong and how to fix it. Such microscopic studies are virtually impossible in humans.

“Half of the disease genes in humans have identifiable counterparts in this worm,” said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. He said researchers into many human diseases will be able to use the humble worm as a way of learning how to prevent, treat and cure the illnesses of man.

In order to find the light in the glow of a worm, we must first also ask ourselves;  “Where do we humans go, and what evidence or physical matter is left of we humans when we die that can be verified by science?

The BBC News in 1998 had wrote, “Small worm makes history”

Scientists have taken a historic step forward in unraveling the mysteries of life. Researchers in the UK and the US have mapped all the genes in a small worm called Caenorhabditis elegans. It is the first animal for which this has been done. It has taken 15 years to complete and will have major implications for human health.

Most people will never have heard of the creature which grows to about 1mm in length and lives in soil or among rotting plants, but it has much in common with man. Around 40% of the worm’s genes – which hold all the instructions to build and maintain the creature – are also found in humans. This means that a study of C. elegans will also reveal much about the biological processes inside humans. C. elegans may be a much simpler lifeform but it also begins life as a single, fertilised cell and undergoes a series of cell divisions as it grows into an adult animal. During this process, it also develops complex tissues and organ systems.

It even has a nervous system that can detect odour, taste, and respond to temperature and touch. .. Although it has taken until now to complete the worm genome, there are more than 200 labs around the world already engaged in C. elegans research.’

DID THE BIBLE AND SCIENCE MERGE A LONG TIME AGO?Opened magic book with space for copy text

To find the answers to this biblical and scientific question, we all must search inside one of the oldest alchemical and super natural history books known to human kind. A book which happens to be the oldest surviving book in the world, the bible. A word that simply means book. Please do not think just because you are not religious, a Christian, or a bible reader, that the words in the pages of the bible do not affect you or this world, because they do. Hence, it will do you much spiritual good to take heed to some of these teachings that can be found hidden in the pages of this 3,000 year old book, in both the Old and New Testaments.

In order to find the light in the glow of a worm, we must first also ask ourselves;  “Where do we humans go after we die, and what evidence or physical matter is left of us that can be verified by science? Could the worm be the answer to this Alpha and Omega immortal question? I think so…….

If you study the substance of sperm in which humans are born from, you will start to see how sperm is truly “worm-like” in its appearance. In fact, in a drop of sperm, you will find hundreds of millions of thin symmetrical shaped worms swimming around as if they have a life of their own. The English word sperm comes from the Greek word (σπέρμα) sperma (meaning “seed”). It is from these seeds, or should I say worms, that human life is formed; and yes, the strongest worm always wins. Hence, survival of the fittest is not a man made creation or sport, but a God given reality and plan to keep balance with the AS ABOVE, and SO BELOW.

Genesis 1:11 – And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so.

Luke 8:11 – Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

Luke 8:5 – “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some fell along the path and was trampled underfoot, and the birds of the air devoured it.

Sperm human eggSperm is from the Greek word seed, and these seeds we can clearly verify with science that they are really millions of microscopic worms that swim around in a fluid, which is akin to a fish swimming in the sea; this may be what is described in Genesis 1:21 – “So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”

Here is a video below that shows the great sea creatures, and every living creature that moves. Every animal and mammal on earth born of the flesh is created the same way. From man, to the worm, to the fish. This is why in the bible, Jesus calls fisherman to follow him; “And Jesus said {as he saith}  unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”

The facts are, that there are eight different kinds of worms that feed on human blood, flesh and bones. When we die, if we are not cremated, these same worms consume our rotting flesh as we decompose into the soil, to the point where the only thing left of our bodies is truly our DNA or life essence contained inside the worms who fed upon our very flesh. Worms who eventually die themselves, and are recycled through the Alpha and Omega process of the morning star. I had written about these worms that feed upon the human flesh in previous articles such as Wormwood: Bugs With Fiery Teeth Who Feed, Live And Die On Human Flesh, and Humans Infested With Worms From Hell.

Worms kinds in humans

Could these same worms that feed on our blood, carry more than just our DNA when we die? Is this a cycle of immortality, in which man can now use science to bottle up these worms and catch the life Alpha and Omega essence of any human they wish to keep immortalized. I think so, and that is essentially what the bible is telling us. In fact, I think at one time this was common knowledge among many kingdoms and priesthoods who would abuse this immortal process, thus starting the reign of the Nephilim or the fall of man, or should I say, the fall of the worm?

Here are the words of Saint Augustine who had educated his fellow brethren about worms, angels and God in the Gospel of Saint John:

Give good heed to what follows, brethren, “All things were made by Him, and without Him was nothing made,”so as not to imagine that ” nothing” is something. For many, wrongly understanding “without Him was nothing made,”are wont to fancy that “nothing “is something. Sin, indeed, was not made by Him; and it is plain that sin is nothing,and men become nothing when they sin. An idol also was not made by the Word;—it has indeed a sort of human form, but man himself was made by the Word;— for the form of man in an idol was not made by the Word, and it is written, “We know that an idol is nothing.”

