About The Order of the Gnostics

"Be as Wise as Serpents, Fierce as Wolves and Gentle as Doves"

The Order of the Gnostics is a global organization based on helping people find themselves by finding their true histories, ancestors and their lost teachings which are encoded within their very own DNA. GnosticWarrior.com is our media channel to distribute esoteric knowledge, articles, podcasts and videos that will help you to not only understand yourself, but also the occult world in which we live.

Manly P. Hall had said, "The Gnostics held that the essential nature of the human is divine. They look upon men and women as gods and goddesses who have forgotten who they are. It’s from this predicament that the Gnostic aspires to be freed by Gnosis."

Gnosis (Greek for knowledge) in its simplest form is “knowledge of thyself” or the Great Arcanum, Daath (Da’ath - Hebrew for knowledge) which will help you free yourself. Philo also refers to the “knowledge” (gnosis) and “wisdom” sophia of God. Plato had said that all learning is remembering. He calls this a recollection and restoration of the views a person once had, and original knowledge that was once lost.

Let us help you on along your evolving path to enlightenment in order to assist you in connecting with your higher self and who you truly are on the inside. Our global community is composed of reasonable >men,and women of truth who seek to understand the world we live in by seeking the without being trapped by the darkness of lies, conspiracies and the masses who love them.

The Order of the Gnostics is open to all men and women around the world regardless of your race, country, religion, and or beliefs. You can freely visit our website to research our free media that we offer on a daily basis, or you can choose to subscribe for a small fee to our special private archives, or you can choose to become a full member with full access to all our study materials, podcast, videos, and articles that are for member's only.

There are no oaths that you have to make to join The Order of the Gnostics other than the oath you make to yourself to know thyself and to your ancestors by telling their story. In other words, an oath to honor yourself and your ancestor's history for they are you, and you are them.

Our Team

The Order of the Gnostics Leaders are people who walk the path and walk the talk. Creators who are both esoteric students and teachers that are respected occult experts in their fields. In other words, they are true Gnostic Warriors.

Moe Bedard - Founder of The Order of the Gnostics

Moe is the founder and author of The Order of the Gnostics: Ancient Teachings for the Modern Gnostic. His expertise is in the adaptation of using modern science to further explain the ancient teachings of the Gnostics and to help others reconnect with their own Gnosis and their ancestor's teachings. Moe has traced his DNA lineage back to the original Gnostics who hail from the city of Gnosis, aka Knossus on the island of Crete. His work is a continuation of their Great Work.

Moe once said, "The Gnostic keys to who you are, what you are and where you are going have been hidden away from you within your very own blood all along. A well of Gnosticism waiting to be discovered by us spiritual travelers who must travel within on the golden thread of time to discover exactly who we truly are. An ancient Gnostic journey through the labyrinth of time where we must defeat our own monstrous minotaur in order to exit the maze to arrive in the spiritual light which is our higher selves, our souls."

Timoth Hogan - Teacher

Timothy Hogan is a Leader and Teacher in The Order of the Gnostics as a regular guest on the podcast and a contributor to the teachings and lessons of the Order. Timothy comes from an extensive background of working in Gnosticism, Templarism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, and many other esoteric Orders and traditions. He is a world traveler who has lectured all over the world and has broken bread with many wise Brothers from different countries, orders, and religions.

He is a Knight Templar in the York Rite; 32* Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH) in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (SJ); Knighted into the Royal Order of Scotland as a Rosicrucian Knight of Kilwinning; Past Sovereign Master of Allied Masonic Degree Chapter 425; Active officer in the Societas Rosicruciana In Civitibus Foederatis; Knighted as a Sir Knight of the East and West in the Knight Masons of Ireland; Past Master of the Rocky Mountain Lodge of the Ancient Mystical Order of Rosicrucians (AMORC), having completed 9+ degrees; Past Master of the Rosicrucian Lodge of the Phoenix and the Grail.

Timothy is the author of several books such as Gnostic Reflections in Freemasonry, The Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual, The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry, Novo Clavis Esoterika, Revelation of the Holy Grail, and The Way of the Templar.

Craig Williams - Teacher

Craig is a Leader and Teacher in The Order of the Gnostics. He is a Gnostic Bishop who has a bachelor's degree in religious studies with a focus on Eastern religions, a master's degree in Oriental medicine, and is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. His expertise is in helping people blend the physical, mental and spiritual to become one unified path of the numinous.

