Wife kills demonologist husband by spraying him with mold killer and …

Wife kills demonologist husband by spraying him with mold killer and …

An apparent wanna-be bikini model mom had allegedly killed her demon hunter husband and then threw his body away like trash along a roadside in New South Wales, Australia.

The accused murderer, Raquel Hutchinson said that she “killed her husband to save children because he was a demonologist, exorcist and ghost hunter.” Her accomplices were an ex-lover and another man.

The Crown prosecutor, Margaret Cunneen said in court that a nine-year-old boy had witnessed Hutchison push her husband Bret down the stairs and spray his face with mold stain remover “Exit Mould.”


Yeah, you read that right – fricken mold killer!!

The boy later saw the man lying down in the bush bleeding before the victim’s body with his wife crouched near him screaming: “Confess or I’ll kill you.”

Text messages between the killers were presented as evidence showing a discussion between Hutchison and Wilkinson asking is the mold killer would act like mace.

And one of them texted: “S*** c***s always win except when someone stops them.”

The next day of Bret’s murder, Hutchison texted he ex-lover Wilkinson: “Game on, we man up”.

The Crown Prosecutor told the court that after the alleged killing, Ms. Hutchinson told a friend: “I’m fucked. I need help. We bashed him and we tied him up.”

Attorneys for Hutchison’s claimed that she was trying to save the children and that she was “mentally deficient” and suffered from a borderline personality order, post-traumatic stress disorder from her childhood and depression.

After the alleged murder, she told a psychiatrist: “He wasn’t supposed to die. I wanted him to go to jail.”

I think we need to ask ourselves who was protecting who from who here? Meaning, her husband was a demonologist and ghost hunter and she ended up committing what some may consider one of the most demonic or monstrous acts any person can commit which is cold-blooded murder ie: the killing of an innocent human.

Perhaps, Ms. Huchinson’s husband’s knowledge of demons threatened the evil demon or maybe it was just the Ego inhabiting her body. A jealous and murderous creature who eventually showed its vile nature when her husband got too close to the truth.

During the modern plague, we will see more and more of this crazy demonic behavior.


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Alex Jones is back on Youtube, Facebook and Apple iTunes

Alex Jones is back on Youtube, Facebook and Apple iTunes

Alex Jones just announced, “Fantastic News! CNN Announces Infowars To Be Reinstated To Facebook, Google, YouTube, And Apple.”

You can watch the archived version of the broadcast at this link on Periscope

This news comes out even after a nationwide poll showed 61 percent of registered voters surveyed believed Jones, who spreads unfounded conspiracy theories through his radio show Infowars, should be banned from the sites of tech companies, while 39 percent disagree, according to a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill.

Early in August, the conspiracy was on Jones when Google’s YouTube collaborated with Facebook and Apple in banning Alex Jones from their networks.

After the ban, Apple formally said in a statement, “Apple does not tolerate hate speech,” the company said in a statement. “We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions.”

Facebook said, “We believe in giving people a voice, but we also want everyone using Facebook to feel safe. It’s why we have community standards and remove anything that violates them, including hate speech that attacks or dehumanizes others.”

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Satan Was Baptized a Christian

Satan Was Baptized a Christian

Most Christians would be surprised to find out that who they have been told is one of the evilest angels to ever live, Satan was also a “Baptized Christian.”

Meaning, that he was a person and a Christian sinner just like you, me and the Christians you both love and hate.

As I have written before, we know that the Church Fathers had bestowed the title of Satan on a certain Samaritan man named Simon Magus by Church Fathers. In the Scripture, he is also known as a type of angel called a cherub and legal prosecutor for God who became the defacto God and Prince of this World.

Before the advent of Christianity and the first Apostilistic mission or the Church, Simon was well known in Samaria and all throughout the Roman Kingdom as a High Priest and he was even honored as a God. His religion was primarily that of Gnosticism, as the Church Fathers also labeled him the First Gnostic.

We find that Simon, who we also know as Satan was converted to Christianity in Acts he is portrayed as a famous sorcerer in Samaria who was “baptized by Philip the Evangelist” (Acts viii. 5-24) and “followed Philip everywhere.” (Acts 8:13)

We are told that Simon baptized with water and also added fire by lighting above the head of the baptized a light flame of naphtha from Lake Asphaltis, to fulfill the Baptist’s prediction of Christ’s baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire.

It was said that Simon’s speaking of “the power of the Holy Ghost” as ” purchasable commodities ” is subsequent to his baptism. Then it is written that “He then was an apostate from the faith on the profession of which he was baptized.”

Simon Magus was a magician who was later baptized as a Christian. In this passage, Luke does not explicitly say whether Simon Magus was a true convert or not. At the beginning of the narrative, Luke says that “Even Simon himself believed” (Acts 8:13).

But towards the end, Peter condemns Simon:

“May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not right before God” (8:20 -21). After Simon Magus requests Peter to pray for him, the story of Simon Magus end and he is never mentioned in Scripture again.

The biblical account concludes with Simon’s/Satans repentance and apparent reconciliation with Christianity after his condemnation by St. Peter.

For the Apostle Paul had said, “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:13-14)

“They went out from us, but were not of us;” and whom Peter (2 Pet. ii. 4, 14) charges with false doctrine and licentiousness. Next, we find Clement (i. 14), say to his readers to “follow God rather than those who, through pride and sedition, have become the leaders of a detestable emulation.”

Polycarp also (Ep. to Phil. ch. vii.) says, “Whosoever does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh (the Docetae holding the sentiments of Simon), is antichrist; and whosoever perverts the oracles of the Lord to his own lusts, is the first-born of Satan.” Hermas (Pash. ch. vi.) says, “The motheaten branches are the apostates and traitors of the church, who have blasphemed the Lord in their sins.”

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Agrippa: What concerning man after death, divers opinions

Agrippa: What concerning man after death, divers opinions

“And now the great image of me shall go under the earth……” – Dido

The following text is a chapter taken from The Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelious Agrippa. It is titled, “What concerning man after death, divers opinions.”

In this text, Agrippa details the ancient occult doctrines and opinions from various religions and Adepts throughout the Ages. I would like to point out where Agrippa shares some verses from different poems and mythologies that stood out in my mind as aligning with my work into the dark underworld of evil demons, disembodied spirits, and molds (fungi).

He first shares a verse from a poem by Lucretius who hath expressed:

What came from earth to earth returns again; What came from God, returns from whence it came.

The next verse is from a poem by Ovid who Agrippa said expressed it better when Ovid wrote:

Four things of man are spirit, soul, ghost, flesh; These four places keep and do possess.

The earth covers flesh, the ghost hovers over the grave, Orcus hathe the soul, stars do the spirit crave.

When speaking about when the spirit of man hath done ill, the spirt judgeth it, and leaves it to the pleasure of the devil, and the sad soul wanders about hell without a spirit, like an image, as Dido complains in Virgil:

And now the great image of me shall go under the earth……

Now, read the full text and see what Gnosis Agrippa can help you remember!

CHAP. XLI. What concerning man after death, diverse Opinions.

IN general it is appointed for all men once to die; death is fatal to all; but one is natural, another violent, another voluntarily received, another inflicted by humane laws for offences, or by God for sin, that they seem not to have ren∣dred a due to nature, but a punishment for sins; which (as the Hebrew Masters saith) God remitteth to none;

Whence the Assembly delivered to Ezechiah, that after the house of the Sanctuary was pulled down, although there remained not any order of judiciary execution, yet there should be a four∣fold kind of punishment by the which they might be con∣demned, that no man guilty of death should escape without retaliation; for he which had deserved to be stoned to death, was, God dispensing, either cast down headlong from the house, or trodden in pieces by wild beasts, or overwhelmed by ruin or fall;

but he which had deserved to be burned, was either consumed by burnings, or finished his life either by venomous bitings, or stings of a serpent, or by poison; but he which should die by the sword, was killed either by the violence of the jurisdiction, or by the tumult of the people or faction, or by the treachery of thieves; he that ought to be hanged, was suffocated either in the waters, or extinguished by some other strangling punishment; and by the ground of this doctrine, that great Origen supposed the Gospel of Christ to be declared, He who useth the sword shall perish by sword.

