Gnosis in the Bible

There is a long-standing misconception that the religion we call “Christianity” is devoid of the teachings of Gnosis.  An ancient Greek word that simply means “to know or knowledge.”

The facts are that if we were to take a serious look with an open mind (without dogma and sinful Christian Judgment) at the ancient Scripture of the New Testament that was written in Greek and also the modern English versions, we would clearly witness the teachings of Gnosis.

For example, the English words know, to know, knowledge, understand and perceive are found hundreds of time in the English version of the Bible. Words that all connect to the much older Greek word, Gnosis. (more…)

The Meaning of Idea

The English word idea means, “to conceive anything in the mind; also a model, a copy to be imitated.”

Not many people know that the words idol, doll, ideal, and idyll are all derived from the word “idea.”

In Norse mythology, Ideas’ name is Idun (Iðunn) and is a goddess associated with apples and youth. The name Ida is found in England as Ada, Ida or Edith which all mean rich-gift, blessing, or happiness. The Hebrew name Adah signifies ornament.


The Secret Meaning of April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day is a special day dedicated to playing practical jokes and pranks. In English- speaking countries it is known as an April fool; in France, an April fish; in Scotland, he is an April gawk. But most people who partake in the foolish fun have no idea why we still celebrate this day filled with gags.

It makes you wonder who is being played the fool here.


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