Craig once said, "There are not trophies or awards on this battleground, only scars which serve as reminders of our dedication and commitment to the path and of the lessons transmitted to us by our respective lineages and teachers. Yet this is the ultimate gift which is only awarded to the few and the truly courageous ones who will walk the merciless path and learn to listen to the voice of pain. What is your stance? Are you ready to listen?"

Jim Chesnar - Teacher

Jim is an Elder Brother and one of the voluntary leaders of The Order of the Gnostics. He walks the path of gnosis while respecting all cultures, people, and their ancient stories. Jim has traveled all around the world, and currently calls India his home.

Jim was a personal friend to a Finnish man named Ior Bock who had told the world that his family, through thousands of years, passed down an ancient oral tradition and secrets only known to his family that is called the Bock Saga. The saga explains the origins of man on earth and the origins of the Nordic culture that, according to the tradition, existed long before Babylon and Mesopotamia. Jim became one of the inheritors of this story.

Miguel Conner - Teacher

Miguel runs the website TheGodAboveGod.com where he hosts his long-running podcast, The Aeon Byte. He has interviewed some of the world's greatest experts and authors on the illuminating subject of Gnosticism and the tattered secret history of the Gnostics. He is also the author of Voices of Gnosticism and his recently released book, Other Voices of Gnosticism. In these two books, he includes some of his best material from his many interviews with the great Gnostic minds of the world.

Miguel has appeared on many podcasts and has lectured/appeared at such events as The Golden Dawn, Mythicist Milwaukee, the Alan Eisenberg Show (AM 1400 WRJN), Magick Radio (AM 1680 Chicago), Runesoup, Skeptiko, Southern Belle Humanism and The Gnostic Countercultures Conference at Rice University.

Cort Lindahl - Teacher

Cort is the author of 5 books and has spent that last 8 years of his life examining global cultural affectations which has been mostly neglected by modern archaeologists and anthropologists. His specialty is using Geomantic Information Systems to examine the spatial relationships of ancient and modern monuments.

This phenomena may be restricted to the elite and powerful classes of the world. The resources and wealth needed to execute such plans are astronomical. Cort feels that through his examination of geomancy and ley lines, he has discovered the largest engineered single project in the history of the world is being exposed.

Cort says people such as Harvey Spencer Lewis, the founder of the American Order of the Rosicrucians, Russian occultist, Helena Blavatsky and Sir Francis Bacon were some of the many conspirators with international royal affiliations who had taken part in this once hidden plot to create the United States of America.

Our Allies

The Order of the Gnostics cooperates and helps other people, websites and Orders who teach truth, light and Gnosis for the betterment of humanity regardless of our differences and teachings.

The Great White Fraternity

An ancient fraternity founded around 1500 BC, or even a few hundred years earlier. The Great White Fraternity was a monotheistic religious community that began to function as an esoteric secret society in Phoenicia, and was then immediately adopted by Egyptian Priests.

There existed a great religious and spiritual connection between Egypt and Phoenicia, and especially between Memphis and Gebel (Byblos). Egyptian Priests also adopted the story of Adonis and Astarte that had occurred in Gebel, and identified the names of these divinities with those of their own, Osiris and Isis. The death of Osiris, and his resurrection, is the Egyptian version of the death and resurrection of the Geblite Adonis.

In addition, the Phoenician’s belief in the One Most High God “Al-Elyon” became the corner stone at the Temple of Akhenaton in Egypt, who initiated the preaching of the One God, Aton. Among the early prominent adepts and Initiates of the Great White Fraternity were Pharaohs Thutmose III (Initiate or born of Thot), Akhenaton (it pleases Aton) and his lawful adept Osarsiph (Hosarsiph) all three of Egypt, as well as the Canaano-Phoenician Kings, Melki-Sedek of RūŠalim (Spirit of Šalim, known today as Jerusalem), Ahiram of Gebel, and Hiram of Tyre (also known as Ahiram).

Visit their website @ GWFraternity.org


PhoenixOracle.com is a sister page of the Great White Fraternity, a community organization that looks at the World Anthropology, Archeology, History, Religion, Spirituality, Mystery and Science from yet a different vision.

Phoenix Oracle’s team work is an Assembly of Brothers & Sisters studying for the purpose to decipher hidden codes found in old texts and on vestiges of our great human civilization.