Moreover the Ethnic Philosophers pronounced that retaliation of this kind is Adrastia, viz. an inevitable power of divine laws, by the which in courses to come, is recompensed to every one according to the reason and merits of his former life; so as he who unjustly ruled in the former life, in the other life should relapse into a servile state; he which hath polluted his hands with blood, should be compelled to undergo retaliation; he that lived a brutish life, should be precipitated and revolved into a brutish body; of these things Plotinus writeth in his book of the proper Genius of every one; saying, whosoever have kept humane propriety, do again arise men: but whosoever have used sense only, do return brute animals:

yet so, as those who use sense especially together with wrath, do arise wild beasts; but whosoever use sense by concupiscence and pleasure, do return treacherous and gluttonous beasts: but if they shall live, not by sense together with them, so much as by the degeneration of sense, plants grow up again with them; for the vitals only, or chiefly, are living; & all their care was that they might be turned into plants.

But they which have lived being too much allured by music, not being depraved in other things, are born again musical animals; and they which have reigned without reason, become Eagles unless they have been tainted with any wickedness. But he which hath lived civilly and virtuously returns as a man. And Solomon himself in the Proverbs calls man sometimes a Lion, Tiger, Bear, a Boar. Sometimes a Hare, a hunting dog, a Cony;

sometimes a Pismire, a Hedgehog, a Serpent, a Spider; some∣times an Eagle, a Stork, a Cock, or any other bird, and many such as these. But the Cabalists of the Hebrews do not admit that souls are turned into brutes: Yet they do not deny but that they that have wholly lost their reason, shall in another life be left to a brutish affection and imagination: they assert also that souls are revolved hither thrice, and no more; because this number seems sufficient to suffice for the purgati∣on of sins, according to that of Job, He hath delivered my soul that it should not proceed to death, but should live, and see the light. Behold all these things doth God work three times through each, that he might reduce their souls from corruption, and illuminate them with the light of the living. But now let us see what the Ancients opinion is concerning the dead.

When man dies, his body returns into the earth, from which it was taken: the spirit returns to the heavens, from whence, it descended, as saith the Preacher, The body returns to the earth from whence it was, & the spirit returns to God that gave it; which Lucretius hath expressed in these verses;

What came from earth to earth returns again;
What came from God, returns from whence it came.
But Ovid expresseth it better in these verses.
Four things of man there are; Spirit, Soul, Ghost, Flesh;
These four lower places keep and do possess.
The earth covers flesh, the Ghost hovers over the grave.
Orcus hath the soul, Stars do the spirit crave;

The flesh being forsaken, & the body being defunct of life, is called a dead Carcass; Which as say the divines of the Hebrews, is left in the power of the Demon Zazel, of whom it is said in the Scripture, Thou shalt eat dust all thy daies; and els∣where, The dust of the earth is his bread.

Now man was created of the dust of the earth, whence also that Demon is called the lord of flesh, and blood, whilest the body is not expiated and sanctified with due solemnities. Hence not without cause the Ancients ordained expiations of Carcasses, that that which was unclean might be sprinkled with holy water, perfumed with incense, be conjured with sacred orations, have lights set by, as long as it was above ground, and then at length be buried in a holy place.

Hence Elpenor in Homer, I beseech thee (saith he) Ulysses, be mindful of mee, and leave mee not unburied, lest being unburied I become an ob∣ject of the Gods wrath. But the spirit of a man, which is of a sacred nature, and divine-offspring; because it is always faultless, becomes incapable of any punishment; But the soul if it hath done well, rejoiceth together with the spirit, and go∣ing forth with its Aerial Chariot, passeth freely to the quires of the Heroes, or reacheth heaven, where it enjoys all its senses, and powers, a perpetual blessed felicity, a perfect knowledge of all things, as also the divine vision, and possession of the kingdom of heaven, and being made partaker of the divine power bestows freely divers gifts upon these inferiors, as if it were an immortal God.

But if it hath done ill, the spirit judgeth it, and leaves it to the pleasure of the divel, and the sad soul wanders about Hell without a spirit, like an image, as Dido complains in Virgil;

And now the great image of mee shall go
Under the earth—

Wherefore then this soul being void of an intelligible es∣sence, and being left to the power of a furious phantasy, is ever subjected by the torment of corporeal qualities, know∣ing that it is by the just judgement of God, forever deprived of the divine vision (to which it was created) for its sins: the absence of which divine vision, as the Scripture testifies, is the ground of all evils, and the most grievous punishment of all, which the Scripture calls the pouring down of the wrath of God. This image therefore of the soul enters into the ghost as an Aerial body, with which being covered doth sometimes advise friends, sometimes stir up enemies, as Dido threatens Aeneas in Virgil saying.

I’ll hunt thee, and thee tortures I will give.

For when the soul is separated from the body, the perturbations of the memory and senses remain.

The Platonists say, that the souls, especially of them that are slain, stir up ene∣mies, mans indignation not so much doing of it, as the divine Nemesis and Demon foreseeing, and permitting of it. So the spirit of Naboth (as the masters of the Hebrews interpret it) because in the end of its life it went forth with a desire of revenge, was made, to execute revenge, the spirit of a lye, and went forth, God permitting it, a lying spirit in the mouth of all the prophets, until it made Achab go up unto Ramoth-Gilead And Virgil himself together with the Pythagoreans, and Platonists, to whom also our Austin assents, confesseth that separated souls retain the fresh memory of those things which they did in this life, and their will, whence he sings;

What care they Living had of horses brave
And Arms, the same doth follow them to the grave.

And Azazel in his book De Scientia Divina, and other Arabians, and Mahumatists which were Philosophers, think that the operations of the soul, being common to the con∣joyned body, impressed upon the soul a Character of use and exercise, which it being separated will use, being strongly im∣pressed to the like operations and passions which were not de∣stroyed in lifetime. And although the body and organ be corrupted, yet the operation will not cease, but like affections and dispositions will remain. And these souls the ancients call with a common name Manes, whereof those that were in this life innocent, and purified by moral virtues, were very happy; And of them as Virgil sings,

—That did for their country die,
With priests who in their lives vowed chastity,
And sacred Poets, who pleased Phoebus best,
Or by invented arts mans life assist,
And others in their memories renowned,—

Although they departed this life without the justification of faith, and grace, as may Divines think, yet their souls were carried without any suffering into happy pleasant fields; and as saith Virgil,

They went to places and to pleasant greens,
And pleasant seats the pleasant groves between.
Where they enjoy certain wonderful pleasures, as also
sensitive, intellectual and revealed knowledge;

also per∣haps they may be indoctrinated concerning faith, and justifi∣cation, as those spirits long since to whom Christ preached the Gospel in prison. For as it is certain that none can be saved without the faith of Christ, so it is probable that this faith is preached to many Pagans and Saracens after this life, in those receptacles of souls unto salvation, and that they are kept in those receptacles, as in a common prison, until the time comes when the great Judge shall examine our actions.

To which opinion Lactantius, Ireneus, Clemens, Tertullian, Austin, Ambrose, and many more Christian writers do assent. But those souls which are impure, incontinent, depart wicked, do not enjoy such happy dreams, but wander full of most hideous Phantasmes, and in worser places, en∣joying no free knowledge but what is obtained by concession, or manifestation, and with a continual fleshly desire are subjected by reason of their corporeal corruption to the sense of pain, and fear swords, and knives.