Therefore these things were not made by the Word; but whatever was made in the natural manner, whatever belongs to the creature, everything that is fixed in the sky, that shines from above, that flies under the heavens, and that moves in universal nature, every creature whatsoever: I will speak more plainly, brethren, that you may understand me; I will say, from an angel even to a worm. What more excellent than an angel among created things? what lower than a worm? He who made the angel made the worm also; but the angel is fit for heaven, the worm for earth. He who created .also arranged.

If He had placed the worm in heaven, thou mightest have found fault; if He had willed that angels should spring from decaying flesh, thou mightest have found fault: and yet God almost does this, and He is not to be found fault with. For all men born of flesh, what are they but worms? and of these worms God makes angels. 

For if the Lord Himself says, “But I am a worm and no man,” ‘ who will hesitate to say what is written also in Job, “How much more is man rottenness, and the son of man a worm ? “3 First he said, ” Man is rottenness;” and afterwards, “The son of man a worm:” because a worm springs from rottenness, therefore “man is rottenness,” and “the son of man a worm.” Behold what for thy sake He was willing to become, who “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God!” Why did He for thy sake become this? That thou mightest suck, who wert not able to chew. Wholly in this sense, then, brethren, understand “All things were made by Him, and without Him was nothing made.

“For every creature, great and small, was made by Him: by Him were made things above and things beneath; spiritual and corporeal, by Him were they made. For no form, no structure, no agreement of parts, no substance whatever, that can have weight, number, measure, exists but by that Word, and by that Creator Word, to whom it is said, “Thou hast ordered all things in measure, and in number, and in weight.”4 ,

14. Therefore, let no one deceive you, when perchance you suffer annoyance from flies. For some have been mocked by the devil, and taken with flies. As fowlers are accustomed to put flies in their traps to deceive hungry birds, so these have been deceived with flies by the devil. Some one or other was suffering annoyance from flies; a Manichoean found him in his trouble, and when he said that he could not bear flies, and hated them exceedingly, immediately the Manichaean said, “Who made them?” And since he was suffering from annoyance, and hated them, he dared not say, “God made them,” though he was a Catholic. The other immediately added, “If God did not make them, who made them?” “Truly,” replied the Catholic, “I believe the devil made them.” And the other immediately said, “If the devil made the fly, as I see you allow, because you understand the matter well, who made the bee, which is a little larger than the fly?”

The Catholic dared not say that God made the bee and not the fly, for the case was much the same. From the bee he led him to the locust; from the locust to the lizard; from the lizard to the bird; from the bird to the sheep; from the sheep to the cow; from that to the elephant, and at last to man; and persuaded a man that man was not made by God. Thus the miserable man, being troubled with the flies, became himself a fly, and the property of the devil. In fact, Beelzebub, they say, means ” Prince of flies;” and of these it is written, “Dying flies deprive the ointment of its sweetness.”

In Psalm 22, Verse 6 in the Treasury of David, it is said about the worm;

“But I am a worm, and no man.” This verse is a miracle in language. How could the Lord of glory be brought to such abasement as to be not only lower than the angels, but even lower than men. What a contrast between “I AM” and “I am a worm”! yet such a double nature was found in the person of our Lord Jesus when bleeding upon the tree. He felt himself to be comparable to a helpless, powerless, down-trodden worm, passive while crushed, and unnoticed and despised by those who trod upon him.

He selects the weakest of creatures, which is all flesh; and becomes, when trodden upon, writhing, quivering flesh, utterly devoid of any might except strength to suffer. This was a true likeness of himself when his body and soul had become a mass of misery—the very essence of agony—in the dying pangs of crucifixion. Man by nature is but a worm; but our Lord puts himself even beneath man, on account of the scorn that was heaped upon him and the weakness which he felt, and therefore he adds, “and no man.”

The privileges and blessings which belonged to the fathers he could not obtain while deserted by God, and common acts of humanity were not allowed him, for he was rejected of men; he was outlawed from the society of earth, and shut out from the smile of heaven. How utterly did the Saviour empty himself of all glory, and become of no reputation for our sakes! “A reproach of men” —their common butt and jest; a byword and a proverb unto them: the sport of the rabble, and the scorn of the rulers. Oh the caustic power of reproach, to those who endure it with patience, yet smart under it most painfully!

