Gnosticism is the true religion of the soul and earth

Gnosis is the basis of all the world’s religions. The Order of the Gnostics Tshirt

In its most simple form, Gnosticism is the true ancient religion of the soul and earth.

The word religion means “to bind,” and when we become one with our soul and the earth, we are bound together in immortal holy matrimony.

Gnosticism is not a manmade religion based on man’s laws, but a divine religion built upon the laws of the heavens, nature and being human.

Laws that anyone can follow regardless of race, gender and/or country.


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How to naturally filter water for safe drinking

“Thou Water, Oh! Along the bends of the stream where the waters strike, and where the waters eddy, among the water mosses, Indians filter waterlet all the impurities that gall be drifted.” – American Indian Invocation

The Indians had a simple way of purifying water from a lake, pond or swamp by digging a hole about one foot across and down about six inches below the water level, a few feet from the pond. (more…)

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Chronological List of English Grand Masters and Patrons from 557 AD to 1843 AD

(By Freemason, Gnostic and author, Hank Kraychir) – In my personal quest to discover as much about English Masonic history as I can, I came across a book written by Reverend George Oliver, it’s called, Masonic Library, the Antiquities of Freemasonry (1854). Within the book, I found a chronological list of Grand Masters and Patrons of Masonry in England, which just so happened to date it back to 557 AD ~ an important date I had written about earlier. (more…)

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The American Indians and Phoenician Hebrews: The Lost Tribes of Israel

“I’m like Jesus looking for a place to be born! There’s no room in any inn. My essays don’t fit anywhere because they are aboutPhoenician Indians - indian on horse ideas that still are outside the canon of the canonized. They will eventually totally change the way the world looks as the ancient Americas, but meanwhile they wander the highways and by ways looking for a place to be born.” – Dr. Hugh Fox

In my research into the lost history of my ancestors who I know to be the ancient Phoenician Hebrews, and who are biblically known as the Lost Tribes of Israel, I have frequently come across a race of people known where I live in the United States, as the Native American Indians. This exhaustive research has proved to me time and time again what my intuition has been telling me all along, that the Native American Indians are the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians.

Many researchers, authors, Jews, and even Catholic Fathers have all came to this same conclusion. For example, in 1607, the Catholic Father Gregorio García wrote his book, The Origin of the Indians of the New World of Native Americans:

“The Indios come from many nations of the Old World. Some are probably descendants of the Carthigians; Some are the descendants of the lost Tribes of Israel; others come from Atlantis, Greece, Phoenicia and China.” (Thompson 1992 p.14) (more…)

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Amon – King of Gods and Lord of Thrones

Amun“The Amen, the true and faithful witness,” Rev. i. 14.

Amon (Ammon, Amun or Amen) is “The Hidden One” who is “King of the Gods,” and the “Lord of the Thrones” of the visible and the invisible worlds. The “Creator God” who was the mysterious soul of the universe which reveals itself in light. Amon is the light, creator, builder and grand architect of the house and temple. Amon is the Hi-Ram, and those of you that are familiar with Freemasonic allegories and history, can relate Amon to the Hiram Abiff of Solomon’s Temple.

“The Hidden One” who is “King of the Gods” and the “Lord of the Thrones” is not some God you will find outside of yourself in the heavens or carved onto an idolatrous stone by the grand architect of the Universe. Nor will you find this Grand Master inside of a Freemasonic lodge. Au contraire Solomon! This God is hidden deep within you and you must Know Thyself in order to find the mysterious Creator God who is the hidden one, King of Gods and the Lord of “Your” Throne.

The throne where King Amon is located is in Ammon’s Horn or the hippocampus situated in your house, or what is more commonly called the head.

Isaiah 65:16  – Whoever invokes a blessing in the land will do so by the God of truth; he who takes an oath in the land will swear by the God of truth. For the past troubles will be forgotten and hidden from my eyes. (more…)

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Divine Ratio (Phi) and lung function

(By Brother Pat Beaumier) – It’s not too hard to measure an “anatomical” structure and identify areas where a ratio of 0.618 Divine Ratio (Phi) and lung functionexists. Such ratios also exist as “measures of function”.

It generally takes longer to exhale than it does to inhale. This is something that multiple researchers have identified as a value that approaches 1.618. But there is more:

When we subconsciously breathe the volume of air that enters and leaves our lungs is the tidal volume, (aka) Vt. The attached diagram shows approximate values for all the measurable lung volumes, including the Inspiratory Capacity (IC) and the Total Lung Capacity (TLC). (more…)

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Blood Moon September 2015

The total lunar full blood supermoon eclipse is known as the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon, or full moon nearest the September equinox. It is also called a Blood Moon, because it presents the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart. (Images courtesy of Bob Crull and NASA) (more…)

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The Law of Balance is the Law of Love

“The Law of Balance is the Law of Love upon which the universe is founded.Law of balance is law of love

This law is given to man for his coming renaissance of greater comprehension.

It is, of all laws, the most inclusive and the most simple.

It consists of but three words: RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE.

These three words are the very foundation of all our material existence, all phenomena of matter or interchange between humans, economically, socially and spiritually.” – Walter Russell

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