These without doubt Homer seemed to be sensible of, when in the eleventh book of his Odysseus he brings in the mother of Ulysses being dead, standing near to him offering sacrifice, but neither knowing him, or speaking to him, whilst he with his sword drawn did keep off ghosts from the blood of the sacrifice.

But after that Tyresia the prophetess advising of her, she had tasted of the sacrifice and had drunk the blood, she presently knew her son, and crying spake to him. But the soul of Tyresia the prophetesses, notwithstanding the drawn sword, even be∣fore she tasted the blood, knew Ulysses, and spake to him, and shewed him the ghost of his mother standing near to him. Whatsoever vices therefore souls have committed in the bo∣dies unexpiated in this life, they are constrained carrying the habits of them along with them, to purge themselves of them in hell, and to undergo punishment for them; which the Poet explains in these verses;

—When they die,
Then doth not leave them all their misery.
They having not repented of their crimes,
Must now be punished for their misspent times.

For as the manners and habits of men are in this life, such affections for the most part follow the soul after death, which then calls to mind those things which it did formerly do in its life, and then more intently thinks on them, for as much as then the divers offices of life cease, as those of nourishing, growing, generating, and various occupations of senses, and humane affairs and comforts, and obstacles of a grosser body.

Then are represented to the plantastick reason those species, which are so much the more turbulent and furious, by how much in such souls there lies hid an intellectual spark more or less covered, or altogether extinct into which are then by evil spirits conveyed species either most false, or terrible: whence now it is tormented in the concupiscible faculty, by the concupiscence of an imaginary good, or of those things which it did formerly affect in its life time, being deprived of the power of enjoying them, although it may seem to itself sometimes almost to obtain its delights, but to be driven from them by the evil spirits into bitter torments, as in the Poets, Tantalus from a banquet, Sardanapalus from embraces, Midas from gold, Sisyphus from power; and they called these souls hobgoblins, whereof if any taking care of household affairs lives and inhabits quietly in the house, it is called a household god, or familiar.

But they are most cruelly tortured in the irascible saculty with the hatred of an imaginary evil, into the perturbations whereof, as also false suspicions, and most horrible Phantasmes they then fall, and there are represented to them sad representations; sometimes of the heaven falling upon their head, sometimes of being consumed by the violence of flames, sometimes of being drowned in a gulfe, sometimes of being swallowed up into the earth some∣times of being changed into divers kinds of beasts sometimes of being torn and devoured by ugly monsters, sometimes of being carried abroad, through woods seas, fire, air, and through fearfull infernal places, and sometimes of being taken, and tormented by devils.

All which we conceive happens to them after death no otherwise then in this life to those who are taken with a phrensie, and some other melancholy distemper, or to those who are affrighted with horrible things seen in dreams, and are thereby tormented, as if these things did really happen to them, which truely are not reall• but only species of them apprehended in imagination: even so do horrible representations of sins terrifie those souls after death as if they were in a dream and the guilt of wickedness drives them headlong through divers places; which therefore Orpheus calls the people of dreams, saying, the gates of Pluto cannot be unlocked; within is a people of dreams; such wicked souls therefore enjoying no good places, when wandring in an Aeriall body, they represent any form to our sight, are called hags, and goblins, inoffensive to them that are good, but hurtfull to the wicked, appearing one while in thinner bodies another time in grosser, in the shape of divers animals, and monsters, whose conditions they had in their life time, as sings the Poet,

Then divers forms and shapes of brutes appear;
For he becomes a tiger, swine, and bear,
A scaly dragon, and a lioness,
Or doth from fire a dreadful noise expresse;
He doth transmute himself to divers looks,
To fire, wild beasts, and into running brooks.

For the impure soul of a man, who in this life contracted too great a habit to its body, doth by a certain inward affection of the elemental body frame another body to itself of the vapours of the elements, refreshing as it were from an easier matter as it were with a suck, that body which is con∣tinually vanishing; to which being moreover enslaved as to a prison, and sensible instrument by a certain divine Law, doth in it suffer cold, and heat, and whatsoever annoys the body, spirit, and sense, as stinks, howlings, wailings, gnashing of the teeth, stripes, tearings, and bonds, as Virgil sang;

—And therefore for their crimes
They must be punished, and for misspent times
Must tortures feel; same in the winds are hung,
Others to cleanse their spotted sins are flung
Into vast gulfs, or purged in fire—

And in Homer in his Necyomancy Alcinous makes this rela∣tion to Ulysses,

Of Tytius the dear darling of the earth,
We saw the body stretched nine furlongs forth
And on each side of whom a vultur great
Gnawing his bowels—

These souls sometimes do inhabit not these kinds of bodies only, but by a too great affection of flesh and blood trans∣mute themselves into other animals, and seise upon the bo∣dies of creeping things, and brutes, entering into them, what kind soever they be of, possessing them like Demons.

Pythagoras is of the same opinion, and before him Trisme∣gistus, asserting that wicked souls do oftentimes go into creep∣ing things, and into brutes, neither do they as essential forms vivifies and inform those bodies, but as an inmate dwell there as in a prison, or stand near them by a local in distance as an internal mover to the thing moved; or being tied to them are tormented, as Ixion to the wheels of serpents, Sysiphus to a stone; neither do they enter into brutes only, but sometimes into men, as we have spoken concerning the soul of Nabaoth which went forth a lying spirit in the mouth of the Prophets.

Hence some have asserted that the lives, or spirits of wicked men going into the bodies of some men, have disturbed them, and sometimes slew them. Which is more fortunately granted unto blessed souls that like good Angels they should dwell in us, and enlighten us, as we read of Elias, that he being taken from men his spirit fell upon Elisha: and elsewhere we read that God took of the spirit which was in Moses, and gave it to 70. men.

Here lies a great secret, and not rashly to be revealed.

Sometimes also (which yet is very rare) souls are driven with such a madness that they do enter the bodies not only of the living, but also by a certain hellish power wander into dead Carkasses, and being as it were revived commit horrid wickednesses, as we read in Saxo Grammaticus, that Asuitus and Asmundus two cerrain men vowed one to the other, that he that should live longest should be buried with him that was first dead: at length Asuitus being first dead, is buried in a great vault with his dog, and horse, with whom also Asmundus by reason of his oath of friendship, suffered himself to be buried alive, (meat which he should for a long time eat, being brought to him;) in processe of time Eri∣cus King of Suecia passing by that place with an army, breaking up the tomb of Asuitus (supposing that there was treasure) the vault being opened, brought forth Asmundus: whom, when he saw having a hideous look, being smeared over with filthy corrupt blood which flowed from a green wound (for Asuitus being revived, in the nights, took off with often strugling his right ear) he commanded him to tell him the cause of that wound: which he declares in these verses;

Why doth my visage wan you thus amaze?
Since he that lives amongst the dead, the grace
Of beauty needs must loose; I know not yet
What daring Stygian fiend of Asuit
The spirit sent from hell, who there did eat
A horse, and dog, and being with this meat
Not yet suffie’d, then set his claws on me,
Pull’d off my cheek mine ear, and hence you see
My ugly, wounded, mangled bloody face;
This monstrous Wight returned not to his place
Without received revenge; I presently
His head cut off, and with a stake did I
His body thorough run—

Pausanias tells a story not unlike to this, taken out of the interpreters of the Delphi; viz. that there was a certain infernal Demon, which they called Eurinomus, who would eat the flesh of dead men, and devour it so that the bones would scarce be left.

