Masonic Apron

In the triangle we see spirit descending into the square of matter. Let us so purify matter that spirit may shine through it and make of us lights to guide the footsteps of humanity. – Manly P. Hall

For thousands of years, the color white was symbolized as a sign of innocence, perfection and purity of the heart. The ancient priesthoods had most often used some type of white garment represented by either a white robe or apron that they would issue to initiates of their secret mysteries.

freemason apron

The Masonic Apron is designed to represent the human body separated into two distinct parts just like the image below of the upright and inverted pentagram symbols.

PentagramThe upper portion of the Apron represents our higher, noble and spiritual selves. This would be our hearts and heads that are the seats of reason, intellect, spirituality, gnosticism and pure love. The pentagram man to the above left would also represent this spiritual quality, as does the image below.


The second separate area of our bodies is represented by the bottom portion of the Apron which would symbolize our lower selves that deal more with our natural animal natures and our passions. The upside down pentagram on the above right would also represent the lack of nobility, purity and spiritual quality.

The Masonic Apron is made of Lamb or Satin to signify innocence, purity and integrity. It is a symbol of the Masons newly attained spiritual purity and primary symbol of the ceremony of the First Degree. This Apron will accompany the Mason at every step of their progress through the remaining degrees and it serves as a continual memento as he walks his path to perfect and purify himself in order to best serve his family, brothers, lodge and all his fellow man.


Henceforth, the goal of the Freemason with his Masonic Apron is to subdue their passions in order to take a higher road than the rest of humanity in so that he can perfect and purify himself as he walks his path with the white emblem of light, truth, and love. A true human living representative of the philosophers stone as he tirelessly builds Solomon’s Temple which now expands the globe.

founding fathers freemasons

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Tattoos of the Apocalypse

“What greater glory could there be Than to be clothed with God?  He drew His skin upon my skin, His blood upon my blood.” – 1754 English Hymn

Tattoos Picts

For thousands of years, tattoos have adorned the skin of many of our ancestors. It was said that in many tribes, that no one could tattoo other tribal members, but the priests; and the art of tattooing, like their religious customs, was passed down within the same families from one generation to the next. Hence, just like the priesthood was a profession whose teachings were hereditary, so was the marking of one’s skin.

These ancient accounts of painted men and tattoos come to us from all over the globe. However, my research below proves a biblical tattoo connection between the East and West that had really gained momentum when a dominant class of tattooed rulers from the early Egypt and Greek royal dynasties in approximately 2100 – 1500 BC had spread their custom around the world. (more…)

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What is Déjà vu?

Leopard Egyptian Ceremony Opening the MouthDéjà vu is a French word meaning “already seen or seen before.” The term was coined by a French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac (1851–1917) in his book L’Avenir des sciences psychiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences). Déjà vu is described as an overwhelming sensation that a current moment in your life had already been experienced in the past, but not in this incarnation. Meaning, this feeling of familiarity about a certain situation was not an experience you can recall in this current life.

If you are like me, then you have also had times in your life where you experienced this feeling known as déjà vu. This sensation has happened to me many, many times in my life, to the point that even today at 41 years old as I write this, I still experience these incredibly familiar moments often.

This familiar sensation that you and I feel internally must come from somewhere, but where? How can we feel in our bones or blood that we have seen something before, or been somewhere we know we have visited in the past, when in fact we haven’t in this lifetime? These questions have been pondered upon by some of the greatest gnostics, philosophers, and researchers that the world has ever known. I believe that someday very soon, modern science will verify some of these theories that I will briefly explain below.

Some researchers erroneously believe that déjà vu is some type of mental disorder. Sigmund Freud stated that these experiences are the consequence of repressed desires or is spontaneously reminded of an unconscious fantasy.  While others claim that this feeling is the result of the memory of dreams, clairvoyance or some type of psychic, or prophetic spiritual abilities. Some of the greatest scholars ever like Plato, simply call this a simple case of reincarnation. Modern experts on this topic like Dutch psychiatrist Herman Sno believed that déjà vu provided insight into the functioning of both the normal and abnormal brain, and that memories are stored in a format that is similar to that used to store holographic images.

My personal experiences with déjà vu over my lifetime would have me agree with both Plato and Herman Sno.

Plato had said that déjà vu is an actual real memory of events that took place in a past life that proves thePlato&Aristotle theory of reincarnation and now modern science is validating Platos’ theory. However this type of feeling is not called déjà vu. This is called déjà vécu which is French for ‘already lived’ and also déjà visité meaning, ‘already visited.’ All these different French words to describe this gnostic sensation of familiarity are getting rather scientifically technical and confusing which I feel is unnecessary because these words all describe the same thing that is happening within our bodies.

