At last the spirit of rebellion entered the creation in the form of Lucifer

By Manly P. Hall – “Man wandered hopelessly in the gloom of mortality, living and dying without light or understanding in his servitude to lucifer angelthe Demiurgus and his host of spirits.

At last the spirit of rebellion entered the creation in the form of Lucifer, who in the guise of a serpent tempted man to revolt against the mandates of Jehovah (the Demiurugs). (more…)

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The Wise Men call it THE ALL

“THAT which is the Fundamental Truth—the Substantial Reality—is beyond true naming, but the Wise Men call it THE ALL.” – The THE ALLKybalion

All thinkers, in all lands and in all times, have assumed the necessity for postulating the existence of this Substantial Reality. All philosophies worthy of the name have been based upon this thought. Men have given to this Substantial Reality many names—some have called it by the term of Deity (under many titles); others have called it “The Infinite and Eternal Energy”; others have tried to call it “Matter”—but all have acknowledged its existence. It is self-evident—it needs no argument.

In these lessons we have followed the example of some of the world’s greatest thinkers, both ancient and modern—the Hermetic Masters—and have called this Underlying Power—this Substantial Reality—by the Hermetic name of “THE ALL,” which term we consider the most comprehensive of the many terms applied by Man to THAT which transcends names and terms. (more…)

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Unfolding blossoms upon the sacred rod of the Mysteries – the spinal column

A hint concerning the unfoldment of spiritual understanding according to the secret science of the Mysteries is found in the story of Spinal cord 5Aaron’s rod that budded, and also in Wagner’s great opera, Tannhäuser, where the budding staff of the Pope signifies the unfolding blossoms upon the sacred rod of the Mysteries–the spinal column.

By Manly P. Hall

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The Female Philosophers

There have been many great female philosophers over the last two thousand years. The meaning of word philosopher is from the Greek word philo, which means love and sophia which means wisdom. Rather than chasing vanity, and a material life, these women had chosen that path of wisdom. (more…)

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Wisdom (Sophia) & Knowledge (Gnosis) Shall be the Stability of Thy Times

This image is of the entranceway relief sculpture by Lee Lawrie, located at the RCA Building, Rockefeller Centre, New York City.wisdom and stability shall be

The quote is from the Scripture in Isaiah 33:6: “And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure.”

Lee Lawrie was trained in Beaux-Arts’ Classicism, and his long career exceeded 300 works throughout the United States. Other works include the freestanding statue of Atlas on Fifth Avenue, the Los Angeles Central Library, the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel, the allegorical relief panels of the United States Senate, the Louisiana State Capitol, the statue of George Washington at the National Cathedral in Washington DC and the Harkness Tower of Yale University.


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The Serpent entwined round an [Orphic] Egg referred to the creation of the Universe

By Albert Pike – “Among the Egyptians, the serpent was a symbol of Divine Wisdom; and, with its tail in its mouth (Ouroboros), of OuroborosEternity.

In the ritual of Zoroaster, it was a symbol of the Universe.

In China, the ring between 2 Serpents was the symbol of the world governed by the power and wisdom of the Creator.

Hence the Serpent entwined round an [Orphic] Egg referred to the creation of the Universe.”

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Mental Transmutation is the Art of Mental Chemistry

“Mental Transmutation means the art of changing and transforming mental states, forms, and conditions, into others. So you may see mental transmutationthat Mental Transmutation is the Art of Mental Chemistry.” – The Kybalion

The truth is, that beneath the material chemistry, astronomy and psychology (that is, the psychology in its phase of “brain action”), the ancients possessed a knowledge of transcendental astronomy, called astrology; of transcendental chemistry, called alchemy; of transcendental psychology, called mystic psychology.

They possessed the Inner Knowledge as well as the Outer Knowledge, the latter alone being possessed by modern scientists. Among the many secret branches of knowledge possessed by the Hermetists, was that known as Mental Transmutation, which forms the subject matter of this lesson. (more…)

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True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; Universe is mindvibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.”—The Kybalion.

As we have stated, the Hermetists were the original alchemists, astrologers, and psychologists, Hermes having been the founder of these schools of thought.

From astrology has grown modern astronomy; from alchemy has grown modern chemistry; from the mystic psychology has grown the modern psychology of the schools. But it must not be supposed that the ancients were ignorant of that which the modern schools suppose to be their exclusive and special property. (more…)

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Karl Marx on Freemasonry

Karl Marx Lions PawMarx Quote –I should not be surprised, indeed, to find the Pope setting down the whole insurrection to their account.

“1871 Interview with Karl Marx, the prophet, Pope and head of L’Internationale

Landor:    …what is the International Society?

Dr. Marx:    You have only to look at the individuals of which it is composed — workmen.

Landor:    Yes, but the soldier need be no exponent of the statecraft that sets him in motion. I know some of your members, and I can believe that they are not of the stuff of which conspirators are made. Besides, a secret shared by a million men would be no secret at all. But what if these were only the instruments in the hands of a bold, and, I hope you will forgive me for adding, not overscrupulous conclave?

Dr. Marx:    There is nothing to prove.

Landor:    The last Paris insurrection?

Dr. Marx:    I demand firstly the proof that there was any plot at all — that anything happened that was not the legitimate effect of the circumstances of the moment; or the plot granted, I demand the proofs of the participation in it of the International Association.

Landor:    The presence of the communal body of so many members of the Association.

Dr. Marx:    Then it was a plot of the Freemasons, too, for their share in the work as individuals was by no means a slight one. I should not be surprised, indeed, to find the Pope setting down the whole insurrection to their account. But try another explanation. The insurrection in Paris was made by the workmen of Paris. The ablest of the workmen must necessarily have been its leaders and administration, but the ablest of the workmen happen also to be members of the International Association. Yet, the Association, as such, may be in no way responsible for their action. (more…)

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