We read also in the Chronicles of the Creten∣sians, that the ghosts which they call Catechanae were wont to return back into their bodies, and go in to their wives, and lie with them; for the avoiding of which, and that they might annoy their wives no more, it was provided in the common lawes that the heart of them that did arise should be thrust thorow with a nail, and their whole carcass be burnt. These without a doubt are wonderful things, and scarce credible, but that those laws, and ancient Histories make them credible.

Neither is it altogether strange in Christian Religion that ma∣ny souls were restored to their bodies, before the universal resurrection. Moreover, we believe that many by the singular favour of God are together with their bodies received to glory, and that many went down alive to hell. And we have heard that oftentimes the bodies of the dead were by the devils taken from the graves, without doubt for no other use then to be imprisoned, and tormented in their hands.

And to these prisons and bonds of their bodies there are added also the possessions of most filthy and abominable places, where are Aetnean fires, gulfs of water, the shakings of thunder, and lightning, gapings of the earth, and where the region is void of light, and receives not the rays of the Sun, and knows not the light of the Stars, but is always dark. Whi∣ther Ulysses is reported in Homer to come, when he sings,

Here people are that be Cymmerian named,
Drown’d in perpetual darkness, it is famed,
Whom rising, nor the setting sun doth see,
But with perpetual night oppressed be.

Neither are those meer fables which many have recorded of the cave of Patricius, of the den of Unlcan of the Aetnean caves, and of the den of Nursia, many that have seen and know them testifying the same. Also Saxo Grammaticus tells of greater things then these of the Palace of Geruthus, and of the cave of Ugarthilocus:

Also Pliny, Solinus, Pythias, Clearchus, of the wonderful prodigies of the Northern sea, of which Tacitus also in his history of Drusus shows that in the German sea there wandered souldiers by whom divers mi∣raculous unheard of things were seen, viz. the force of whirlpools, unheard of kinds of birds, sea monsters like men and beasts; and in his book of Germany he tells that the Heldusians, and Axions, who had the face of men, but their other parts were equal to beasts, did dwell there. Which without all doubt were the works of ghosts and devils. Of these also Clau∣dianus long time since sang,

In th’eextream bounds of France there is a place,
Encompass’d by the sea, where in his race
Fame saith Ulysses having tasted blood,
A secret people did descry where loud
And mournful plaints were heard of wandering spirits
Which did the country people much affright.

Aristotle relates of the Aeolian Islands near Italy, that in Lipara was a certain tomb, to which no man could go safe by night, and that there were Cymbals and shrill voices with certain absurd loud laughters; also tumults and empty sounds made, as the inhabitants did strongly aver; and that up∣on a time a certain young man being drunk went thither, and about night fell asleep neer the cave of the tombe, and was after the third day found by them that sought him, and was taken up for dead; who being brought forth, the solemnities of the funeral being ready, suddenly arose up, and told in order, to the great admiration of all, many things which he had seen and suffered.

There is also in Novergia a certain mountain most dreadful of all, surrounded by the sea, which commonly is called Hethelbergius, representing Hell, whence there are heard great bewailings, howlings, and scratchings a mile round about, and over which great vaulters and most black. Crows fly, making most horrible noyses, which forbid any to come near it: Moreover from hence flow two foun∣taines whereof the one is most intense cold, the other most in∣tense hot, far exceeding all other elements.

There is also in the same country toward the Southern corner thereof a Pro∣montory called Nadhegrin, where the Demons of the place are seen by all, in an aerial body. There is also in Scotland the Mountain Dolorosus, from whence are heard dreadfull lamentations: and in Thuringia there is a mountain called Horrisonus, where dwelt Sylvani, and Satyrs, as fame and experience teacheth, and faithful writers testify. There are in divers Countries and Provinces such like miracles as these. I will not relate here those things which I have seen with mine eyes, and felt with mine hands, least by the wonderful admirableness & strangeness of them I should by the incredulous be accounted a liar.

Neither do I think it fit to pass by what many of our age think concerning the receptacles of souls, not much differing from these which we have now spoken of: of which Tertullian in his fourth book against the heresies of Marcion saith, It is apparent to evey wise man, which hath ever heard of the Elysian fields that there is some locall deter∣mination, (which is called Abrahams bosome) for the re∣ceiving of the souls of his sons, and that that region is not ce∣lestial, yet higher then hell, where the souls of the just rest, untill the consummation of things restore the resurrection of all things with fulnes of reward. Also Peter the Apostle saith to Clemens asking him of these things, thou dost constrain mee O Clemens to publish something concerning things unutterable: Yet as far as I may, I will.

Christ, who from the beginning & always was, was always through each generation, though secretly, present with the godly, with those especially by whom he was desired and to whom he did most often appear. But it was not time, that the bodies then being resolved, there should be a resurrection: but this rather seemed a remuneration from God, that he that was found just, should remain longer in a body, or that the Lord should translate him (as we see clearly related in the scripture of some certain just men.)

After the like example God dealt with others, who pleased him well, and fulfilling his will were being translated to Paradise reserved for a kingdom. But of those who could not fullfill the rule of justice, but had some relique of wicked∣ness in their flesh, the bodies indeed are resolved, but souls are kept in good and pleasant regions, that in the resurrection of the dead, when they shall receive their bodies, being now purg∣ed by resolution, they may enjoy an eternal inheritance for those things which they have done well. Ireneus also in the end of his book which he wrote against the Heresies of the Valentini∣ans, saith:

Whereas the Lord went in the middle of the sha∣dow of death, where the souls of the dead were, and after rose again corporeally, and after resurrection was taken up, it is ma∣nifest that the souls of his disciples (for whom he worked these things) should go to some invisible place, appointed by God, and there tarry until the resurrection, afterwards receiving their bodies, and rising again perfectly, i e. corporeally, as the Lord arose, so shall they come into the presence of God; for no disciple is above his master; But every one shall be perfect as his Master.

Therefore even as our Master did not present∣ly fly and go away, but expected the time of his resurrection determined by the father; which is also manifested by Jonas, after three daies arising he is taken up; So also ought we to expect the time of our resurrection determined by God, fore∣told by the Prophets; and so rising again we shall be taken up, as many as the Lord shall account worthy of this honor; Lactantius Firmianus also agreeth to this, in that book of Divine institutions, whose title is of Divine reward;

Saying, let no man think, that ••e souls after death are presently judg∣ed; for they are all detained in one common custody, until the time cometh in which the great Judge shall examine de∣serts; then they whose righteousness shall be approved, shall receive the reward of immortality: but they whose sins and wickedness are detected, shall not rise again, but being desti∣nated for certain punishment, shall be shut up with the wicked angels into the same darkness of the same opinion are Austine, and Ambrose, who sayth in his Enchiridion, The time which is interposed betwixt the death of man and the last resurrecti∣on, containeth the soul in secret receptacles; as every one is worthy of rest or sorrow, according to that which it obtai∣ned whilst it lived in the flesh; but Ambrose in his book con∣cerning the benefits of death, saith;

The writing of Esdras calleth the habitations of the souls, store houses; which he meting with the complaints of man (because that the Just who have gone before, may seem, even to the day of Judgement viz. for a long time, to be wonderfully defrauded of their just recompense of reward) doth liken the day of judgment to a garland; for the day of reward is expected of all, that in the mean time both the conquered may be ashamed, and the conquerors may attain the palme of victory; therefore while the fulnes of times is expected, the souls expect their due recompense; punishment remaining for some, glory for o∣thers; and in the same place he calleth Hell a place which is not seen, which the souls go to being separated from the bodies; And in his second book of Cain and Abel, he saith, the soul is loosed from the body, and after the end of this life, is even as yet in suspence, being doubtfull of the judgement to come; To these assenteth that evangelical saying, concer∣ning the last iudgment, Christ saying in Matthew, Many shall say to mee in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name cast out Devils?