In Platonism, it is said that when something is “learned,” it is actually just “recalled”; and that knowledge is innate with the goal of recalling memories is to get back to true knowledge. In Meno, Plato’s character (and old teacher) Socrates is challenged by Meno with what has become known as the sophistic paradox, or the paradox of knowledge:

Meno: And how are you going to search for [the nature of virtue] when you don’t know at all what it is, Socrates? Which of all the things you don’t know will you set up as target for your search? And even if you actually come across it, how will you know that it is that thing which you don’t know?

The message in this story is simple. Learning is paramount in gaining knowledge that will then help in the recalling of memories from a past life in order for you to reacquire knowledge you once had to then evolve as a soul by searching for more knowledge. All the while, as you walk your path in life and in this pursuit of knowledge,  you will naturally relearn old teachings that will help you signify that you are on the right path and also easily acquire new teachings that expound on the previous lives teachings. Hence, the true evolution of the soul is occurring.

One of the world’s most respected gnostics and thinkers, Carl Jung had experienced déjà vu in the 1920’s while on his first visit to Africa. This feeling had occurred when Jung was on a train and he had seen a tallish, brownish-black figure who stood motionless leaning on a spear looking down at his train as it made a turn around a steep cliff on the way to Nairobi. He writes;

“I had the feeling that I had already experienced this moment and had always known this world.” Although this world and this man were something alien to him, he saw the whole thing as perfectly natural. He called this a recognition of what was “immemorially known.”

ian-stevenson-reincarnationOne of the world’s most renown reincarnation scholars and past life expert author, Dr. Ian Stevenson and other researchers agree with the theory of Plato, and have also claimed that some cases of déjá vu could be explained on the basis of reincarnation. Dr. Stevenson has written books on reincarnation where he relates several cases of déjá vu to people in his studies that were said to be reincarnated.

In Dr. Stevenson’s book, Children who remember previous lives: a question of reincarnation, he explains his thoughts on this subject;

The experience of de ja vu should not be regarded as a sign of mental abnormality. Many clear-headed persons have had the experience. These include, among others, the novelist Charles Dickens (1877, p. 37) and the poet A. E. Housman (Graves, 1979, p. 166). Neppe (1983) has published a comprehensive review of the deja vu experience.

Here is the quote from the book, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens:

We have all some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time – of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances – of our knowing perfectly what will be said next, as if we suddenly remember it!

In the past it has been very difficult to replicate the déjà vu experience in clinical settings in order to properly study this subject using science. However, recently modern research is starting to give us a clue to explain what déjà vu may actually be, by recreating this sensation using both hypnosis and neurosurgery. I believe that the information we are discovering today, our ancestors had actually already known about in the past. Ancient clues told in legend and carved in stone indicate that like modern science today, are leading us researchers to our brains and also our DNA. These subjects I have written about many times before in past articles such as, Ammon’s Horn, Amon – King of Gods and Lord of Thrones and DNA Gnosis.

In my next article on this subject, I will help bring to light the modern science that I believe will someday soon prove that of this phenomenon known as déjà vu. I believe like Plato that this is really just the recalling of memories from past lives which reside within our DNA, that we then process using our minds which then creates a chemical firing in our blood and brains. This subsequently creates a vibrational intuitive sixth sense that we can actually feel on our skin or in our blood wich gives the sensation we know of today as, déjà vu.

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Saint Bede on the Catholic Church and the Apocalypse

BEDE Picture 1The recent events in the Catholic Church have sparked a lot controversy around the world. From the apocalyptic recent resignation of Pope Benedict, to the revelations of wide spread pedophilia and homosexual acts committed by the priests under the knowing eye of the Vatican.

These events were predicted in the 8th century by the Father of English History and Doctor of the Catholic Church, Saint Bede (Beda Venerabilis) who had said in his book where he explained the hidden meanings of the Book of Revelation titled, Explanatio Apocalypsis;

The black horse is the band of false brethren who have the balance of a right profession, but hurt their fellows through works of darkness. For when it is said in the midst of the living creatures, “hurt not,” it is shewn that one is there who hurts. Of the running forward of this horse, the Apostle says , “Without were fightings, within were fears.”

These words apply to the Universal Church, against which the devil is always exercising an enmity from which there is no escape.

