The Catholic Authors Were Gnostic

The quote below is from a college professor, Ioan Culianu who was murdered for his words, political views, and criticism of the ioan-petru-culianuRomanian government. Culianu was a Romanian living in exile in the U.S. where he taught a class on Gnosticism, the study of secret mystic sects at the University of Chicago Divinity School. The same school where he was shot in the head as he went to the restroom in a hit style murder that some say was typical KGB fashion.

In a European publication concerned with contemporary aspects of Gnosticism, Culianu writes: (more…)

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The Gnostics and Illuminati claimed to pin their faith on the primitive Christian tradition of St. John

The French occultist, Eliphas Levi had said, “The societies of the elder world perished through the materialistic egoism of castes, saint-john-the-apostlebecoming petrified on their own part, isolating the common people in a hopeless reprobation and reserving the reins of power to a small number of the elect, so that it was deprived of that circulation which is the principle of progress, motion and life.

Power without antagonism, without competition and hence without control, proved fatal to the sacerdotal royalties. (more…)

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Ignorance is Dissolved in Gnosis

The Gnostic Valentinus had said, “Perfect redemption is the cognition itself of the ineffable greatness: for since through ignoranceQuote rsie above the flesh came about the defect . . . the whole system springing from ignorance is dissolved in Gnosis.

Therefore Gnosis is the redemption of the inner man; and it is not of the body, for the body is corruptible; nor is it psychical, for even the soul is a product of the defect and it is a lodging to the spirit: pneumatic (spiritual) therefore also must be redemption itself.

Through Gnosis, then, is redeemed the inner, spiritual man: so that to us suffices the Gnosis of universal being: and this is the true redemption. (Adv. Haer. I. 21,4)

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Ark of the Covenant – By Manly P. Hall

Brain IlluminatedIn the brain of man, between the wings of the kneeling cherubim, is the mercy seat, and there man speaks with his God as the priest of the tabernacle spoke to the spirit of the Lord hovering between the wings of the Angels. Man is again the Ark, and within him are the three principles, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—the tablets of the law, the pot of manna, and the rod that budded. – Initiates of the Flame By Manly P. Hall.-

(By Many P. Hall) – One of the most interesting symbols that has come down to us from the ancients is that of the Ark, or the box that was said to contain the sacred relics. Many people believe that this belongs particularly to the Jewish nation, but this is a great mistake, because it has been the birthright of every country to have the Ark. All have, like the Jewish people, lost much of their power and glory when they lost the sacred Ark. (more…)

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