And then I shall con∣fess to them, that I never knew them; by which speech it see∣meth to be clear, that even untill this day they were uncertain concerning their sentence, and by the confidence of miracles which they had performed in the name of Jesus, whilst they lived, to have bin in some hope of salvation; Therefore because the judgement of souls is deferred untill the last day, many Theologians think that satisfactory intercessions may help not only the Justified, but also the damned, before the appointed day of iudgment. So Trajan the Emperor was delivered from Hell by Saint Gregory, and Justified to salvation, though some think that he was not freed from the guilt of punishment, but the Justice of punishment was prorogued untill the day of iudgment;

But Thomas Aquinas saith it seemeth more pro∣bable, that by the intercessions of S. Gregory, Traian lived again, and obtained a gracious power by the which he was freed from the punishment and guilt of sin; and there are some Theologians who think, that by the Diriges for the dead nei∣ther the punishment nor the guilt is taken away or detracted, but that only some ease and asswagement of the pains is procured; and this by the similitude of a sweating porter, who by the sprinkling of some water seemeth to be eased of the weight of his burthen, or helped to carry it more easily, al∣though nothing of the burthen be taken off: Yet the common opinion of Theologians denieth that prayers or funeral Di∣riges do cause any favour for the guilty within the gates of Pluto: but seeing all these things are of an incomprehensible obscurity, many have vainly whet their wits in them:

Therefore we holding to the opinion of Austine, as he saith in the tenth book on Genesis, do affirm, That it is better do doubt concerning occult things, then to contend about uncertain things; for I doubt not but that that rich man is to be understood in the flames of pains, and that poor man in the refreshment of joyes; but how that flame of hell, that bosom of Abraham, that tongue of the rich man, that torment of thirst, that drop of cooling, are to be understood, it is hard∣ly found out by the modest searcher, but by the contentious never; but these things being for this present omitted, we hasten to further matters and will dispute concerning the restitution of souls.

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How Colin Wilson’s ‘The Robot’ explains the nature of Gnostic duality

How Colin Wilson’s ‘The Robot’ explains the nature of Gnostic duality

“The person you call ‘you’ lives in the left side of your brain.” – Colin Wilson

My research into the Gnostic and Christian Science of Human Duality has led me to some very interesting people. One such person that I would like to introduce to you in case you have never come across his Great Work is the late British Philosopher and author, Colin Wilson.

Wilson was an English writer, philosopher, and novelist had written well over 150 books in his long career. Books that have impacted millions of people around the world like “The Outsider, Mind Parasites and the Occult.”

Over the past several months I have been studying Wilson’s body of work and I have watched many interviews with the author. What I have found is an interesting correlation with my own research on Duality and Wilson’s main underlying theme in his books which deals with a human psychic condition that he likes to call “the Robot.”

He had even said in several interviews that all his books were based on this single premise.

Wilson had written in The Other Side; “AS I APPROACH the age of fifty — just twice the age at which my first book, The Outsider, appeared — I realise more clearly than ever that my life has been dominated by a single obsession: a search for what I call ‘the other mode of consciousness’.”

Author, Gary Lachman who was a friend of Wilson and author of his autobiography, In Beyond the Robot said that it’s “the central human problem.”

In Wilson’s mind, “the Robot” was how our consciousness operates on ‘auto-pilot’, narrowing our perception so as to enable us to handle everyday life – and the need to get beyond it in order to evolve. He believed “the Robot” controlled the part of our brains that in our modern culture has become over-used and over-developed.

Wilson’s theory was originally based on the facts that ‘psychologically,’ we consist of three major components: the left- brain, the right-brain, and the “robot” which he first believed to be located in the small posterior section of the brain known as the pre-frontal cortex. But he said that after ten years of research he later came upon a crucial 1960’s study that threw a new light on his work which resulted in what he called ‘revelatory.’

In Chapter Two of Frankenstein’s Castle, The Riddle of the ‘Two Selves,’ Wilson explains how the research in 1960’s by  Michael Gazzaniga and Nobel Prize-winning research of  Roger Wolcott Sperry on split-brain patients changed his mind. It was after thoroughly studying this research he had come to the conclusion that the seat of our conscious ‘ego’ is the left side of the brain and the seat of the unconscious is the right.

He writes, “FOR SOME REASON that no physiologist yet understands, human beings have two brains. Or rather, the brain they possess is ‘double’ — almost as if a mirror had been placed down the middle, so that one half reflects the other. We seem to have two hearing centres, two visual centres, two muscle control centres, even two memories.

Why this should be so is baffling — one guess being that one of the brains is a ‘spare’ in case the other gets damaged. What seems even odder is that the left half of the brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa.”

He goes on to explain the research of Sperry and Gazzaniga who studied a human patient whose brain had been split to prevent epileptic attacks.

Wilson had written about the patient; “He seemed to be perfectly normal, except for one oddity — which they expected anyway. He could read with his right eye, but not with his left. It had been known since the nineteenth century that, in human beings, the two halves of the brain seem to have different functions: ‘right for recognition, left for language’.

People who had damage to the right cerebral hemisphere were unable to recognise simple patterns, or enjoy music, but they could still speak normally,” Wilson said.

He further explained, “People with left-brain damage were able to recognise patterns, but their speech was impaired. Obviously, then, the left deals with language, and you would expect a split-brain patient to be unable to read with his right eye (connected, remember, to the opposite side of the brain).

Sperry’s patient was also unable to write anything meaningful (i.e. complicated) with his left hand. They noticed another oddity. If the patient bumped into something with his left side, he did not notice. And the implications here were very odd indeed.

Not only did the split-brain operation give the patient two separate minds; it also seemed to restrict his identity, or ego, to the left side,” Wilson said.

He further explains how split-brain patients see the world with each side of the brain proving the left hemisphere is an unconscious observer with no verbal abilities and the right hemisphere is the conscious side or the real you (I AM).

Wilson had written; “When they placed an object in his left hand, and asked him what he was holding, he had no idea. Further experiments underlined the point. If a split-brain patient is shown two different symbols — say a circle and a square — with each eye, and is asked to say what he has just seen, he replies ‘A square’.

Asked to draw with his left hand what he has seen, and he draws a circle. Asked what he has just drawn, he replies: ‘A square’. And when one split-brain patient was shown a picture of a nude male with the right-brain, she blushed; asked why she was blushing, she replied truthfully: ‘I don’t know.’

The implications are clearly staggering. The person you call ‘you’ lives in the left side of your brain.

And a few centimetres away there is another person, a completely independent identity. Where language is concerned, this other person is almost an imbecile. In other respects, he is more competent than the inhabitant of the left-brain; for example, he can make a far more accurate perspective drawing of a house. In effect, the left-brain person is a scientist, the right-brain an artist.”

Wilson concluded, “These, then, are the basic facts about the two halves of the brain.”

It was a Eureka moment for Colin Wilson and in my opinion, also for the ancient teachings of Gnosticism.

In my opinion, it was if the old science of Gnostic Duality had been truly validated!

Wilson further said, “The left ego is the master of consciousness; the right is master of the unconscious.

And the relation between the two is not unlike the relation between Laurel and Hardy in the old movies. He said “Ollie is the left-brain, the boss. Stan takes his cues from Ollie. When Ollie is in a good mood, Stan is delighted. When Ollie is depressed, Stan is plunged into the depths of gloom. Stan is inclined to over-react.”

Wilson concluded, “Because it feels lost, bewildered, unsure of itself, the conscious ego”—our left brain—“searches obsessively for meaning.” In the process “it has achieved more in three thousand years of bicameral consciousness than in the previous million years of inner unity.”

