By Pat Beaumier – Amen/ Am-On and the encoding of two separate energies.spiritual-awakening

This word predates all three Abrahamic religions yet all three uniquely respect Amen, or “Aummmm-onnnnn” for reasons that have not necessatily been made clear to those who use this word.

Amen is actually composed of two words. The first word is recognized as the Ooommmmm or Aaauuummmm chant most commonly heard among yogis. This chant, when properly spoken, occurs at 108 hz. Other divine words, such as Yahweh, God, Jehovah, and Allah also resonate at 108 hz. It is no accident that Psalm 108 begins as:

“I will sing and make music with all my soul.”

The second syllable, On, is the Egyptian/Hebrew word for the city of the Sun, otherwise known as Heliopolis. It connotates light and our non material soul. It is no coincidence that when someone flips the switch the light is “on”.

By Pat Beaumier

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