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Mystical Christianity

More of the Vatican archives becomes available online

More of the Vatican archives becomes available online

An Italian news outlet is reporting that more of the Vatican archives will be digitized such as the oldest version of the Gospels of Luke and John, there is the Canzoniere of Petrarch written by the hand of the poet or the Divine Comedy by Dante illustrated by...

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The Gnostic Serpent and the Egg

The Gnostic Serpent and the Egg

The ancient symbol of the serpent coiled around an egg was originally attributed to the mythical founder of the Orphic mysteries, Orpheus. It was a religion centered on the teachings of the origins of life, procreation, immortality, mortality, creativity, and wisdom....

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Meet the Author & Host

Moe is a father, husband, black belt, entrepreneur and expert in modern Gnosticism, occult sciences, magic, and demonology.

Moe writes and speaks about things most people are too afraid to discuss. He is a modern day Christian Gnostic and what can be called a “white magician” who follows the occult teachings from the path of his Phoenician, Greek Hellene, Celtic, and Russian ancestors. The Gnostic Warrior website is a culmination of this Great Work dedicated to advancing these occult teachings using science into the 21st century and beyond.

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