Reveal to all the things which thou alone hast seen, that is, the various labours of the Church, and that the evil are to be mingled in it with the good unto the end of the world.

Because “he who says  that he knows God, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar,” for the hypocrite tastes not how sweet the Lord is.

Seeing that the seals are first loosed, and the book is then opened, he has purposely changed the accustomed order. For in that He suffered and rose again, the Lord taught the Church that He was the end of the law; and in that He ascended into heaven, by the mission of the Holy Spirit, He strengthened the Church with the gift of a more hidden mystery. So He then opened the book, and now He looses the seals of it. In the first seal, accordingly, he beholds the glory of the primitive Church, in the following three the threefold war against it, in the fifth the glory of those who triumph in this war, in the sixth the things which are to come in the time of Antichrist, and that with a brief recapitulation of former events, in the seventh the beginning of eternal rest.

By the “fiery feet” he means the Church of the last time, which is to be searched and proved by severe afflictions. For orichalcum is brass, which by much fire and various ingredients, is brought to the colour of gold. Another translation , which renders it, “like orichalcum of Lebanon,” signifies that in Judæa, of which Lebanon is a mountain, the Church will be persecuted, and especially at the last. The temple also frequently received the name of Lebanon, as there is said to it , “Open, O Lebanon, thy gates, and let the fire devour thy cedars.”

He has fitly mentioned first His judicial power, for He was to assign rewards to the victors, and punishment to the transgressors.

Four Hosemen of Apocalypse

Heretics who assume the garb of Catholics, are worthy to have death abide in their midst, and they draw after them the army of the lost. For the devil and his servants are, by a metonymy, called death and hell. It may also be taken simply, that there eternal punishment follows those, who here are spiritually dead.

When they see Him as a Judge with power, in the same form in which they pierced Him as the least of all, they will mourn for themselves with a repentance that is too late.

By interposing an Amen, he confirms that without doubt that will happen, which, by the revelation of God, he knows most surely is to come to pass.


NOTE: Translation By Rev. Edward Marshall’s book The Explanation of the Apocalypse by Venerable Beda


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Éliphas Lévi: Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis

Seal of Solomon, Front page of in Transcendent...

Seal of Solomon, Front page of in Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 “The Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis or Secret Doctrine of the first Christians”

“The triad, being the fundamental principle of the whole Kabalah or Sacred Tradition of our fathers, was necessarily the fundamental dogma of Christianity; the apparent dualism of which it explains by the intervention of a harmonious and all-powerful unity. Christ did not put His teaching into writing, and only revealed it in secret to His favored disciple, the one Kabalist, and he a great Kabalist, among the apostles.

So is the Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis or Secret Doctrine of the first Christians, and the key of this doctrine is indicated by an occult versicle of the Lord’s Prayer, which the Vulgate leaves untranslated, while in the Greek Rite, the priests only are permitted to pronounce it. This versicle, completely kabalistic, is found in the Greek text of the Gospel according to St Matthew, and in several Hebrew copies, as follows:

The sacred word MALKUTH substituted for KETHER, which is its kabalistic correspondent, and the equipoise of GEBURAH and CHESED, repeating itself in the circles of heavens called eons by the Gnostics, provided the keystone of the whole Christian Temple in the occult versicle. It has been retained by Protestants in their New Testament, but they have failed to discern its lofty and wonderful meaning, which would have unveiled to them all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse. There is, however, a tradition in the Church that the manifestation of these mysteries is reserved till the last times.”

Excerpt from Éliphas Lévi’s, “Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual.”

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The Philosophers Stone

Phosphorus For many ages our great ancestors had known about what we call today, “the philosophers stone.” However it wasn’t until 1699 when the “modern discovery” of the secret behind the philosopher’s stone was first made.

It was in Hamburg, Germany, that a master alchemist named Hennig Brandt had figured a method where he had collected large amounts of urine which he then heated on his furnace to a boil until it was red hot. Once the urine had become red hot, it had started glowing like a bright light and would suddenly burst into fire when exposed to air. This strange fiery liquid substance he collected into jars and then placed it on his laboratory shelves where it sat glowing in the dark.

Hennig Brandt had just rediscovered phosphorus which is also known as the philosopher’s stone.

This is the manna spoken of by Saint John in Revelation 2:17  – He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it. And in Psalm 78:24  –
he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven.

Phosphorus DNA 2Phosphorus is commonly found in inorganic phosphate rocks and phosphate is the body’s source of chemical energy. The phosphorus atom is of the nitrogen family, but having that characteristic of firing.

