Stealing Fire With Jamie Wheal

In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast I interview the Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and author of the new best-seller, Stealing Fire, Jamie Wheal.

He is one of the world's most innovative experts on the neuro-physiology of human performance and he has worked with top athletes, scientists, artists, business professionals, and Fortune 500 companies to help map the genome of the peak-performance state known as Flow.

Flow is when you reach optimal states of consciousness where you are totally absorbed in your task, time flies where you feel and perform your best. It’s the moment of total absorption. Time speeds up or slows down like a freeze-frame effect. Mental and physical ability go through roof, and the brain takes in more information per second, processing it more deeply."

Jamie explains how people are using flow and these rare and controversial states of consciousness to solve critical challenges and outperform the competition. His goal is a revolution of consciousness that can be spread across the world via open source sharing so we can all lead richer, more productive, more satisfying lives.

His book, Stealing Fire is for the Prometheans of the World, AKA the Fire Stealers--crazy ones, misfits, rebels and trouble-makers--this book is about you and your crew. Complete with a forgotten origin story dating back to the mists of prehistory, filled with wild-ass anecdotes ranging from the CIA and DARPA, to Burning Man and Biohackers, if you already know what you’re part of, this is your manifesto, your tribal history, and your user manual, all in one.

Click on this link to visit the Flow Genome Project website

Click on this link to visit the Stealing Fire website

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Horns symbolize power, knowledge and initiation into the secret mysteries of Gnosis

"In ancient times, horns symbolized power, knowledge and initiation into the secret mysteries of Gnosis. They also signify the power in our minds found through our hippocampus in which we form all memories and regulate emotions. Throughout the ages, you will find various Gods such as Pan, Ammon Ra, and Jupiter Ammon depicted with horns. Powerful rulers and law makers such as Moses, Pharaoh Seti and Alexander the Great had also proudly worn the horns of Gnosis." - Moe the Gnostic Warrior

My Third Eye is Connected to the Creator

"My Third Eye on the so below is connected to the Creator in the as above heavans. I climb up the 33 steps of Jacob's Ladder to reach the of alchemical energies of the light. The fallen consciousness of Lucifer redeemed to be raised to Christos. Connected to the source, I AM one with God." - Moe the Gnostic Warrior

Moses’ Horns of Memory

You will find Moses often depicted in artwork with horns. These horns symbolize our hippocampus (ammon's horn) and are responsible for processing our memories and regulating emotion. Moses was told by God in Malachi 4:4: "Remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees and laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel."

Survive Armageddon – Peter Kling

In this episode of the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast, I interview author, Peter Kling. Peter is the author of Letters to Earth: You Can Survive Armageddon! A book Kling had written where he uses science and life experience to unlock the Secrets in the Scriptures, which the Church has kept hidden for over two thousand years. (more…)

Parentalia: A nine-day festival held in honor of family ancestors

‘Our ancestors left their tombs in night’s silent hour and wailed. The city streets and broad grassland howled, they say, with a hollow throng of shapeless souls.” - Ovid

In the month of February, there used to be an ancient festival called Parentalia (Latin pronunciation: [pa.renˈtaː.li.a]) or dies parentales (Latin pronunciation: [ˈdi.eːs pa.renˈtaː.les], "ancestral days") that was held over a 9 day period starting on February 13 and ended with the Feralia on February 21. The festival began with the performance of ceremonies in honor of the dead by the purest woman in the Roman society, a Vestal Virgin. (more…)

The Masonic World of Atlantis – Richard Cassaro

"The pyramid-cultures all built “Triptych” three-door temples, with the door in the middle wider and taller than the two flanking it. The abundant occurrence of the Triptych across the ancient world is not a random coincidence. The Triptych represents more than merely an architectural element; the Triptych is the chief symbol of an advanced Universal Religion that was once shared globally in Antiquity, mainly by the pyramid cultures. (more…)

Phoenicians introduced into Greece upon their arrival a great variety of arts, among the rest that of writing

"Now the Phoenicians who came with Cadmus, and to whom the Gephyraei belonged, introduced into Greece upon their arrival a great variety of arts, among the rest that of writing, whereof the Greeks till then had, as I think, been ignorant. And originally they shaped their letters exactly like all the other Phoenicians, but afterwards, in course of time, they changed by degrees their language, and together with it the form likewise of their characters."

The History of Herodotus: