The Golden Ratio of Life

It is the divine mathematical code of all life, the universe and whom some call God. The fibonacci spiral of the creator of the soul of the universe which forms the Golden spiral or Phi spiral. In geometry, it is known as the logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is φ, the golden ratio.

This pattern is found everywhere in nature and on every scale.

All life originates from this divine code in which our roots truly reach to the stars.

golden ratio life (more…)

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Eve the Serpent in Images

The English name Eve is derived from the Hebrew word Hevia. Clemens Alexandrinus had said that the name Hevia signifies a female serpent.

The name Eve is connected with the same Arabic root which means both “life” and “a serpent,” and the Persians called the constellation Serpens “the little Ava,” that is Eve, a title which is still given to it by the Arabs. (more…)

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All souls are one in essence, whatever forms they may ensoul

In pluribus Unum et Unum in pluribus; One in many and in many One. “The essential unity of all souls with the Over-Soul” is aQuote - soul fundamental postulate of the Wisdom of all ages.

That is to say all souls are one in essence, whatever forms they may ensoul.

But what is more; what is almost an overpowering thought, necessary though it be to universal progress; not only the human soul, but even the soul of the very grain of dust has the potentiality of expanding its consciousness into the All-consciousness.

Every soul is endowed with the power of giving and receiving with respect to every other soul; of passing through every stage of consciousness; of expanding; just as the One, the All-Soul, so to say, contracted itself into manifestation, into the Many, subordinating itself to itself, that every soul might know and become every other soul, by virtue of that Love which is the cause of existence. – GRS Mead

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Killer Worms Infest Texas Water

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – George Eliot

Not everything is bigger in Texas.

Sometimes bad things come in small packages such as in this news story in the video below about a Texas town where the current residents were alarmed to find different types of killer worms in their drinking water.

What these people do not seem to understand is that these worms are not only gross, they are the most pathogenic. Meaning the cause the most disease in organisms such as humans.

In a nut shell, some of these worms are capable of infecting their host and the intestines. Soon they will take over the central nervous system, cause illness and eventually they will eat you alive causing an early death. After all that is what parasites do.

They eat, shit, vomit and die kind of like us parasitical humans…

That vomit, shit and dead worm carcasses will cause illness and death in humans.

The private water company responsible for the polluted water and worms blames the invasion on a power outage and broken equipment.

Is this a worm-con-spirit-cy or just a broken water filter?

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The truth shall set you free, but just don’t tell everyone by yelling from internet rooftops

Yes, as St. John had once said and is on the outside of the building of the central intelligence agency (CIA), “The truth shall set quote - light in tunnelyou free.”

However I think we can add another sentence to this beautiful phrase I would like to present to you and that would be “But just do not go telling everyone about these truths you discover by yelling from an Internet rooftops!”

After all folks, this is the world wide web and last time I checked, you don’t surf a web, you get caught in them.

Imagine that my fellow entrapped worms in your internet cocoons?

This phrase I added above is based on the simple facts that have been recorded over the course of written history showing the many martyrs who had spoken truth that were crucified, tortured and murdered and with this year being 2015 with the passage of the DARK Act.

The meaning of DARK is “Denying Americans the Right to Know.”

These facts are solidified by the blood and bones of millions of people who were martyred fighting their governments and now by U.S. law.


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Follow your own Star, the Light of the Christ that shines within you

By Rob White – The more bland and meaningless people’s lives become, the more they identify with and live vicariously through celebrities andQuote - we are stars 2 public figures.

This is why we see people vehemently attacking and defending certain singers, actors, etc., getting into arguments and losing friendships/family.

Celebrity means bright star (cele – star, brit – bright), and the culture of the stars is an alluring one, especially to people with little to no interest in their own lives.

We have an inner light, an inner Star we are to follow, one which will lead us Home, to love, peace, freedom and comfort. (more…)

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No two souls are alike, just as no two blades of grass or grains of sand are alike

The World-Soul, then, for us, is the One Soul of Humanity, which will differ for each soul in proportion to the state of No two souls alike'consciousness it has arrived at.

No two souls are alike, just as no two blades of grass or grains of sand are alike, for then, as has been well said, there would be no reason why one should be in a particular place or state and not the other, and so the Reason of the universe be stultified. (more…)

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