The True Origins of the Jewish Tefillin and Greek Phylactery

Today, many Jews wear boxes tied to their heads and arms, containing Torah (bible) verses and worn when praying. That which is called aJewsih tefillin tefillin by the Jews, and a phylactery by the ancient Greeks. This article will expose the hidden clues to the true origins and meaning of the tefillin or phylactery.

The Torah commands that they should be worn on the head and left arm by the Jews during the time of prayer and sacred meditation, to serve as a “sign” and “remembrance” that God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. On the outside of the tefillin to the right are the regular three-pronged letter shin, and on the left side is the same letter consisting of four prongs which are an abbreviation for the Hebrew Shadai, the Almighty. They are normally made an inch and a half square, and have long leather straps attached to them, with which they are fastened to the head and arm. (more…)

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The human race has been overtaken by extraterrestrial, demonic forces

(By Jordan Maxwell) – We, as the children in the kindergarten, we’re just little children. We don’t understand that there are Lucifer-Devil-imagesome very powerful entities from other worlds who have come here, and they saw us, and they began to look at the women, and they began to look at the beauty of this place, and they said, “I think we’re just going to stay here. Why don’t we move in?” Now you’ve got something called star wars, wars in the heavens between the entities, between the gods.

All of that the Greeks knew.

The Greeks talked about the gods and the wars of the gods of…between gods and men. Zecharia Sitchin wrote a book on this subject. I was in business with Zecharia Sitchin. I sent him to different countries, and so I was in business with him. I used to sit and talk with him for hours on this subject, along with all kinds of others of researchers and writers and people in the field.

I’ve heard all of the stories. I think that what’s really going on here is, whoever created us had in mind a particularly beautiful idea of creating humans and maybe keeping us ignorant so that we don’t get too uppity. But I think at the same time, we’ve got entities who have come here…because there’s obviously more than one out there…they’ve come here and looked at what’s going on and they moved in. (more…)

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Senate to NSA: Yes, you may keep spying on the American people

Yesterday, U.S. lawmakers had voted to veto a bill meant to stop the spying on Americans by government enterprises such asNSA spying the National Security Agency (NSA). The bill was called the USA Freedom Act and would have instituted new privacy safeguards for U.S. citizens on the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The Freedom Act would have drastically curbed the existing surveillance powers of the government.

The bill was mainly designed to prohibit their right to freely access the phone records of Americans. The bill would also have ended the government’s power to cast a wide surveillance net and then retain the data, instead leaving it up to the telecommunications companies to hold onto the information.

The Senate voted yesterday 58-42 against the USA Freedom Act.

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Wormwood as an Herbal Medicine and Parsasite Cleanse

For thousands of years our ancestors have used the plant known as wormwood, or  Artemisia herba-alba, the white wormwood, for purification, protection and medicinal purposes suchwormwood as a vermifuge also known as Anthelminticsa or antihelminthics. Vermifuges are natural and unnatural drugs that expel the worms that inhabit the human body, and that today we call parasites. This plant grows wild all over the dry steppes of the Mediterranean regions in Northern Africa (Saharan Maghreb), Western Asia (Arabian Peninsula), Western Europe, and the US.

In Old English it is spelled, wormod or wermod.ermod (A.-S.) and means a plant to keep away worms or maggots. In the Wright’s Vocabularies it states; ” It is a corruption of old Eng. wermode, A. Sax. wermod (Ger. wermuth), supposed by Dr. Prior (Names of Brit. plants) to be compounded of A. Sax. werian, to keep off (wehren), and mod or made, a maggot (A. Sax. maiu), as if “ware-maggot.” In Lee charms Wortcunning, it is said of wermod that “hyt cweljjba wyrmas” (vol. i. p. 218), where it is interpreted by Mr. Cockayne as “ware-moth.”  (more…)

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Who were the Canaanites?

