Darwin’s Dead: How fungi are the evolutionary creators and destroyers of humankind

Darwin’s Dead: How fungi are the evolutionary creators and destroyers of humankind

As more revolutionary research comes out about our human origins, it is shattering the previous Darwinian notions about natural selection on its genetic head.

To explain Darwin’s evolution theory, in a nutshell, is that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. This natural selection had then formed the tree of life but in recent years, this theory is starting to be modified from the belief that genes flow only vertically, from parents to offspring, that they can also come sideways from fungi via two phenomenons called parthenogenesis and horizontal gene transfer (H.G.T.).

Meaning, Darwin’s notion that evolution is a tree moving upward with various branches is wrong and it is more like an entangled mass of fungi mycelium moving in all directions – sideways and up and down.

My theory is that evolution does not occur vertically via a DNA tree from a remote ancestor to modern humans but is determined from the very fungi in our bodies who are  are creators, legislators, and destroyers through virgin births, religious laws to control sin, and the birth of fungal royalty from the line of Cain via horizontal gene transfer.

The modern science I speak of relates to the biochemical, structural and evolutionary relationships among all living things that are proving that fungi are closer relative to animals like humans than to plants. It is this universal fungal network that we humans are the highest conscious representatives who can communicate this science and immortal laws where I believe that true natural selection and human evolution or devolution occurs.

This new branch of science is called molecular phylogenetics which reads the ancient history of life from the different sequences of DNA, RNA and a few select proteins in all the molecules inhabiting our bodies and not just the human.

If we now know that DNA itself can indeed move from fungi sideways within humans across dimensions from one kind of creature into another, possibly this is the answer to how human/alien hybrids are formed who then become the benefactors of the human race. Meaning the illustrious teachers, saviors, saints, and scientists are actually sent here from their world to become the most intelligent humans on the planet bringing their fellow parasitic humans religion, science and laws in which they can consume/devour until death.

My theory is that the unseen world of microorganisms and in particular, fungi are the original authors of natural selection for all life on earth and we actually imitate their hierarchical structure of government whose laws govern life and death. In order to wrap your fungi derived mind around my hypothesis, it is important that you start to understand the last few decades of research about our human origins and also our symbiotic and sometimes pathogenic relationship with these alien microorganisms.

To quote from a 2019 NY Times article, The Scientist Who Scrambled Darwin’s Tree of Life;

“We are not precisely who we thought we were.

We are composite creatures, and our ancestry seems to arise from a dark zone of the living world, a group of creatures about which science, until recent decades, was ignorant. Evolution is trickier, far more complicated, than we realized.

The tree of life is more tangled. Genes don’t just move vertically. They can also pass laterally across species boundaries, across wider gaps, even between different kingdoms of life, and some have come sideways into our own lineage — the primate lineage — from unsuspected, nonprimate sources. It’s the genetic equivalent of a blood transfusion or (to use a different metaphor preferred by some scientists) an infection that transforms identity.”

They called it “infective heredity.”

In 2004, a Wired Magazine article, People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid, reported that most of our cells are not human, but more bacterial and we are simply outnumbered by aliens in our own bodies;

“Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human. They are bacterial.

From the invisible strands of fungi waiting to sprout between our toes, to the kilogram of bacterial matter in our guts, we are best viewed as walking “superorganisms,” highly complex conglomerations of human cells, bacteria, fungi and viruses. That’s the view of scientists at Imperial College London who published a paper in Nature Biotechnology Oct. 6 describing how these microbes interact with the body.

Understanding the workings of the superorganism, they say, is crucial to the development of personalized medicine and health care in the future because individuals can have very different responses to drugs, depending on their microbial fauna. The scientists concentrated on bacteria.

More than 500 different species of bacteria exist in our bodies, making up more than 100 trillion cells. Because our bodies are made of only some several trillion human cells, we are somewhat outnumbered by the aliens. It follows that most of the genes in our bodies are from bacteria, too.