“And despised of the people.” The vox populi was against him. The very people who would once have crowned him then contemned him, and they who were benefited by his cures sneered at him in his woes. Sin is worthy of all reproach and contempt, and for this reason Jesus, the Sinbearer, was given up to be thus unworthily and shamefully entreated.(1)

Chron. 16.29. to.the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Plat. 29. 2. | 66. 4. | 96. 9. Mat. 4. 10. Luke 4. 8. Psal. 5. 7. I will to. toward thy temple, 138. 2. 45. 11.he is thy Lord, and to. thou him 81. 9. neither shalt thou to any strange god that is weak, mean, and despised in the world, 95.6. O come, let us to. and bow down and kneel it compares him to a worm of the earth, 

because 97. 7. to. him, all ye gods, then heard, was glad nothing is found to be morecontemptible than this 99. 5. to. at his footstool, for he is holy, 132.7. creature, Job 25. 6. How much less man that 9. exalt the Lord, and to. at his holy hill is a worm? And the Psalmist says, I am a Isa. 2.8. they to. the work of their hands, 20. | 46. 6. worm and no man, Psalm 22. 6. The worm 27. 13. shall to. the Lord in hol v mountain at Jerusalem of the damned dies not, and their fire shall 49. 7. princes also shall to. because of the Lord never be quenched, Isa. 66. 24. “They will 66. 23. all flesh shall come to to. before me feel a worm of conscience that shall never die, Jer. 7-2. that enter in at these gates to to. 26. 2.

“and the fiery wrath of God upon their souls “and bodies that shall never go out.” Exod. 16. 24. neither was there any to. therein Job 17. 14. I said to the to, thou art my mother 24.20. the to. shall feed sweetly upon him 25. 6. much less man that is a to. and son of man Psal. 22. 6. but I am a to. and no man, a reproach Isa. 14.1 l.the to. is spread under thee, and worms 41.14. fear not, thou w. Jacob, and ye men of Israel 51. 8. and the to. shall eat them like wool 66. 24. for their to. shall not die, nor their fire be quenched, Mark 9. 44, 46, 48. Jonah 4. 7. God prepared to smote the gourd WORMS.(3)

Leviticus 19:19 – “You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material.


1. The Treasury of David: Containing an Original Exposition of the …, Volume 1  By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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3. A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments …  By Alexander Cruden

4. The Bible

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God has cured the Legion through the purification process

There has been a spiritual war fought on earth for millenia. The Roman Catholic, English, Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches Four Hosemen of Apocalypsehave been heavily involved in this battle for many centuries. A war that continues to this very day, but one in which the tides of battle are beginning to change. A change that appears to be a turn for the spiritual betterment of all of humanity.

This change can be called a spiritual purification process that is being led by the good side of the Illuminati. The Grand Master of the ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS (Order of the Illuminati), Leo Lyon Zagami calls this battle the “Holy Militia Against Evil”, in an event officially labeled by the Secret Brotherhood as, “Operation Messiah.”

Evidence to support these Illuminati claims can easily be found in the recent events surrounding the Catholic Church, and also the media reports that have been reporting these facts. For example, an article came out today detailing a Catholic Church group known as the “Legion of Christ.” A group plagued with the sins of the founder and previous leader, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, who to quote the article, “sexually abused his seminarians, fathered at least three children and built a cult-like system of power based on silence, deceit and obedience.”

Bede on Death BedThis man, Marcial Maciel is part of the Black Brotherhood who rides the Black Horse as described by the Doctor of the Church and Father of English History Saint Bede who had said; “The black horse is the band of false brethren who have the balance of a right profession, but hurt their fellows through works of darkness. For when it is said in the midst of the living creatures, “hurt not,” it is shewn that one is there who hurts. Of the running forward of this horse, the Apostle says, “Without were fightings, within were fears.”

Bede had also said this about the church in end times;

Devil – These words apply to the Universal Church, against which the devil is always exercising an enmity from which there is no escape.

Sword – He has fitly mentioned first His judicial power, for He was to assign rewards to the victors, and punishment to the transgressors.

These Revelations above by Saint Bede, Leo Lyon Zagami and those found in this article, further validate that we are witnessing the punishment to the transgressors who are the false brethren and who may have the right profession, but hurt their fellows through cowardly acts of darkness. A group of sick evil humans who ride the black horse and that commit their dark acts of violence and abuse on others. Now we see that they are quickly being pulled down from their horses and purged from power, and their names are simply disgraced forever after their dark deaths. In addition to the purging of these evil dark demons from power, there is also a massive spiritual purification process that has officially begun on earth as part of the clean up process. An ancient ritual of spiritual purification by the Brothers of Light and Love (Good Illuminati), which can be witnessed by anyone in this modern story below, of how “God has cured the Legion through the purification process.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The pope’s envoy running the troubled Legion of Christ ended his three-year reform effort Tuesday, declaring the order “cured and cleaned” but acknowledging it bears the guilt of its pedophile founder and the superiors who delayed admitting his crimes.

Cardinal Velasio De Paolis celebrated his final Mass as papal delegate Tuesday and left to a round of applause from a congregation eager to regain the autonomy that Pope Benedict XVI wrested away in 2010.

“The Legionaries are reconciled with themselves, with their history, the world and the church,” De Paolis said.

Benedict intervened after a Vatican investigation determined the Legion had been infected by its founder, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, who sexually abused his seminarians, fathered at least three children and built a cult-like system of power based on silence, deceit and obedience.

Read more here:

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