The Hidden Symbolism of the Pepsi Logo

Brad’s drink was originally created in 1893 by a pharamicist named Caleb Bradham who made it at his “drugstore” where the symbol - Pepsidrink was first sold. The word pharmacy is derived from the Greek word pharmakia. A word meaning sorcerer.

The sorcerer Gradham intended to invent one of the modern era’s first energy drinks.

Pepsi had paid over a millions dollars to create a new special logo with secret occult meanings. PepsiCo employed the help of the eccentric designer, and whom some call crazy, Peter Arnell of the Arnell Group for the job.

The Pepsi logo contains circle with the top half is red, the bottom half is blue, and a wavy white line runs through the center. The red, white and blue colors have always represented the American flag. But there are more secrets in this logo then just shapes and colors of the flag.

The new special design represents magical secrets such as the earth’s magnetic field, feng shui, Pythagoras geodynamics, the theory of relativity, and the golden ratio.

Initiation Into the Order of the Gnostics

The meaning of the word initiation is “to start something.” The Order of the Gnostics believes that Symbols - Initiation 3everyone must start their paths with the conscious decision that they want to enlighten their lives and purify themselves in order to become better men and women. The main purpose of our Order is to help people like you from all around the world, do just that. To work together as a team, with each one of us on our own independent paths to self initiation, discovery, and gnosis.

The Order of the Gnostics was created to assist you in carrying on your own Great Work. To aid in the evolution of you, and in turn help evolve this world. By doing so, we know that together we can help make our world a better place then we found it, and quite possibly create a heaven on earth together for future generations.


Manly P. Hall on the Gnostics

Even today there are evidences of Gnostic philosophy in the modern world, but they bear other Demon and Jesusnames and their true origin is not suspected. Many of the Gnostic concepts have actually been incorporated into the dogmas of the Christian Church, and our newer interpretations of Christianity are often along the lines of Gnostic emanationism – Manly P. Hall The Secret Teachings of All Ages (more…)

Walt Disney: The Gnostic Masonic Rosicrucian

Not many people are aware that the founder of DisneylandWalt Disney was a member of the secretWalt_Disney_1946 occult group dedicated to Gnosis and Alchemy known as the “Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, AKA the Rosicrucians (AMORC).” He was said to have completed all the teachings of the order.

With this secret knowledge, Walt Disney created one of the most popular theme parks and film studios in all the world. A business that was primarily based on the magic he learned from the teachings of the occult. Many of these occult myths and dramas are played out in Disney films such as the Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Sword in the Stone, and even the modern masterpieces such as Brave, Frozen and Maleficent.

A magical formula he used to captivate and influence people from all around the world that is still used to this very day. (more…)

The Holy Guide

The image below of both good and evil numbers are said to be from the Secrets of the Rosicrucians. It is taken from an old book called the “Holy Guide, Leading the Way to the Wonder of the World: A Complete Physician, teaching the knowledge of all things, past, present, and to come. (London, 1662) It was written by John Heydon and dedicated to the Duke of York.

It is said to contain the secrets pleasure, long life, health, youth, blessedness, wisdom and virtue, and to cure, change, and remedy all diseases in young and old : with Rosicrucian medicines which are verified by a practical examination of principles in the great world and fitted for the ease of understanding, plain practise, use, and benefit of mean capacities. (more…)

Pope Pius XII Proposes New World Order Based on Five Moral Victories

Here is an old New World Order article from December 1940 when Pope Pius XII told the College of Cardinals that the “new world order” proposed on five moral victories. These victories are 1. Over hatred. 2. Over mistrust. 2. Over the right that might makes right. 4. Over economic maladjustment. 5. Over the spirit of cold egoism. (more…)

The Letter “G” in Freemasonry Signifies Gnosis

On this page, you will find an audio podcast above, and also a video and the article below.

Symbols G In FreemasonryOne of the most debatable Freemason symbols that you will find is the square and compass that is often depicted with the letter “G” in the center. It is this letter “G” that has garnished the most speculation from outsiders, and even initiated members of this Secret Brotherhood. In this article I would like to focus on what this letter actually symbolizes to help dispel the myths, and let you, the reader decide, if what I write is truth.

The most common explanations that you will find for what the letter “G” represents run the gambit from God, who would also be the Great Architect of the Universe or Geometry since as Pythagoras had said, all is number. In both operative and speculative Masonry the use of math and mathematical symbols has always been at the forefront in the teachings of the craft. Therefore, it would only be natural for people to assume that the G could possibly represent Geometry since it is one of the “most ancient and noblest of sciences.” (more…)

The Constitution of Man

The symbols below are from the book “The Constitution of Man.” I suggest you study and meditate on what they represent. This great book was written by George Combe and published in 1828. Combe had claimed the laws of the physical universe are the same laws active in man, the human brain, and in the mind. How in one aspect man almost resembles a demon; in another he still bears the impress of the image of God. (more…)

If you choose freedom, fight prejudice

One of the wise sages that was a voice of reason in the past was the famous American actor known Vincent Pricefor his horror films, and unique voice,Vincent Price. In 1950, Price gave a powerful speech about the racial hatred of his day at the conclusion of the “Author Of Murder” episode of The Saint.

He talks about his feelings on prejudice being antithetical to a free society, and denounces racial and religious intolerance as a “poison” which fuels support for the nation’s enemies. (more…)

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