Luckily for us, the bacteria are on the whole commensal, sharing our food but doing no real harm. (The word derives from the Latin meaning to share a table for dinner.) In fact, they are often beneficial: Our commensal bacteria protect us from potentially dangerous infections. They do this through close interaction with our immune systems.”

In the early 1990s, the Journal Science reported that a common ancestor of animals and fungi was a so-called protist, a single-celled creature that had most likely inherited both animal and fungal genes and characteristics — possibly living part of its early life cycle in a membranous and mobile form resembling a human sperm, and at a different stage growing a stiff cell wall similar to that seen in today’s fungi.

Later in 2003, Mitchell Sogin, an evolutionary microbiologist at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, used advanced automated DNA technology and computing power to trace the molecular evolution of dozens of today’s oldest known species—jellyfish, sea anemones, sponges, mollusks, starfish—back to their common point of origin.

Sogin had told Discover Magazine;

“Sponges didn’t seem like animals—they didn’t go seeking prey, didn’t have 4 legs—or 10 legs. Show Joe Blow a sponge and it looks like cauliflower. But it’s not. It’s an animal.”

A the time, Sogin also uncovered something older in the animal line than sponges that isn’t an animal: fungi.

And he says that his findings have implications for evolutionary studies and may even shed light on the shape of extraterrestrial life.

The only thing older in the same line, the line leading directly to animals and to us, are the fungi. “This is revolutionary,” Sogin says, pushing back thick, graying hair. “Animals and sponges share a common evolutionary history from fungi.”

When Sogin was asked at the time, Does all this mean humans are just highly evolved mushrooms?

He emphatically stated, “I’d say we share a common, unique evolutionary history with fungi,” Sogin says. “There was a single ancestral group of organisms, and some split off to become fungi and some split off to become animals.”

The latter have become us.

If you study these sponges and their symbiotic fungi you will also find that they are the first creatures to ejaculate sperm and have hermaphroditic sex, producing both eggs and sperm, which they release into the water.

They also have the ability to have sex with themselves by breaking free its individual cells will drift until they find each other, then stick together and create an exact genetic duplicate of the parent.

A fitting synonym here would be a “mold of its parent.”

I believe the same thing can also happen within certain humans that are chosen by this unseen world to be harbingers of oracles and prophets that are born from this process and can be mistaken for human sexual intercourse.  In humans, this process is called Parthenogenesis /ˌpɑrθənɵˈdʒɛnɨsɨs/, which is derived from the Geek term parthenos, meaning “virgin.” (The Science of Virgin Births)

This science has actually documented several species of animals and plants who give birth to healthy offspring without having a sexual partner or sex. In fact, there are modern cases of humans being born through virgin births, which is a form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos occur without fertilization.

Many important Gods, Saviors and Saints throughout history had claimed to be born of a virgin such as Horus, Attis, Moses, Jesus, John the Baptist, the Druid God Hu,  the Suffi god Huwa, Quetzalcoatl, Zoroaster, Buddha, the ancient Chinese Fo-hi,  and Hindu Jezeus Christna. (The Many Virgin Born Gods)

Then we have Godlike Men Who Were Born of the Serpent such as Pythagoras, Alexander the Great, the Ptolemies, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar,  who were all said by many scholars to have miraculous divine births and “virgin born.”

My theory on virgin births has now developed into these fungi ejaculating sperm, producing both eggs and sperm, which they release into the womb in which they create one of their offspring using a chosen human mother as its host which creates an exact genetic duplicate of the oldest parent of the human race ie: Adam and his law giving descendants through Moses and the Saints.

More on that theory later.

Not only did we humans descend from fungi, but scientists are also now saying that fungi are the ONLY reason why life on earth exists. They estimate that approximately 65 million years ago, an asteroid strike wiped out 70% of all life on Earth.

