The Irish Tuatha Dé Dannan Connection to the Tribe of Dan

“It is certainly no coincidence that the Irish Gaelic word Dun or Dunn means “Judge,” just as Dan does in Hebrew!” –Symbol - Tribe of Dan Raymond McNair

The ancient connections between the Irish Tuatha Dé Dannan and the Greek Tribe of Dan have been documented all throughout history.  The “History of Ireland,” in the Peabody Institute, states that the residents, prior to the Tuatha De Dananns, were descendants of 5,000 people from Greece called Foibalges. The next to appear, about 717 B.C., under a king called Nuad, were the “Tuatha De Danann,” said in Irish to be “the tribe of Dan.

This makes sense since the old people of Ireland were once named after their tribe as the Dan-onians, and the most famous Irish ballad is forever immortalized after this tribe in the song “Danny Boy.”

The true Irish saga of the tribe of Dan, “a serpent by the way,” is a fascinating “trail” of waymarks along the path of this tribe’s journey.  These waymarks are the signs and symbols that the Tribe of Dan had left in all the places they had travelled and conquered such as Ireland. They gave their name to  many places that were known biblically as Mahaneh Dan (“Camps of Dan”). In Ptolemy’s map of Ireland we find Dan’s- Lough, Dan-Sowar, Dan-Sobairse, Dan’s resting place, and Dan’s habitation, and Dan-gan Castle (the birth-place of the Duke of Wellington). (more…)

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Sovereign Citizen from Utah Convicted in Fraud Scheme

I have yet to meet one of these alleged sovereign citizens who has not been arrested and imprisoned. sovereign

(Source; FBI) PHILADELPHIA—A federal jury, yesterday, handed up guilty verdicts against Robert G. Wray, 75, of Torrey, Utah, on charges that he conspired with a Lehigh County doctor of osteopathy to defraud the Department of Health and Human Service and the Internal Revenue Service. The fraud scheme, in which Wray participated, amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wray was found guilty of one count of conspiracy, 30 counts of wire fraud, one count of bankruptcy fraud, and one count of failure to appear. (more…)

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The Human Soul Launched Forth in the Matrix

When the embryonic potentialities of a human soul are launched forth into the matrix they remain there, slowly beingoflightevolving their organic powers. and are imprisoned within the womb until their magnetic, as well as their physical period of gestation is completed.

Nor is it possible for a child to be born and live until the astral influx corresponds exactly to the external polarity of the soul.

Only when the heavens are harmonious can that which we term good become manifest upon earth.

Under the opposite condition of the heavens, evil, so called by comparison, becomes externalized.

By Thomas H. Borgoyne

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The Immortal Fibonacci Love Spiral of Time and Space

Through the Fibonacci spirals of love we surf our creative sexual energy back through time and space to our heavenly homeland where we had met before.

Together we forever bind our soul’s energies once again as one in the ethereal elements of the divine cosmos that will always be connected through the immortal love we have for one another.Symbols - The Sexual Fibonaci Spiral

When we calm our souls to unite with our creative spark we light the fire of the eons that are hidden within the hearts of each one of us.

Once dormant, we activate the true meaning of life in which we make beautiful music with our souls in this one hell of a world.

A powerful human chain that cannot be broken and is bound by a love that is stronger than any man-made steel or element found on earth and in hell.

For we are made of the heavens.

A spectacular display of divine star-dust incarnated as matter to feel the vibrations of our souls in the grasp of each others energies enveloped through the sands of time.

By Moe – This is dedicated to my beautiful wife, soul mate and best friend, Agricola. I learn so much from you every day. I’m blessed to be your husband.

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The ‘foursomes’ of natural science and theology

Byrhtferth, an Anglo-Saxon monk at Ramsey Abbey, studied under Abbo of Fleury during his stay there. ‘Byrhtferth’s diagram’ is an illustration for his treatise on the computation of the date of Easter and other astrological and natural science topics.

It relates many of the ‘foursomes’ of natural science and theology (four ages of man, directions, humours, essences, winds, gospels, etc.) to show the unity of heaven and earth as well as the harmony and truth of scripture. His Manual (Enchiridion), a scientific textbook, is Byrhtferth’s best known work.

Symbols - Byrhtferth’s Diagram



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My experience in the so-called truth movement

My experience in the so-called truth movement over the last 7 years has proved to me that it is anything but. It is theI pet goat path of lies in the Labyrinth. Last week I started distancing myself from ALL the main people who rule this movement with all the same recycled guests and authors who talk about same old subjects such as the Illuminati, mind control and or similar recycled BS.

I have come to the conclusion that almost the authors, bloggers, podcasters and videographers who do talk about these same subjects all the time are actually keeping us in a state of chaos and disinformation. A trap for human energy to dwell in complete darkness and fanaticism.

You become a pet goat behind barbwire with the Sons of Satan pulling your strings. (more…)

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We contain within us all the information of the universe

“We contain within us all the information of the universe. We are a fractal of the multi-dimensional universe whereSymbols - sacred geometry the whole is reflected in the part. On the conscious level, however, we only use a small portion of our potential.

Sacred geometry is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to reach beyond the physical and awaken the divine within. The shapes, patterns and forms that develop from the circle and sphere are harmonic modules that can help attune, empower, uplift and inspire the human condition and open us more to the greater whole”. – Jonathan Quintin

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The blood of the green lion

The ‘blood of the green lion’, which also goes under the code name of the ‘philosophers vitriol’, is the universal Symbols - Blood of the green lionsolvent that swallows the seven metals and gold.

Basil Valentine said that the solid blood of the red lion (the lapis, the sun) comes from the volatile blood of the green lion.

By D. Stolcius von Stolcenberg, Viridarium chymicum, Frankfurt, 1624 (from Alexander Roob’s ‘Hermetic Museum’)

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