Wilson had said that the use of psychedelic drugs can turn off certain chemical messengers which results in a form of ‘primal perception.’ He had written in The Other Side;

“The robot seems to be located in the brain. This is clear from the effects of psychedelic drugs like LSD and mescalin, which apparently achieve their effect by paralyzing certain ‘chemical messengers’ in the brain. The result is certainly a form of ‘primal perception’— as Aldous Huxley noted when he took mescalin; he quoted Blake’s statement: ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.’ So cleansing the ‘doors of perception’ is basically a matter of brain physiology.”

Who is the Robot?

Wilson stated that we each have a “robotic” level of consciousness that helps operate almost as a machine or what we can call a taskmaster. It is that side of our brains that can handle the various things in life that do not take much thought and interaction once you have learned the task. It also works unconsciously to help us to identify and deal with threats in our environment.

In describing his own personal experiences with the Robot, Wilson said in many interviews that he has even caught the Robot making love to his wife. He stated that when he or anyone was in this mode, they go into almost a trance-like robotic state where they do not truly enjoy the experiences of life.

One example Wilson describes of the robotic trance-like state is when people first learn to drive they are conscious of all the nuances of driving such as steering, changing gears and braking but after a certain amount of time, we find ourselves performing these tasks almost effortlessly.

The “Robot has taken over” and the “task is learned.”

Wilson had written; “This robot is a labor-saving device. When an activity has been performed often enough, he takes it over, and what is more, he does it a great deal more efficiently than I could do it consciously…..But, the robot has taken over too many functions.”

He also mentions a man named Julian Jaynes in his book Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals: 100,000 Years of Lost History. He said that Jaynes realized that man is trapped in a grey world created by the left cerebral hemisphere, the ‘scientific’ part of the brain.

In Wilson mind, this is both a good and bad thing.

He said that when we let the Robot take over our lives, the wonder of our amazing world will have little or no meaning to us. We no longer appreciate the beauty in life like a sunset or our children’s first steps. It is as if we were miserable zombies just going about our daily lives doing mundane tasks.

In a fascinating introduction to the left/right brain dichotomy, Wilson explains his theories in the book, Frankenstein’s Castle: The Right Brain: Door to Wisdom (Back cover). He published the book in 1980 after his research into the left and right brain and the recent findings related to lateralization of brain function.

The back cover of Frankenstein’s Castle: The Right Brain: Door to Wisdom reads:

“Man has two brains. This piece of information was probably gleaned when the first Stone Age axe cleaved the first human skull, yet only in the last century has it been confirmed that man also has two minds. In Frankenstein’s Castle Colin Wilson surveys the whole range of current two-brain research and draws some very personal conclusions.

He shows that, by some quirk of evolution, we are trapped in our left-hand brain, in a dark, dingy, limited half of “Frankenstein’s Castle’, while a few centimeters away another ‘me’, older, wiser and far more optimistic, exists independently. But the two brains, the two ‘me’s do have a connection – and a wealth of information, inspiration and happiness is available if we can somehow allow the current to flow between them.

He concludes, “If we can find the key to Frankenstein’s castle, we can claim our rightful inheritance.”

In the book, Wilson emphatically states that the left brain looks ‘inward’, the right ‘outward’.

Wilson discusses the development of the left-brain ego and states that the right-brain as criminal which controls our energy supply. Wilson proposes in the book the question ‘How can we persuade it to give us more?’

He also incorporates his research into occult powers such as clairvoyance, hypnosis, telepathy, dowsing, poltergeists and other ‘supernatural’ phenomenon which are all deemed to be the work of right-brain consciousness. The right brain is also the cause of multiple personalities and paranormal powers.

How do we take our lives back from the Robot?

Wilson says that our Robot experiences life on a daily basis from a “worm’s eye view,” seeing only that which is in front of us. He stated that we can reach peak experiences and live full lives when we consciously step back and look at the big picture from both the worm’s eye view and the bird’s eye view.

In Colin’s mind and his own personal experiences, this worm’s eye view and the bird’s eye view suddenly and spontaneously merge, we can reach these “peak experiences” to then appreciate life in a whole new way. Wilson stated that humans can reach “peak performance” when we learn to use all of our brains by re-engaging the right side of the brain in our daily activities so we can reach a heightened state of consciousness and energy.

A peak experience is a moment accompanied by a euphoric mental state often achieved by self-actualizing individuals. Expressing one’s creativity, quest for spiritual enlightenment, pursuit of knowledge (Gnosis), and the desire to give to and/or positively transform society are examples of self-actualization.

Research shows that when people live lives that are different from their true nature and capabilities, they are less likely to be happy than those whose goals and lives match. For example, someone who has an inherent potential to be a great artist or teacher may never realize his/her talents if their energy is focused on attaining the basic needs of humans.

The concept of peak performance was originally developed by Abraham Maslow in 1964, who describes peak experiences as “rare, exciting, oceanic, deeply moving, exhilarating, elevating experiences that generate an advanced form of perceiving reality, and are even mystic and magical in their effect upon the experimenter.”

There are several unique characteristics of a peak experience, but each element is perceived together in a holistic manner that creates the moment of reaching one’s full potential. Peak experiences can range from simple activities to intense events; however, it is not necessarily about what the activity is, but the ecstatic, blissful feeling that is being experienced during it.(Wikipedia)

Wilson stated that in order to have a truly full and rich life, we must find a way to control this Robot by keeping it on a leash. What Wilson meant by this is that if we become aware of its functions, and understand how it helps us in life, we can not only appreciate the Robot, we can control it and use it to our advantage.

In the book, New Pathways in Psychology, Wilson noted that “it is one of the absurd paradoxes of psychology that it has taken three centuries to reach the conclusion that man actually possesses a mind and a will.” (p.47).

Wilson used a type of imaginative engagement or what we can call a Western Mediation strategy to help bring both hemispheres into sync. One way to reach the peak experience was to do what he called the “pen trick” where you stared at a pen held against a wall until “attention becomes fatigued, at which point a final burst of concentration will give access to the peak experience”.

Wilson’s “pen trick” appears to be simply self-taught meditation. 

As many of you know, to meditate, many people will perform a single-pointed concentration in which they focus on one thing or one word or phrase allowing no other thoughts to interrupt your laser focus. Meditation trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness that allows people to control their thoughts and ultimately, themselves. Hence, they are in control of their “own will (the steering wheel for our brains).”

You see, the human will is the key to Wilson’s solution to the problem of the Robot controlling the human psychic condition. He said we must be conscious of how we are living and if we are acting in a robotic way, we must take back the steering wheel to our brains from the Robot.

Once we are aware of our own Robot or what the Gnostics would call Duality, we can then become aware of who we are and how our bodies, brains, and minds operate. We become conscious beings who understand the knowledge of the Truth of who we are and how to have rich and full lives or what can be called “peak experiences.”

This knowledge (Gnosis) can then be used via your true spiritual will. It then becomes a choice and an act of will to take our minds and bodies back from the robot from the steering wheel and put him/her in the passenger seat.

I love this explanation of Colin Wilson’s ideas of human evolution by Geoff Ward from ColinWilsonsWorld.com

Ward explains that Wilson came to understand evolution not as a mechanical process, driven by ‘survival of the fittest’, but with the goal of increased consciousness and enjoying the process while you walk the path. He regarded life as not a dreary existence, but a splendid descent into matter ie: the material realm in order to discover the true spirit of self which gives us all the greatest freedom to live and give purposeful meaning in order to colonize it.

I will conclude with an ominous warning by Hermann Hesse that Wilson included in his book. The message is to Europe about a ‘primeval, occult, Asiatic ideal’ — an ideal he calls ‘Russian man’ that prophetically seems to deal with current events.

In the twentieth century, Hermann Hesse has been one of the few major writers to understand this; in Glimpse into Chaos (1919), he warns Europe against being taken over by a ‘primeval, occult, Asiatic ideal’ — an ideal he calls ‘Russian man’.