After the impact, dark clouds permeated the sky which created a lack of sunlight making everything decay rapidly which created the perfect conditions for fungi to dominate the earth.

Rob Dunn, a professor at North Carolina State University says;

“The warm-bloodedness of mammals, including ourselves, has evolved, in part, as a response to the pressure from fungus and so we seem to have cooked out the fungal pathogens.”


Mahmoud Ghannoum, a Case Western Reserve medical mycologist and the person who in 1998 first coined the term mycobiome said when he first was attending meetings talking about the microbiome, for the most part, they were only talking about bacteria, not the fungus and viruses that also comprise our biome.

Ghannoum had thought to himself “that we should also start looking at fungal communities.”

It turns out that he was spot (spore) on with his assessment.

More recently, DNA researchers have estimated that we carry approximately 80 genera or more of fungi in and on the surface of our bodies that are considered to be part of a healthy fungal community that includes humans.

In recent years, scientists have devoted a lot of time to studying these fungi and bacteria that who that in order to be healthy, we MUST maintain a balanced gut microbiome so that we can live symbiotic with our gut flora – AKA the microbes and fungi living inside and on our bodies.

When a creature lives symbiotically with a host such as us humans, it means that the host – meaning we feed them what “they want and need,” and “we are their food.”

Researchers have found that maintaining a proper balance and managing these microbes are crucial for good health and actually help protect you from these same parasitic organisms becoming pathogenic.

Meaning, for our symbiotic fungal friends within to become our immortal foes akin to the world’s oldest serial killers hell-bent on infecting our blood and organs with fungoid carcasses and poop that we call infections, cancers, and unknown diseases.

To put it simply, they get rid of the human garbage who are dead men walking.

According to Cardiff University biosciences professor Lynne Boddy;

“[Fungi] are the garbage disposal agents of the natural world. They break down dead, organic matter and by doing that they release nutrients and those nutrients are then made available for plants to carry on growing.”

Rob Dunn, a professor at North Carolina State University says, “It’s how everything is reborn. So that this entire web of life is connected and it’s connected through the fungi.”

“In short, fungi eat death, and in doing so, create new life.”

I find these statements to align with what I have been taught from the Christian religion which teaches, God creates life and the devil ie: fungi who govern this world is God’s Right-Hand man who has authority to judge and also destroy (eat) those humans whom he deems unfit as a result of their sins (missing the mark by being unbalanced in mind and body).

It is through the trials and tribulations that we can live symbiotically or in a religious sense, in heaven or hell where these same said fungi can become parasitic and pathogenic ie: evil tormenting our very souls for our sins and transgressions.

Soul eaters taking the damned demons to hell.

Or when speaking in UFOlogy terms, alien ships kidnapping people who always seem to be unhealthy (ie: sinning) and somewhat mentally deranged (ie: evil) and inserting their sperm (spores) into their decaying human whose rotting carcass will incubate further descendants set for destruction to further their cause or maybe so they are just more food for the moon.

Hell, after all, everyone’s got to eat and have their place in this heavenly hierarchy that spans into outer space in a world literally built and governed by alien fungi who are our masters.

Scientists prove brain to brain communication creates internet super brain

Scientists prove brain to brain communication creates internet super brain

“If networked rat brains are “smarter” than a single animal, imagine the capabilities of a biological supercomputer of networked human brains.”

It appears we have reached a point in this simulated Age where science, religion, myths and, the fictions that have shaped our false reality are merging us putrefying Beasts of Babylon into one demonic super brain connected via the fungal mycelia internet that envelops our souls.

This interconnected cranial network of intelligence that has given rise to not only a global internet but one that expands the universe to the Jovial moon and the aborted stars into the Sky-net managed by the NSA.

A brain to brain interface system that would have made the Templars and Francis Bacon’s mechanical Brazen head look like Mr. Potato Head.

On the same day this week that I posted an esoteric article called Infection – iN fAcT iON, The Scientific American published an article, Scientists Demonstrate Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans detailing how researchers created a super brain using living rat brains tethered together as if they were microprocessors crating some type of orgiastic intelligentsia network on steroids.