Phosphorus is the philosopher’s stone that is the central symbol of alchemy, symbolizing the light within our DNA and in nature.  Without phosphorus, there would be no thought or wisdom. This is the atom that fires our blood to produce chemical energy, consciousness, creativity and life. It is the Fiat Lux of all nature.

As a phosphate, it is a component of DNA, RNA, ATP, and also the phospholipids that form all cell membranes. Humans obtain their energy through phosphorus that is extracted from foods within the body by converting it to the chemical energy that is then stored in the body. It makes up 1% of our total body weight and is present in every cell of the body; most of the phosphorus in the body is found (85%) in bones and teeth.

The English phrase “philosopher’s stone” comes from the Latin word, “philosophorum.” The word philosophorum is a combination of the Greek “philosopher” and a Hebrew word “horum.” The meaning of philosopher comes from the word philosophy that is Greek meaning “the love of wisdom.” The word horum which I have found to be related to the Egyptian Horus, the Phoenician King of Tyre, and Hiram, who we also can connect to the Hiram Abiff of Freemasonry. Horus is known as a son of truth, god of light, and the light-bringer. Hiram is also related to the light and truth and Abiff is a Hebrew word meaning “father.” Hence, Hiram Abiff means “father of truth or the light.”

Isaiah 14:12How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!

Phosphorus is also known as Lucifer, the morning star and got its name because it glows in the dark like the planet Jupiter.  It is the light bringer who in Hebrew is known as Heylel because phosphorus is the number one chemical substance in nature and life that brings light to the dark. Nothing in nature compares to it and this is why our ancestors had left us so many clues in ancient writings such as the bible to help illuminate how creation was formed and God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”

Revelation 22:16“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

The philosopher’s stone which we know today as “phosphorus” is the Alpha and Omega of nature and essential for all life.

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I AM Lucifer

Quotes on Knowledge and YouI AM the Alpha and the Omega

The First and the Last

I AM the Lord of Lords and King of kings

The Supreme, the Most High, the Lord of the Rings

I AM Jove, the Dove, the Bringer of Light

I AM the Fire that Burns Forever in the Night

The Light of the Light and Son of the Son

Jupiter, Vulcan, and the Philosophers Stone

The Son of the Morning that Brings Light to the Dark

I AM Lucifer, Heylel and Who Some Call the Morning Star

Secrets of the Stone, Forever Live in my Bones

I AM Horus on the Lotus, I AM the only ONE

The Hidden Manna of the White Stone, the Electricity that Gives Life

I Conquer Time, I Conquer Death, I AM the Dawn of a New Day That has Arrived

By Moe Bedard –  2/25/2013

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Who is Lucifer?

Who is LuciferWhen Carl Sagan had famously said that “we’re made of star stuff,” he wasn’t joking because the facts are that the cosmos are hidden within all of us humans. We are the SO BELOW here on earth in which the cosmos and heavens are the AS ABOVE.

Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Freemason and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite said; “Lucifer the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendours intolerable blinds feeble sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! ”

And one of Freemasonry’s greatest philosophers that has ever lived, 33rd Degree Freemason and master Rosicrucian Manly P. Hall said this about Lucifer in his book, All Seeing Eye; Lucifer represents the individual intellect and will which rebels against the domination of Nature and attempts to maintain itself contrary to natural impulse. Lucifer, in the form of Venus, is the morning star spoken of in Revelation, which is to be given to those who overcome the world.” (more…)

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Gnosis and Brain Activity Research Announced by Obama

In his State of the Union address, President Obama proposed a decade-long effort to map the activity of the brain. To understand the president’s plan and walk through the possible implications, Ray Suarez talks to Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, who would coordinate much of the project.

I believe this brain research will be big news in the future for us gnostics. Through this research, we will be able to learn a lot about ourselves and the brain. Thus helping us understand ourselves more than ever.

Link to PBS –



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Pyramid Complete

Money is energy.tower-of-babel pyramid dollar

Everything is a form of energy, can’t I see?

To ‘earn’ money is to expend my energy that would be best spent on me.

Humans built the pyramids with their own cash; moving rocks ain’t free.

The masters work behind the scenes, so the slaves cannot see.

Chasing the dollar, the next job or the next big thing.

I see where this is heading, they’re going for the golden ring.

We the people are starting to feel like cheap two dollar hookers.

Our masters agree, the pyramid is built, no more need for all these workers.

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