Russian man, he says, ‘is not to be adequately described either as a “hysteric” or as a drunkard or
criminal, or as a poet and holy man, but only as the simultaneous combination of all these characteristics’.

What Hesse is describing here is the future revolutionary man whose resides in Golgatha (The Skull) with Christ at the Logos ie: Meaning reason which has always been “The Middle Path.”

The place of our Lords and our own crucifixion.

A Gnostic Warrior whose character is not unlike the ‘revolutionary’ alter-ego of Louis Vive.

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Woman said she did not kill her father – she killed the demon inside of him demanding DNA tests

Woman said she did not kill her father – she killed the demon inside of him demanding DNA tests

A 56-year-old woman from Granite City, Illinois, claims she did not kill her father, but a demon or monster inside his body.

The killer, Diane Kelly, who at 56 years old still lived with her parents ended up bludgeoning to death her father, Woodrow Dilday with a metal bar in July 2014.

Police say that the suspect hit her father in the head multiple times during an argument.

In court, Kelly told the Circuit Judge Richard Rognarelli that she had been treated unfairly because she had not received the results of a DNA test that would prove the deceased was not her father, but a demon or monster.

Judge Richard Rognarelli had said in reply, “The court has had the opportunity to observe the defendant in open court on February 26 and gave her ample opportunity to address the court personally. She was rambling, her thought pattern disorganized and tangential, and she was prone to increased agitation and anxiety. The court has also observed her during this hearing.”

Kelly was found Not Guilty this past July by reason of insanity in the murder of her father who she believed was a demon or monster.

The ruling came after both public defender John Rekowski and Madison County Assistant State’s Attorney Crystal Uhe agreed that, had there been a trial, there would have been testimony and physical evidence strongly implicating Kelly.

She has been confined to Alton Mental Health Center in Alton.

Moe’s Commentary:

In my research into demons and murder, I have found that having older children in the home who are mentally unstable, lazy and at times violent, is a tell-tale sign that these children are prone to demon possession.

These possessed people seem to change from the earlier version of themselves but they become mentally unstable and they began to cause mayhem wherever they are.  Once a person is possessed, this can then lead to violence and killing if the demon possessing the person is confronted by people they love who are unaware that they are not dealing with their actual loved one, but a possessed shell of a body that has been taken over by a Demon – AKA disembodied spirit, fallen angel etc.

The demon will lash out, commit violence and kill anyone who argues and threatens its new domain.

In this murder case it was her Father who was not really dealing with his daughter during the argument, but the Demon possessing the shell or carcass of Diane Kelly who is much more dangerous and deadly!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the feeble 82-year-old Woodrow Dilday had to learn the bloody hard way because if had read my blog, he would have kicked her, I mean the demon out of the house a loooooooooooong time ago!!!

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Florida man ‘awoken by demons’ before killing his girlfriend with a bible, a frying pan and a pipe

Florida man ‘awoken by demons’ before killing his girlfriend with a bible, a frying pan and a pipe

An Orange County, Florida man is in custody after he told police that he was awoken by demons before he ruthlessly bludgeoned to death his then sleeping girlfriend with a bible, frying pan, and a pipe one morning in early July 2018.

The murder suspect, Lesley Satenay, 40, of St. Lucia was found by police covered in blood at 4:30 am as he stood on the porch telling them; “The devil is in my room and he hit the devil with a bible,” court papers said.

Police were originally called to Phillips’ home in Eatonville, Florida after someone reported seeing a woman there face-down in a pool of blood.

Investigators said Phillips suffered blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to court paperwork, Satenay said he believed there were demons inside his room and that he swung his knife that he “thought struck a big person,” then got a frying pan from the kitchen and struck Phillips three more times.

He later confessed that Phillips was his friend who did not deserve to die. Satenay told police that the demons were “big” and his girlfriend was “a little person” and that he was sorry for killing her.

He is currently being held in the Orange County Jail for suspicion of second-degree homicide.

Moe’s Commentary – It is interesting to note that he used a Bible to assist in the cold-blooded murder of his girlfriend given the fact that demons are said to violently oppose and or react to certain religious objects like the Bible and Crucifix. Also, his last name was Sataney which is damn close to the King of Demons – Satan.

Last but not least, take a look at the suspect’s eyes and how they appear to have a hollow glass look to them. Also, his right eye representing his left brain is somewhat tilted up as if it is the eye looking at you and in control.

In ancient times, this type of look might have been classified as “evil eye” whose glance could kill. You can read about this real science in my article, “Looks That Kill: Eyes Project Rays of Energy.”



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Psychiatrist describes how Satanic Witch was completely demonically possessed

Psychiatrist describes how Satanic Witch was completely demonically possessed

In the video below, one of the world’s most well-known Demon Inquisitors, Dr. Richard Gallagher explains his 25-year role in diagnosing demon possession.

He describes his first case involving a priest who asked for his psychiatric opinion about a devout Catholic couple who believed they were being attacked by evil spirits. The wife was especially troubled and when Gallagher examined the woman, he found multiple bruises that would spontaneously appear.

Dr. Gallagher told Yahoo News, “It didn’t seem to be explainable on the basis of any medical or psychiatric pathology. She appeared to me to be completely sane. I had never seen a case like that before.”

Dr. Gallagher later determined that there was no medical cause for her injuries. She was being attacked by demons!

He also wrote in an article for the Washington Post where he shares one of his most memorable cases involving a woman who was a Satanist and self-professed High Priestess. Dr. Gallagher had written, “She called herself a witch and dressed the part, with flowing dark clothes and black eyeshadow around to her temples. In our many discussions, she acknowledged worshiping Satan as his ‘queen.’

“I’m a man of science and a lover of history; after studying the classics at Princeton, I trained in psychiatry at Yale and in psychoanalysis at Columbia. That background is why a Catholic priest had asked my professional opinion, which I offered pro bono, about whether this woman was suffering from a mental disorder. This was at the height of the national panic about Satanism.

(In a case that helped induce the hysteria, Virginia McMartin and others had recently been charged with alleged Satanic ritual abuse at a Los Angeles preschool; the charges were later dropped.) So I was inclined to skepticism. But my subject’s behavior exceeded what I could explain with my training,” Dr. Gallagher said.

“She could tell some people their secret weaknesses, such as undue pride. She knew how individuals she’d never known had died, including my mother and her fatal case of ovarian cancer. Six people later vouched to me that, during her exorcisms, they heard her speaking multiple languages, including Latin, completely unfamiliar to her outside of her trances.”

He stated, “This was not psychosis; it was what I can only describe as paranormal ability.

I concluded that she was possessed.”

In the video below,  Dr. Gallagher explains the story how the night before he was scheduled to meet with the Satanist woman that at about 3 am in his bedroom his two cats just went just completely berzerk.

When he spoke with the woman the next day, the first words out of her mouth were, “So Doc, how did you like those cats last night?”

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Dr. Richard Gallagher: Prominent U.S. psychiatrist becomes the first ‘Demon Inquisitor’

Dr. Richard Gallagher: Prominent U.S. psychiatrist becomes the first ‘Demon Inquisitor’

“They’re very, very smart. The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.” – Dr. Gallagher on demons

Joining the Catholic Church in the fight against demon possession is a Princeton-and-Yale-educated psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Gallagher, whose medical assessment of whether a person is mentally ill or possessed by demons will determine whether the Church will perform an exorcism or not.

In other words, we may as well call him the first “Demon Inquisitor.”

As of this moment, Dr. Gallagher is a board-certified psychiatrist in New York, a professor at the New York Medical College in psychiatry, and is on Columbia University’s faculty. He is also a practicing Catholic and the first physician officially ordained by the Vatican to help the Church battle demons on U.S. soil because they are Legion for there are many.