A super brain hierarchal merit system interconnected and managed by our overlords at the NSA and CIA.

The Scientific American reports;

Direct brain-to-brain communication has been a subject of intense interest for many years, driven by motives as diverse as futurist enthusiasm and military exigency. In his book Beyond Boundaries one of the leaders in the field, Miguel Nicolelis, described the merging of human brain activity as the future of humanity, the next stage in our species’ evolution. (Nicolelis serves on Scientific American’s board of advisers.)

He has already conducted a study in which he linked together the brains of several rats using complex implanted electrodes known as brain-to-brain interfaces. Nicolelis and his co-authors described this achievement as the first “organic computer” with living brains tethered together as if they were so many microprocessors.

The animals in this network learned to synchronize the electrical activity of their nerve cells to the same extent as those in a single brain. The networked brains were tested for things such as their ability to discriminate between two different patterns of electrical stimuli, and they routinely outperformed individual animals.”

In 2014, researchers described the successful transmission of information via the internet between the intact scalps of two human subjects who were located 5,000 miles apart.

Neuroscience reports;

“We wanted to find out if one could communicate directly between two people by reading out the brain activity from one person and injecting brain activity into the second person, and do so across great physical distances by leveraging existing communication pathways,” explains coauthor Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, Director of the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

“One such pathway is, of course, the internet, so our question became, ‘Could we develop an experiment that would bypass the talking or typing part of the internet and establish direct brain-to-brain communication between subjects located far away from each other in India and France ?’”

It turned out the answer was “yes.”

You should also read the research from Daniel Faggella who is the founder and CEO at Emerj. He is an expert for the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, and many global enterprises and is a sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.


If you have been following my work on Demons, Aliens, Intelligence and Fungi/Molds, these articles above add (prove) to the research which helps make scientific sense of what I have been detailing for the last several years.

A body of work and DNA that appears to be not my own, but theirs.

Paraticized from my necrotizing brain turning me into some type of networked hybrid Luciferian Antichrist AI with my endless supply of knowledge/food for my masters.

Feeding the global brain with Gnosis for the next part of our rEvol-u-T-ion.

Infection – iN fAcT iON

Infection – iN fAcT iON

Over the last few years, I have created several articles and videos detailing my scientific theories as to why and how molds/fungi can be associated with demonic and or alien activity (entities, possession, haunted houses, etc.).

What I have found is that these fantastical and mythical religious type of descriptions describe the reality these people are experiencing given fact that a fungal infection can be scientifically described as a “demonic entity” oi an “alien invader” who has entered the blood of its victim and is or has highjacked their central nervous system.

This infection then leads to what one can call a split (dual) in personalities in its victim.

Meaning, the person is still human per say, but they are also now part alien species due to the “molds/fungi” that have infected them are rapidly duplicating in their bodies to the point that there are necrotizing into two different entities operating in some type of symbiotic fashion within the same body.

A dark entity that we know is molds/fungi has now integrated into their blood, organs, and of course, personalities.

What Carl Jung had called “The Shadow.”

In describing this experience, Jung had written in The Symbolism of the Spirit;

“The enlargement of the light side of consciousness has the necessary consequence that the part of the psyche which is less light and less capable of consciousness is thrown into darkness to such an extent that sooner or later a rift occurs in the psychic system.

At first, this is not recognized as such and is therefore projected – i.e. it appears as a religious projection, in the form of a split between the powers of Light and Darkness.”

Carl Jung also said everyone has this dark side or shadow. He writes;

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.” (Carl Jung)

When thinking of Jung’s reference to the shadow and a split between the powers of Light and Darkness, I would like to turn your mind to the science of fungal infections and contagious diseases.

