What is a Pentagram?

Now, all this is diabolical in the highest degree, and is not this intuition of the symbols of a lost science something truly marvellous, for it is transcendent magic which, basing the universe on the two pillars of Hermes and Solomon, has divided the metaphysical world into two intellectual zones, one white and luminous, comprising positive ideas, the other black and opaque, including those which are negative, and which has given to the synthetic notion of the first the name of God, and to the synthesis of the second the name of the devil, or Satan.Éliphas Lévi

Not many people are aware that there are two main types of pentagrams in the occult world with two very different meanings. One is used by the right hand path and the other by the left hand path. Once you have the complete understanding of the pentagram, you will be able decipher the key of the two worlds that is the illusion we live in.

In its simplest form, the pentagram represents man or woman.

The upright pentagram such as the one above and to the right is the symbol that we can say is used for good by followers of the right hand path, the divine feminine and soul. The upright person who is in control of his passions whose divine reason through their intellect, soul and spirit have risen above his or her animal and lower natures which now dominates this being who is considered like a Christ or Buddha.

It is a type of an astrological magic and good luck charm. In ancient Roman times and medieval Christian churches, the Pentagram was painted or carved on their doors to ward off evil spirits. This was also done by the Babylonians and many other ancient cultures throughout history.  It is associated with the “Druid’s-foot,” 3 pentalpha, and the the fairy-cross. Amongst the Pythagoreans (signum Pythagoricum), in the time of and after Pythagoras, a signet ring bearing the pentagram was worn by members of the Pythagorean brotherhood.


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On his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS

Revelation 19:16: On his vesture/robe/garment and on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS

The passage above from the Revelations of Saint John and most the bible is written in what is called allegory. Meaning the words that are written and what they mean are two different facts. One is done to conceal esoteric (hidden inner) meanings from the profane (people who do not research- NOT YOU! ) so they are unaware of its true meaning. The other is done to honor truth that these allegorical words cleverly contain. My hopes are to explain these hidden truths to you in the most simple way that I possibly can.

Today I would like to write the meaning behind this particular passage that is dear on to my thigh.

On His Vesture and On His Thigh he has the name written

  • On – The meaning of the word “On” is “something permanently or not permanently attached to something or someone.”
  • His – The word “His” simply means “Belonging to or associated with a male person or animal previously mentioned or easily identified.”
  • Vesture/Robe/Garment – Vestures means “your flesh or body.”
  • Written – The meaning of written is “to express or communicate in writing;  give a written account of.” (more…)
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The Origins of the Tribe of Dan – Part 1

English: St Aidan of Lindisfarne

In researching biblical history, you will find that it is often difficult to locate Tribes or peoples described in the various bible passages. Most researches are simply not aware that this was done for a religious reason because of the fact that many of the tribes and or peoples written about in the bible ,were truly high profile families, Kings and or Saints. They had changed their true names throughout biblical history in order to hide their identities as the worldwide Temple was being built. This type of propaganda is an art of war which this battlefield technique is performed using a pen instead of a sword.

The religious reality is that the bible is not just spiritual, historical, and astrotheological teachings, but also a type of Imperialistic propaganda; just as corporate media is used today. This art of war was used in the past as a weapon which conceals the truth below layers of allegorical names from our enemies,  but yet still honors the light of the divine people and most worthy Tribes (families) of biblical prophecy.

In the article below I will present my research in the most simple way possible on the origins and whereabouts of  one of these lost tribes; the Tribe of Dan who have eluded historians for hundreds of years, until now.

Let it be known that the Tribe of Dan descends from one of the most famous Irish High Kings who ever lived. His descendants still live to this day. This King you will find various spellings of his name, such as King Tech- baoithin, Baithen, Baithin, Baithan, Baetin,  Baitan Mor (“Baithen the Great”), which are some of the earlier Latin forms of the King’s name. Later in history when our language had changed over into Old English, so did the names. At that time, you will find this King called Boythan, Bothan, Bathan, Baeda, Baedan, and Saint Aidan, Aedh-og or Mo-Aedh-og who was Áed mac Ainmuirech  high-king of the Northern Uí Néill. (more…)

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Allegorical Names and Words Contain Hidden Meanings

More often than not,the names or words we see in religious and secret society sacred text are simply not the actual true names. But please understand that these people, places or truths are in fact real because these words have an actual truth hidden behind the surface name published in the public. From Jesus Christ, King David, Saint Peter, to the Black horse of the New Testament (New Law) in Revelations, the list of pseudo names for nobly concealed truths is a long one.