Dr. Gallagher is a member of the International Association of Exorcists, which is the only official organization formed specifically to combat demon possession who the Vatican formally recognized in July 2014.

The International Association of Exorcists is headquartered in Rome and was founded in the 1980’s by world renown exorcist founded by Pauline Father Gabriele Amorth, an Italian priest renowned known globally for his Great Work in dispelling demons who he co-founded the organization with the French exorcist, Father Rene Chenessau.


The organization claims that it was formed in response “to an upsurge in interest in Satanism and occult practices.” The aim was to have exorcists gather regularly to exchange their experiences and best practices, the Vatican newspaper said.

The Devil and Father Amarth

According to the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, the Congregation for Clergy signed the formal decree June 13 approving the group’s statutes and granting it “private juridical personality,” which recognizes the group’s autonomy as an organization of Catholics not operating in the name of the Catholic Church, but as having some accountability to the Vatican.

Although Dr. Gallagher will have some accountability to the Vatican, he will still have to abide by U.S. laws that govern the medical profession. In my opinion, this fact actually helps him in being a key advisor during the diagnosis process because he is not basing his judgments solely from a religious perspective, but a medical one so people who truly need medical assistance will get the help they need and those who are diagnosed as possessed will get the exorcism they need.

The Vatican seems to think so as well.

Dr. Gallagher’s journey into this profession seems to be a reluctant one. When he was first asked by the leading U.S. Catholic priest of exorcisms if he would help them diagnose these people, Dr. Gallagher had told him that, even as a practicing Catholic, I wasn’t likely to go in for a lot of hocus-pocus. “Well,” he replied, “unless we thought you were not easily fooled, we would hardly have wanted you to assist us.”

Dr. Gallagher says that out of the thousands of cases he had examined, only a couple hundred were legitimate demon possession. He has 25 years experience in a private psychiatric practice and as a professor at New York Medical College and Columbia University, which has given him a rare vantage point to observe what he calls “human behavior and there is the inhuman.”

The inhuman behavior is where the demons seem to dwell and this is where Dr. Gallagher may give the controversial diagnosis of demonic possession. In other words, these people who are possessed act inhumane and it is this inhumanity in the world where he locates the demons whose name is Legion, for there are many.

The Roman Curia of the Catholic Church and Dr. Gallagher are not the only people who believe in demon possession. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, approximately 60% of Americans believe there are a devil and hell, and 57% believe in demonic possession.

Dr. Gallagher is the author of a book called Demonic Foes, A Psychiatrist Investigates Demonic Possession in the Modern United States,” and he has opened up to the media over the last decade about his role as a psychiatrist and the diagnosis of demon possession.

“There are many other psychiatrists and mental health care professionals who do what I do – perhaps not to the scope that I do – who seem hesitant to speak out,” he explained. “That’s what gives my work some singularity. That I have had so much experience and that I am willing to speak out. I feel an obligation to speak out. I think that I should.”

Speaking to the Telegraph from his office in Westchester County New York, Dr. Gallagher had said that there are people who “suffer tremendously” from demon possession.

“There is very strict criteria for determining the person’s problem. I am not just intuiting. I’m dealing with it from a very scientific point of view,” he said.

“There are cases of spirit possession in pretty much every culture,” he said. He has evaluated cases referred to him by priests, rabbis, Christian ministers and representatives of other spiritual traditions.

In an article Dr. Gallagher had written for the Washington Post titled, “As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession,” he explains his role and also how one victim was able to see other people, even total strangers—where they were and what they were doing—when those people were hundreds of miles away.

“They’re very, very smart,” Gallagher remarked, “The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings. Which is why they denigrate human beings. They sometimes call us ‘monkeys.’”

In June 2018, Dr. Gallagher described to Yahoo News the signs of demon possession.

He said that to determine whether or not a person is possessed, he looks at whether he or she exhibits “certain strict criteria.” He explains, “The essence of a possession is a person going into a trance and a demonic sounding voice coming out of them, attacking the people, attacking religion, usually using very crude and violent language, like, ‘Leave her alone. She’s ours’ — this type of thing.”

Other behaviors include superhuman strength, speaking ancient languages, and knowing secrets of people that a person would never know otherwise. He has been on the record saying, “I’ve heard them speak Chinese; I’ve heard them speak ancient Greek, which I studied and he has said, “I’ve certainly heard them speak and understand Latin.”

Dr. Gallagher believes many spirits choose to “speak in tongues” just to show off and terrify the living.

He writes in the Washington Post, “My vantage is unusual: As a consulting doctor, I think I have seen more cases of possession than any other physician in the world.”

Dr. Gallagher concludes the article explaining how his views are not dogmatic but based on the simple fact that whether a person is of science or faith, it should be impossible to turn one’s back on a tormented soul.

He writes, “In the end, however, it was not an academic or dogmatic view that propelled me into this line of work. I was asked to consult about people in pain. I have always thought that, if requested to help a tortured person, a physician should not arbitrarily refuse to get involved.

Those who dismiss these cases unwittingly prevent patients from receiving the help they desperately require, either by failing to recommend them for psychiatric treatment (which most clearly need) or by not informing their spiritual ministers that something beyond a mental or other illness seems to be the issue.

For any person of science or faith, it should be impossible to turn one’s back on a tormented soul.”

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The Denver Demon: Man who dressed up as a demon slashes homeless man to death

The Denver Demon: Man who dressed up as a demon slashes homeless man to death

“the fakes will be exposed and disposed of Behold I am The True Saten.” – Quote By Convicted Murderer, Christopher Gulzow (The Denver Demon)

Earlier this month, a Denver man who regularly drove around town in a demon outfit was convicted of murder after he slashed the neck of an innocent homeless man leaving him to bleed to death in front of shocked onlookers.

The CON-vic-ted DEMON, CHRISTOPHER GULZOW, 37, fatally stabbed Brian Lucero in the parking lot of Torchy’s Tacos at 11th Avenue and Broadway, following a confrontation between the two in the early morning of May 23, 2017. GULZOW was wearing what police call white clown makeup with dark streaks, gloves with blades on the fingers, and spiked wristbands at the time of the attack.

Friends and family of Gulzow, who identified as Christöf Gülzowprüzenstein, said that he was a loner and a troubled man who constantly shared his dark imagination in social media posts and was often seen around downtown Denver on his scooter wearing elaborate demon, vampire and ghoul role-playing costumes.

It is obvious that the murderer had serious mental or what we can just call demonic parasite issues given the fact that at 37 years old, he still lived with Mother, worked at a pizza restaurant, and was the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band.

He also lived in the dark world of parasitical half-human activities such as posting on social media all day and magnifying his inner being to the world with his dark selfies or demies role-playing and dressing up as demons which I believe is a huge sign on who we are dealing with here, not a “human being!”

A demon masquerading as a human with bright red flashing lights for everyone who is with a human eye to see, “LOOK AT ME – I’M NOT HUMAN, I AM DEMON. WE ARE LEGION!”

Do you think I’m kidding? NO! I AM serious, here is a link to the demon’s Facebook page.

For example, he murdered a homeless man in May 2017 and just two months earlier, he can be seen on Facebook saying he feels good because he gave a homeless youngster a free ticket to one of his friend’s band’s shows.

Gulzow claimed to be the owner, founder, producer and promoter of @ΨWorldMusicStudiosΨ and the goth-metal band, The Paranormals, which in October released the album, “The Dark Saints Kings,” with original songs that included “Rulers of Darkness,” “Sinful Flesh,” and “Tortered (sic) Souls.”

According to his father, Jack Gulzow, he said after the murder that his son had been attending anger-management classes and might not have been taking his medications. He also told the Denver Post that the 2009 death of his younger son – Christian’s brother – may have impacted Christian’s mental health.

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