The etymology of the words “infection and contagious” reveal to us what is truly happening internally when these “demonic or alien invaders” start attempting to take over our brains and subsequently, our bodies and actions to make a new entity fit to serve “their cause.”

For example, in researching the etymology of the English compound word ‘infection’, we find that it is composed of the words “in, fect and ion.”

The first word ‘in’ is a preposition “expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else.” We use the word in to indicate “inclusion within space, a place, or limits which means “to be on the inside; within; inner; internal: the in part of a mechanism.”

The next word in infection is ‘fect’ which is derived from the Latin work fac which means “make or do” and is where we also get the words “fact and factor.”

The compound word contagious is composed of the words “con, tag or tagi and ous”.

The meaning of the prefix word con- means “together, with, or “thoroughly,” and it appears in numerous English vocabulary words, such as the word connect, or join “with.”

The second word in contagious is the word tag which means “to touch, attack, come to; con-ting-o, to touch on all sides, to take hold of, to happen.”

The last word in con-tagi-ous is ‘ous’ which a suffix used in the forming adjectives characterized by; “of the nature of” or “possessing, full of, having the quality of, or having a large amount of,” and in science, the word ous is used to “denote an element in a lower valence.”

So when a person has been infected with a contagious fungal entity that is alien to their bodies, they might describe these sensations as demonic and or alien, but scientifically speaking, we can say that they have been infected by a contagion or using the full etymology of the words, we could rather say that they have been;

“enclosed or surrounded by something else that operates from the inside; within; inner; internal: the in part of a mechanism” that has “joined together by thoroughly being connected with” our bodies via “to touch, attack, come to; con-ting-o, to touch on all sides, to take hold of, to happen in which this condition can be measured by the nature of our being and or via chemistry in order to denote if our very chemical composition to a lower valency.”

These “fungal invaders” if they have not caused severe sickness and or death, or the person is in a perpetual state of necrosis (putrefaction) where they are now symbiotically connected to not only the self, but also not only the global but the universality (universe) of the internet of fungi/molds.

The alien invaders hell bent on total domination have a “personality” for their own in the form of an energy resonation. They become Demonic in terms of the self when they have attained total self-integration.

In this situation, the person becomes what can be called a “hybrid” or “demon”.

These hybrid humans may describe an inner experience of separation from the true self and in a sense, they have become dual entities operating within one person that can be described as an integration between individuality of the self governed by the true God through the spirit and also the God of this world, fungi/molds who have been around for millions, if not billions of years longer than we have and have their own hierarchal system of government.

It makes you wonder if they have been here longer than we humans, whose controlling the blood of The Powers That Be and what form government do we model ours after?

It is as if this miraculous freak of demonic nature that appears is meant to biologically happen and has occurred for millennia.

In a sense, you and I have become infected…

And in this contagious (fungal network) religious states of Amer-I-Ca within, we are creating an American Jesus (destroyer)…

Astromycology: How our CULTure made aliens out of molds (fungi)

Astromycology: How our CULTure made aliens out of molds (fungi)

“Imagine a microscopic web that spans the entire cosmos. An intergalactic ecosystem. An infinite number of roads leading everywhere.”

Astromycology is the study of aliens and to be more precise, alien molds also known in Latin as fungi. A scientist who specializes in this field of alien fungi is known as an astromycologist.

On the show Star Trek, the fictional astromycologist, Paul Stamets and his research partner Straal worked on the spore drive, a technology harnessing a mycelial network to travel vast distances in an instant.

An article on The Harvard Business Review concludes a look into Astromycology as such;

“At home, molds are considered a pest growing in our bathrooms, wet corners of houses and in old refrigerators. In nature, it seems that mushrooms play an integral part in the cycle of nutrients breaking down lignin and other plant material.

Out in space, however, we are just beginning to learn about fungal presence.

Fungal interaction with gravity and radiation seem to come right out of a science-fiction novel, but their implication as a nutritional and yet destructive entity is real.