The term “Canaanites” in the Old Testament was normally applied  to the inhabitants of the lower coastal regions of the LandVulcan of Canaan, as opposed to the inhabitants of the mountainous regions like that of the Amorites, who are often referred to in the bible as “certain highland mountaineers in the Land of Canaan.”

The name Amorite is regarded as synonymous with “Canaanite”—only “Amorite” is never used for the population on the coast.  They are described as a powerful people of great stature “like the height of the cedars” (Amos 2:9). By the time of the Second Temple, “Canaanite” in Hebrew had come to be not an ethnic designation, so much as a general synonym for “merchant”, as it is interpreted in, for example, Job 40:30, or Proverbs 31:24. (Wikipedia) Hence, when we see various tribes such as the Amorites and Canaanites, we must not immediately assume that they are of a different race from one another, as I will explain below. You can also read more about the Amorites in this article link I had written last year.

The term applied to these people, such as the name ‘Canaanites, was to distinguish this race as a class of merchants which can be discovered in the etymology of the name. Another spelling for Canaanite is ‘Kenite.’  The meaning of the word Kenite is “smith,” which is a worker in metal. This corresponds with the bible that says the Kenites were coppersmiths and metalworkers. Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, was a shepherd and a priest in the land of Midian. Judges 1:16 says that Moses had a father-in-law who was a Kenite. Jethro is from the Hebrew name יִתְרוֹ (Yitro), which was derived from the Hebrew word יֶתֶר (yeter) meaning “abundance”.’ (more…)

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DNA of the Ancient Tribe of Ethiopian Levites

For the purpose of this article, I will mainly concentrate on the YDNA of the ancient Tribe of Levi who are also known as the Levites, simply 247S1 Benjamin Netanyahu & Ethiopians. Jerusalem Day (6205).jpgbecause of the fact that this tribe was mainly composed of males whose priestly roles were passed down from father to son. If they were males, and their priesthood males passed down their inheritance from father to son, then it makes perfect scientific sense to focus mainly on their YDNA.

In this article, I will attempt to prove my theory that the original Levites were of the E1b1b1c M123+ haplogroup. This theory I will help substantiate by science, using history, geography, the bible, DNA, and what I call inherited Gnosis, since I am also a Levite from the E1b1b1c M123+ haplogroup. What I mean by this, is that these facts, history and blood are not just something I’m writing about as an outsider looking in, but something that is part of my inheritance, my ancestry and in my DNA. (more…)

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Veterans in VA Hospitals being kicked out of pain management programs for use of medical marijuana

(Source: MAPP) – CalNORML is reporting that veterans receiving VA services in VA Hospitals in Loma Linda and Long Veterans drugsBeach are being kicked out of pain management programs if they use medical marijuana. If you are a vet and have been denied services of any kind at a VA facility, we want to hear from you so that this discriminatory practice that is so dangerous and debilitating can be documented.

Many vets find marijuana to be of significant help in treating their chronic pain as well as PTSD. Their decision to use marijuana is more than just choosing one medicine over another – marijuana works where other medicines fail and/or cause significant negative side effects. (more…)

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The Healing Stones of Odin

The Stones of Odin had magical healing powers that the ancient Druid priests in Europe had used to help heal their people,Stone of the Gods - Odin stenness-sunset2 and cure their diseases. For this reason, they venerated these stones as gifts from God.

Ancient stories that speak of these stone’s incredible healing, and magical powers like the ones below, lead us to discover these truths that they have been telling us all along. In addition to these stories, there are also the many stone monuments that can be found almost everywhere in Europe, and other places around the world that would prove they had considered these stones sacred.

This wasn’t just any old stone, but a stone of the Gods, and what they had called in Old Germanic/Norse, “Helga Feli”,and in English, “Holy Rocks.” These ancient customs with these stones were prevalent all over Britain, Ireland, Scotland, in Scandinavia, as well as in Gaul. It seems that wherever the Phoenician (Hebrew) Druids had settled, you can be sure to find these magic holy stones.(1) (more…)

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