Therefor, if you are attempting to solve Biblical mysteries or decode names in sacred text, it is imperative that you understand that most every word naming a place, person, symbol or secret has a dual meaning. But these words also leave clues to the truth of the person or facts behind these “invented” words that are created to conceal, but also reveal with those with an eye to see. (more…)

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Seeds That Spark

(By me on 7/11/2012)

Some of us are born with a seed that holds a spark within

Up our spine we climb Jacob’s ladder to illumination

To see the light, you must first earn the rite

Above our heads, Burning candles in the night

In our blood, ancient memories burn bright

Seven steps I have climbed to speak to the divine

What the Lord says, is not very kind

Some are born with no seed, never will they have the fire

Take this spark, my man made light bulb, always says the liar

Through the valley of the shadow of death, the good shepherd has led his goats

Heylel, the Angel of light that was promised is here with his boat

Our words are being delivered of Prophecies foretold

The time is here, the time is now, before Heylel grows old

Our enemies know what is to come of their fate

Nothing they can do now, for them it is too late

Fire scorches the earth, plagues ravish the sea

All the glory to the Hive, the crown of our new Queen Bee

Immortal seeds will forever spark, their souls will always glow

The bright sun ruling over them, their path forward they will know

A new race of beings, the light they will peacefully hold

Forever and ever they will reign, these are the prophecies we have foretold


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TEM OHP AB – The Meaning of Baphomet

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.  Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

What you just read is the end of Psalms 23. It is the Psalm of David who is the TEM OHP AB (Temple omnium hominum pads abba), which is Latin for “Father of the Temple.” TEM OHP AB spelled backwards is Baphomet whose meaning we find Baʿal (Lord) or Hadad which means Son of Dod or David, Be-dad, or Bon-dad, “the son of Dad.” Father of the Edomites, Hadad. David, Daoud, or Dood means the beloved ; and as a mythical character the beloved one, the Lord’s anointed. (more…)

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Pontifex Baphomet Maximus – Part 1

Pope Sylvester II and bahomet(NOTE: This article will be Part 1 in a series of articles on Gerbert of Aurillac and the Origins of Baphomet)

The terrible Baphomet is, in fact, like all monstrous enigmas of ancient science, nothing more than an innocent and even pious hieroglyph.- Eliphas Lévi

The mysterious true origins of Baphomet has eluded historians for centuries. Many books and tales have been made in attempt to trace the true history, but to this date no one has made “all” the connections that will be made in the article below. The purpose of the series of these articles will be to explore the origins and also the hidden allegorical meaning of this somewhat grotesque image of a half goat man/woman.

In the course of my research I have found that the origins of Baphomet all lead to one man that had lived in the eleventh century who happened to become the first French Pope. His name was no other then Gerbert of Aurillac or known in the Christian world as  Pope Sylvester II.


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Ancient Name of Britain is Brutus

Not many people are aware that many of our current countries, kingdoms or state’s names are not the actual original names of when these  lands were founded. One such name is for the biggest island located in the current European Union, Britain. But the facts are that is not the original name of this most beautiful kingdom.

In the course of my research I have found that the most ancient known name for Britain was called Albion, but the actual original name for Britain derives from the Latin name Brutus. This Brutus would be no other that the “alleged” killer of Julius Caesar. The name Brutus or Bruti is Latin form of the Old English, Britain.

Let it be said that I AM a blood descendant of both the Roman Julius and Greek Brutus. My inner Gnosis is telling me that this was not a murder, but a blood sacrifice to end an old age and bring in anew. In addition, I also believe that this Brutus was a son of Julius, and possibly the half brother to Augustus Caesar. This I will explain in another article, but to help you understand how I can know such things, please read my article titled, DNA Gnosis.

This story resonated deep within my DNA and intuition. So much so, that I often cry or get very emotional when researching this subject. For us Gnostics, this is a sign of a past life regression or memory that emotionally affects us at our root core which is accessed via Gnosis to validate your feelings or knowings.

As with many names in history, you will find that either historians or the actual people themselves had changed or obscured the original names such as in this case. The full name of this Roman General was Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger , Decimus Junius Albinus or Brutus of Troy (early June, 85 BC – late October, 42 BC). He  had served under Caesar in both the Gallic war in 43 B.C., and in the Roman civil war at the time. For his service under Julius, he was awarded the Gaul and whole island of Britain. In addition to being awarded vast amounts of territory, he was also placed in Julius’s will that in case of Octavian’s death, he would be the heir the the House of Caesar. (more…)

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Ancient Memories Run Deep

(This is a poem by me that I was inspired to write tonight on 7-5-2012)

The beat of a mended broken heart

Born into bondage, never would we part

Today I pictured the smiles on your faces

Time frozen still in my mind of ancestors and places

In my blood, ancient memories run deep

Veins like a canal, merging bloodlines I no longer sleep

Leopards and Eagles, Lilies and Roses

You did this for your children to tap our inner Gnosis

Words not spoken, histories explained

Water of our brotherhood, washes away disdain

Always in my heart these memories I will keep

The eternal fire burns inside,  I will no longer sleep

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