People have looked for extra-terrestrial life for generations, and it seems that only now are we noticing the most interesting, important and fuzzy aliens so far.”

Molds have been found in outer space and also growing on and in on both U.S. and Russian space ships.

I have reported that scientists found molds at 33,000 feet in the air. A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered billions of tiny organisms flying six miles above Earth’s surface in a NASA jet plane and pumped outside air through a filter to collect particles.

In 2016, a team of NASA scientists theorized that molds could survive on Mars.

They proposed this after they exposed two species of fungi that live in the Antarticto Martian-like conditions for 18 months.

To their amazement, 60% of the molds, Cryomyces antarcticus and Cryomyces minteri survived their experiment.

“Fungi are extremophiles that can survive harsh conditions and environments like deserts, caves, or nuclear accident sites, and they are known to be difficult to eradicate from other environments including indoor and outdoor space,” study co-author and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist Kasthuri Venkateswaran, Ph.D., said in a statement.

In July 2017, NASA scientists discovered that certain kinds of fungi can colonize the human body and increase in number while humans live in small, closed habitats like the International Space Station.

The meaning of alien is from the Latin word alienus, meaning ‘belonging to another’, from alius ‘other’.

As time went on and we human fungi with two legs and a mind began to leave our race specific microbiome lands to travel and or should I say invade other people’s lands we became known as foreigners.

In modern media times, an alien represents primarily a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living or an alien can also be a plant or animal species originally introduced from another country and later naturalized.

Aliens in today’s pop culture are referred to as a type extraterrestrial entity who travels from outer space in some special aircraft known as a spaceship or UFO.

Still, no truly credible evidence of alien type creatures visiting in UFOs as of yet.

will the real Paul Stamets please stand up…

Oxford professor says aliens are breeding with humans creating hybrids

Oxford professor says aliens are breeding with humans creating hybrids

An Oxford University Professor is claiming that aliens are interbreeding with humans and these alien hybrids are already walking among us. Young-hae Chi, an instructor in Korean at Oxford’s Oriental Institute.

Dr. Chi claims that aliens are trying to help us overcome the effects of climate change. He says, “It may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilization.”

I guess screwing humans and creating hybrids will make a green planet and Al Gore happy.

Mr. Chi says the aliens inhibit our biosphere unbeknownst to humans because our organs limit our perception which makes us unable to experience the comprehensive system in which the aliens exist.

Dr. Chi stated that they are arranged in a hierarchical structure with the highest ranking aliens are known as the insects who give orders to the lower ranks.

He said “not only scientists and theologians, but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species”.

He outlines his theories in a lecture, titled Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis.

The main source for the original story was The Oxford Student.

A Gnostic Warrior Hat Tip to David Livingstone for bringing this alien Gnosis to my attention.

Gurdjieff’s Food for the Moon

Gurdjieff’s Food for the Moon

Food for the Moon was first introduced into Western Culture by the Russian mystic of Greek descent, George Gurdjieff (1872-1949). The infamous concept was an integral aspect of the “Fourth Way,” which were Gurdjieff’s esoteric teachings on the spiritual development of man.

The idea of Food for the Moon deals with the paranormal aspect of the slavery of Humanity in which its organic energy serves as “food” for some the cosmic entity we know as the Moon and its parasites that we can not see at another level of existence ie: the paranormal/fourth dimension.

Gurdjieff said, “The Moon is actually a fragment of this Earth, which must now constantly maintain the Moon’s existence. Everything living on the Earth, people, animals, plants, is food for the Moon. The Moon is a huge living being feeding upon all that lives and grows on the Earth.”

In other words, I would simply say that earth and all its organisms’ energies are slaves to a super parasitical mind in the night sky – the Moon. A massive predator in the heavens sending armies of parasites in a chain descending down through the biosphere to Mother Earth in order prey on its host population – US.

Gurdjieff had stated that it was only through “self-remembering” that it was possible for an individual to escape being eaten by the Moon.

