Understanding the Milwaukee Masonic Lodge Attempted Mass Shooting

(By Angel Millar) – The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force foiled a plot to attack a Masonic building today. Samy Mohamed Samy Mohamed HamzehHamzeh, 23, and two others, had planned to shoot and kill as many people as possible at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic building. The suspect has been charged with possessing machine guns and a silencer, but has not been remanded on terrorist charges.

He is reported to have described his plans for the attack, saying, “…one of us will stay at the door at the entrance and lock the door down, he will be at the main door down, two will get to the lift up, they will enter the room, and spray everyone in the room. The one who is standing downstairs will spray anyone he finds. We will shot them, kill them and get out.”

The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel also reports Hamzeh as saying, “We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion, we are on our own, my dear, we have organized our own group,” and adding, “And we will eliminate everyone.” (more…)

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FBI thwarts mass shooting at Milwaukee Masonic Temple


(Source: JSOnline) FBI agents have interrupted what federal prosecutors describe as a planned mass shooting with automatic rifles at a Masonic Temple in downtown Milwaukee, it was announced Tuesday.

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, 23, has been charged with possessing machine guns and a silencer. Despite indications of an attempted act Samy Mohamed Hamzehof terrorism, Hamzeh is not charged with any terrorism counts. He appeared in federal court in Milwaukee Tuesday and remains in custody.

“We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion, we are on our own, my dear, we have organized our own group,” Hamzeh said, according to the criminal complaint, later adding “And we will eliminate everyone” as he described in detail how he and others would attack the temple. (more…)

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Death From Sex

Did you know that you can die from the act of sex? It is true. Many people have died during, or shortly after making love, many times in history. The list of dead people include presidents such as Félix Faure, (president of France from 1895 to 1899) who died from a cerebral hemorrhage while receiving fellatio from his mistress, Marguerite Steinheil.

Other examples of famous deaths include Pope John XII who died on 14 May 964 of a stroke during sex; former Vice President of the United States and heir to the Rockefeller family, Nelson Rockefeller, who died at 70 of a heart attack, said to be caused by an orgasm during sex with his assistant, Megan Marshack.

Nelson Rockefeller’s stroke caused by an orgasm would correlate with my article, Magic Fire Semen. In that article I explain that both your brain and semen are high in chemicals such as sodium, magnesium, chlorine, lecithin, etc., but more importantly, phosphorus via phosphorized fats such as the phosphatides or phospholipins. Researchers have proved that the only other part of the body that can compare with brain, nerve and endocrine tissue in high content of lecithin, is the semen and spermatozoa.

The phosphorus atom is of the nitrogen family, but having that characteristic of firing; maybe this is what is killing all these men during sex. Hence, quite possibly these are deaths by semen and not death from the sex act alone? After all, Phosphorus produces its firing action when administered internally, which proves to be one of the most powerful stimulants of the animal economy through a stimulation of the nervous system. (more…)

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When the water of divine gnosis jets from the heart It never becomes stagnant or old or dirty

There are two kinds of intellect; the first is acquired –Heart and soul Thanks to it, you learn like a schoolboy

Books, teachers, reflection, concepts, all kinds of sciences.

You learn and your intellect grows superior. But conserving this knowledge is always a burden.

The other intellect is God’s pure gift; Its heart is in the breast of the soul.

When the water of divine gnosis jets from the heart; It never becomes stagnant or old or dirty.

And if it can’t flow outside, what does that matter?

It keeps foaming up from within the heart.

– Rumi


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A person’s approach to sexuality is a sign of his level of evolution

“A person’s approach to sexuality is a sign of his level of evolution. Unevolved persons practice ordinary sexual intercourse. Placing all emphasis upon the sexual organs, they neglect the body’s other organs and systems. Whatever physical energy is accumulated is summarily discharged [through orgasm], and the subtle energies are similarly dissipated and disordered. It is a great backward leap.

For those who aspire to the higher realms of living, there is angelic dual cultivation [transmutation]. Because every portion of the body, mind, and spirit yearns for the integration of yin and yang, angelic intercourse is led by the spirit rather than the sexual organs. Where ordinary intercourse is effortful, angelic cultivation is calm, relaxed, quiet, and natural. (more…)

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Iceland to Reinstate the Worship of Norse Gods

(Source: UK Telegraph) – Icelanders will soon be able to publicly worship at a shrine to Thor, Odin and Frigg with construction starting Odin 2this month on the island’s first major temple to the Norse gods since the Viking age.

Worship of the gods in Scandinavia gave way to Christianity around 1,000 years ago but a modern version of Norse paganism has been gaining popularity in Iceland.

“I don’t believe anyone believes in a one-eyed man who is riding about on a horse with eight feet,” said Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, high priest of ‘Asatruarfelagid‘, an association that promotes faith in the Norse gods.

“We see the stories as poetic metaphors and a manifestation of the forces of nature and human psychology.”

Membership in Asatruarfelagid has tripled in Iceland in the last decade to 2,400 members last year, out of a total population of 330,000, data from Statistics Iceland showed.

Read more from the Telegraph

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The Nag Hammadi Codices were made by monks

(Source: Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo) – The provenance of the Nag Hammadi Codices has been a point of contention among scholars ever since they were discovered in Upper Egypt in 1945. A new book strongly supports the hypothesis that they were manufactured and read by Christian monks in the fourth and fifth centuries.

nag-hammadi-codex-ii-coptic-museum-cairo-507-2 (more…)

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The Stone of alchemy is in many respects the stone rejected by the builders of Christian culture

“Alchemy stands in a compensatory relationship to mainstream Christianity, rather like a dream does to the conscious attitudes of the stone of alchemydreamer.

The Stone of alchemy is in many respects the stone rejected by the builders of Christian culture, demanding recognition and reincorporation into the building itself”. – Carl Jung

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Pike: The Kabalah is the key of the occult sciences; and the Gnostics were born of the Kabalists

Albert Pike was a 33rd Degree Freemason, and Sovereign Grand Master of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite who had written gnostic_kabbalahextensively on Gnosticism in his Masonic Gnostic masterpiece, Morals and Dogma. Throughout this great book, you will find many truths that he had shared in regards to the ancient Gnostics and how their teachings live on to this very day.

They can be found all throughout the teachings and degrees of Freemasonry. As I had said before, the letter G in Masonry represents Gnosis. The ancient Gnostic teachings are also the basis of all Abrahamic religions and at the very foundation of the Kabalistic doctrines.

Pike had written in Morals and Dogma;

“The Kabalistic doctrine was long the religion of the Sage and the Savant; because, like Freemasonry, it incessantly tends toward spiritual perfection, and the fusion of the creeds and Nationalities of Mankind. In the eyes of the Kabalist, all men are his brothers; and their relative ignorance is, to him, but a reason for instructing them. There were illustrious Kabalists among the Egyptians and Greeks, whose doctrines the Orthodox Church has accepted; and among the Arabs were many, whose wisdom was not slighted by the Mediæval Church. (more…)

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