The person who enters the spiritual world must overcome fear, helplessness, despair and anxiety

There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offerQuote on fear welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve.

People not yet sufficiently convinced of this statement could understand it to be meant comparatively only.

But for those who are familiar with this phenomenon, it is a reality. (more…)

Classifying the works of the demon

The famous criminologist Torreblanca, who had gone to the root of Diabolical Magic, describes accuratelyQuote on demons all the phenomena of astral disturbance, when classifying the works of the demon.

Here are some extracts from the 15th chapter of his work on Operative Magic: ”

(1) The demon is endeavouring continually to lead us into error. (more…)

Thoth, as the inspirer of all sacred writings and the president of all priestly discipline

Thoth, as the inspirer of all sacred writings and the president of all priestly discipline, was, as Jamblichus Thoth 2tells us, a name which was held by the Egyptians to be “common to all priests “—that is to say, every priest as priest was a Thoth, because he showed forth in his sacred office some characteristic or other of the Great Priest or Master Hierophant among the Gods whose earthly name was Thoth—Tehuti. (more…)

This Shepherd was no man, but Divine Humanity or the Great Man or Mind

Silhouette of Jesus in the sunlight

The main Gospel of the Trismegistic Gnosis is contained in a sacred sermon which bears in Greek the title “Pcemandres.”

This may perhaps have been originally the Greek transliteration of an Egyptian name (ii., 50); but from OF the treatise itself it is manifest that it HERMES, was understood by the Greek followers of this Gnosis to mean “The Shepherd of Men,” or ” Man-shepherd.” (more…)

Gnosis of all things

“To such My Presence doth become an aid, and straightway they gain Gnosis of all things, and win the Father’s love by their pure lives, and give Him thanks, invoking on Him blessings, and chanting hymns, intent on Him with ardent love.” – Hermes

Gnosis of all things


Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of Vibration

Quote on human energy

“This Principle embodies the truth that “everything is in motion”; “everything vibrates”; “nothing is at rest”; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends to verify.

And yet this Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient Egypt. (more…)

Famous Freemasons

If you don’t think that Freemasons are big players in the way the world is ran as we know it, then you are simply ignorant to the famous freemasonshistory of this ancient fraternity. Some of the most powerful and influential people in the world have been and are Freemasons.

We can also safely say that the United States is a Masonic republic.

Many of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were Freemasons. Men like Benjamin Franklin who became a grand master in 1734 and edited and published the first Masonic book in America that same year. The first President, George Washington was a Freemason who was initiated into the group in 1752 in Virginia.

Other important Freemasons in the forming of America were people like John Hancock, Paul Revere, Marquis de Lafayette, Robert R. Livingstone, Elbridge Gerry, Josiah Bartlett, and George Clinton.

The first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States, J Edgar Hoover was a Freemason. US Congressmen Henry Clay, Nelson Aldrich, and William Jennings Bryan were members. More recently, Senators Birch Bayh, Lloyd Bentsen, Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and Sam Ervin were Masons. So were the father and grandfather of Sen. John McCain. Former senators Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Conrad Burns, and Sam Nunn are Masons, as are Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Charles Rangel. Famous Masonic governors include DeWitt Clinton, Thomas Dewey, George Wallace, George Ryan, Ed Rendell, and ex-New York Mayor, David Paterson. (more…)

Every Land Where the Phoenicians had Planted Masonry

“John Leylande was appointed by King Henry VIII to go through the archives of the various religious institutions dissolved by the king Symbols G In Freemasonryand remove for preservation any books or manuscripts of an important character.

Among the documents copied by Leylande was a series of questions and answers concerning the mystery of Masonry written by King Henry VI. (more…)

The Mysteries were devoted to instructing man concerning the operation of divine law

By 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall – “The ancient philosophers believed that no man could live intelligently who did not have Quote on man and universea fundamental knowledge of Nature and her laws.

Before man can obey, he must understand, and the Mysteries were devoted to instructing man concerning the operation of divine law in the terrestrial sphere. (more…)

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