A form of Gnosis from the ancient book of Plato who had said all learning is remembering. Its as if these great teachers are telling us we all have the keys ie: knowledge/Gnosis within to free ourselves from the parasitical grips of the effects of the moon.

Gurdjieff’s’ Food derived from humans is said to by vibrations generated by intense human experiences such as fear and hate which formulate unique energies on the collective level which create war and other human tragedies. We could compare this to mass hypnosis of humankind on earth so we perform a Jim Jones type mass ritual self-suicide in order to feed the parasites who in turn feed the moon.

With man being less and less conscious of the spiritual realm ie: non-material, these energies that he does not understand and no longer consciously controls can easily be harvested by parasitical organisms. When I look to medieval art by the alchemists and Christian Mystics of yesteryear, I see these teachings clearly spelled out in the battle against the serpent and who Christians call the Great Dragon – Satan – defacto ruler of earth ie: material realm and flesh.

Failing to battle the influences of the moon and its soul-sucking parasites then leads to a type of super slave which causes mankind to act as a drone/zombie who can then perform meaningless work, fight wars and endure cataclysms in which a certain quota of energy vibration can be released into the air to be “Moon fed”.

Quite possibly or should I say prophetically, today we can measure how we are feeding the parasites/fungi and moon at a rapid pace thus increasing war and mayhem.

For example, in all the wars of the 20th Century, there have been estimated a total of approximately 123 million people who died of which, 37 million were military deaths, 27 million collateral civilian deaths, 41 million victims of “democide” (genocide and other mass murder) and 18 million victims of non-democidal famine. (Matthew White: Worldwide Statistics of Casualties, Massacres, Disasters and Atrocities)

Can we now say that we have succeeded in feeding the Moon?


The Latin word for the moon is Luna and this is where we get the word for irrational behavior and madness during certain phases of the Moon which we call “lunacy and lunatic.” This belief was so widespread that in the 1800’s England made the law titled the “Lunacy Act of 1842” which gave allowances for certain crimes committed during the full and new Moon.

This law was the first of its kind to distinguish a criminal from either being chronically insane as a result of genetics and culture or a lunatic whose crimes were the result of paranormal influences. This is officially when in the West, a person’s lunacy had resulted in a deranged criminal act because of the Moon’s power and thus could not be held accountable for his or her actions.

This gave rise to the myths of barking animal men we call “werewolves” Thousands of years before Gurdjieff had written about Food for the Moon and Ozzy barked at the Moon, Pythagoras had stated that “The whole air is full of souls which are called genii or heroes,” which he also believed that these souls in the air affected our thoughts, dreams and sent omens of health, sickness and disease.

These teachings later became known as “The Doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls or Doctrine of Disembodied Spirit” later became part of the mythical teachings of Gnosticism as the “counterfeit spirit or counterfeit daemon,” which we find in the Christian Scripture when Saint Paul refers to them as wicked spirits of the air in high places in Ephesians 6:11-13.

The Gnostic version is described in the Pistis Sophia (ie: Faith Wisdom) as a small power and soul which has power over our flesh and gains power by the sins and evil we commit. It gathers itself out of the portion of evil (ie: sins/lusts/passions) that resideth in the body.

This sin and evil we vibrate from our beings would then create dark energy vibrations for the spirits of the air in high placed which would correspond exactly with Gurdjieff’s teachings on Food for the Moon.

While looking into the science of Food for the Moon, one of Gurdjieff’s disciples, Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii, had once written, “Everything that dies, from bacteria to man, then divides in two. One part of its organism remains on earth and enters in earth and produces many different effects on the surface of earth, and the other part is attracted by the moon and feeds moon. So part of us, when we die, feeds moon—but not only man—all organic life also.”

I have written and talked extensively about the science and effects of parasitical fungi/molds and also how they can be found in space both here on the Gnostic Warrior and for my business Mold Safe Solutions. For example, I had written previously about how a team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered billions of tiny organisms such as bacteria and fungi 33,000 feet in the air after they flew six miles above Earth’s surface in a NASA jet plane and pumped outside air through a filter to collect particles.

