In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing the owner of America's Stonehenge, Dennis Stone.  Not many people Dennis Stone Slideknow about America's Stonehenge located at a 4000 year old prehistoric site in Salem, New Hampshire. It is here, that sits an ancient massive man-made rock formations with chambers, walls and ceremonial meeting places. In fact, it may be the oldest man-made construction in the US.

Dennis tells the incredible history of America's Stonehenge, and how like Stonehenge in England, it was built by ancient people well versed in astronomy and stone construction. Some of the first true masons. Dennis has hired experts who have determined that the site was used as an astronomical calendar. In facts it still can be used to determine specific solar and lunar events of the year. It is great that his family had preserved it so people can enjoy this awesome history for themselves.

This interview was conducted by Moe on April 10, 2014 from San Diego County, California, with Dennis in Salem, New Hampshire.

Website for America's Stonehenge

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