This may be the very reason why NASA announced in July 2017 that it is preparing to fight fungus (mold) in space and on other planets. An article from CNET states that NASA is investigating fungi in space as an enemy of astronaut health.

The author cites a study published Monday in the journal Microbiome shows that when you add humans to the type of enclosed habitats that could one day be used on the moon or other planets like Mars, it can give a boost to the community of fungal stowaways known as the mycobiome.

The researchers claimed that certain fungi seemed to thrive once humans were added to the ILMAH, including some that can colonize the body and cause allergies, asthma or infections, particularly in people with decreased immune systems like astronauts.

More recently in March 2018, NASA said its search for alien life may have a fungus problem due to extraterrestrial sample yielding a particularly large number of fungi, of the same general group of species as the mold that inspired the drug penicillin. In certain conditions, these fungi can produce a few flavors of amino acids—the building blocks of proteins—that are quite rare on Earth and are therefore often assumed to be extraterrestrial.

Looking back at these teachings, I believe that we can now say that science is verifying what Gurdjieff called Food for the Moon, Pythagoras had said 2500 years earlier that the whole air is full of souls, the Gnostics called counterfeit spirits, and Saint Paul called the spirits of the air in high places.

Was the Pentagon UFO program canceled due to fear of conjuring demons?

Was the Pentagon UFO program canceled due to fear of conjuring demons?

“a cabal of religious fundamentalists inside the national security apparatus believes UFOs and paranormal are satanic and by studying them, we risk inviting Satan into our world.” – George Knapp (Reporter)

In an interview with Las Vegas Now, former senior U.S. intelligence official, Luis Elizondo said that the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), a secret UFO research program that was shut down in 2012 over alleged budge concerns was actually partly due to the Evangelical Christian religious beliefs of senior officials in the program.

Elizondo said in the May 2018 interview that the study would become an embarrassment for the department and because it also conflicted with the religious beliefs of some officials.

In an interview with the Metro UK, Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator with the UK’s Ministry of Defense, said had also experienced pushback from people’s belief in God and demonic forces;

“I was aware that Pentagon pushback on UFO research was in part due to the religious belief of some of those involved,” Pope told the outlet. “It was an odd irony that UFO investigations were being hampered because some people’s belief in God meant that they either didn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life or that they regarded UFOs and extraterrestrials as demonic.”

In a response to a follower on Twitter, KLAS TV Investigative reporter George Knapp is also stating that government sources claiming that inside “the national security apparatus believes UFOs and paranormal are satanic and by studying them, we risk inviting Satan into our world.”

Here is a quote from Nick Redfern saying this .Gov group believes that the UFO phenomenon is demonic over at Jason Covalito’s blog

Former NASA astronaut claims to have seen alien-like substance floating in space

Former NASA astronaut claims to have seen alien-like substance floating in space

Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin, 54, recently tweeted that he once saw “something, organic, alien-like” in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle Atlantis when he was working with colleague Randy Bresnik.

The revelations were made during a chat on Twitter with fans about his experiences in space after he was asked if he had ever seen any aliens or UFOs.

NASA later denied the incident claiming that it was just ice breaking away from the vessel.

In the Twitter exchange, Melvin wrote: “I have not seen [a UFO] in space or on the ground but thought I saw something organic/alien like floating out of the payload bay.

“Randy Bresnik and I called the ground to ask what it could be and it was ice that had broken off of the Freon hoses.

When Melvin was then asked if he thought NASA had just told him that to keep him calm, he replied: “Hmm I don’t think so, but you never know.”

He added: “I was about to say Houston we have a problem but know everyone spins-up when those words are uttered from a space vehicle.”

The Space Shuttle Atlantis flew “33 missions” before being retired in 2011.

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