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The emperor is the truth seeker himself

Posted in Quotes

The emperor is the truth seeker himself. The son he desires is his own immortality, that is the continuance of himself as a spiritual truth. The holy man is the […]

Devil Signorelli-Antichrist

The Devil

“The Devil and the other demons were created by God good in their nature but they by themselves have made themselves evil.” – Fourth Lateran Council In many religions and myths, […]

Black gods and goddesses

All the Gods and Goddesses of Greece were black

(By Sir Godfrey Higgins) – Osiris and his Bull were black; all the Gods and Goddesses of Greece were black: at least this was the case with Jupiter, Bacchus, Hercules, […]


Sons of the Serpent

The serpent is the symbol of wisdom, knowledge and Gnosis. The Serpent was venerated in Egypt as an emblem of Divinity, an oracle, and as a god. The Sons of the […]

Wise old man

Philosophy bestows life in that it reveals the dignity and purpose of living

Posted in Quotes

By Manly P. Hall – Philosophy bestows life in that it reveals the dignity and purpose of living. Materiality bestows death in that it benumbs or clouds those faculties of […]


The Ancient Egyptian Demon Worm Apep

In ancient Egypt, the serpent Apep (Apophis) was known as the evil god who lived in the underworld, and was the most wicked enemy of Ra. Apep was personified with the […]

President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Russia wants to create new world order

The Estonian World Review is reporting that the President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves said this week that he believes Russia’s recent behavior is a clear indication they want to create […]

mollusc shells engravings--homo-erectus

Scientists discover world’s oldest evidence of humans on shells

Posted in AlchemyScience

My most recent blog post on the cowry shell, explained how they were what we may call “an elixir or giver of life”, that were used as medicine, money, and ceremonies of life and […]

Cowry shells

The Giver of Life: Cowry Shell

One of the ultimate quests of humankind since we have began to think and reason, was to discover the “elixir and giver of life,” or what is sometimes called the “Philosopher’s […]

eye of sauron

Demonic Eye of Sauron Over Moscow Stopped By Russian Orthodox Church

Posted in Religious News

In Russia, an art project that was being created to make the Eye of Sauron tower over the city of Moscow for the premiere of the “Hobbit” movie trilogy, has been stopped by the Orthodox Church […]


An Egyptian Hymn for GMO Food

Posted in AlchemyHealth

The ancient Egyptians were well aware of the importance of food in their lives. After all, they were the first gnostics and alchemists. To them, the wrong kinds of food were considered filth, and […]


New World Order Rap

Even though this video by the Russian Times (RT) is a parody of the various modern New World Order Conspiracies, it is about as truthful as can be, but in a […]

Ramesses II

Israel – Hittites Become One Heart and One Soul with Egypt

The first official unified Universal Brotherhood of the Hittites (Kheta) with Egypt can be summed up with this one sentence below, that has echoed down through history to us by […]

Jewsih tefillin

The True Origins of the Jewish Tefillin and Greek Phylactery

Today, many Jews wear boxes tied to their heads and arms, containing Torah (bible) verses and worn when praying. That which is called a tefillin by the Jews, and a […]


The human race has been overtaken by extraterrestrial, demonic forces

Posted in Quotes

(By Jordan Maxwell) – We, as the children in the kindergarten, we’re just little children. We don’t understand that there are some very powerful entities from other worlds who have […]


What is Reincarnation and Proof of the Reincarnated – Dr. Walter Semkiw on GW Radio

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:31:02 — 83.3MB) | EmbedIn this episode of the Gnostic Warrior, I speak with Reincarnation Expert, and IISIS Reincarnation Research President, Dr. […]

NSA spying

Senate to NSA: Yes, you may keep spying on the American people

Yesterday, U.S. lawmakers had voted to veto a bill meant to stop the spying on Americans by government enterprises such as the National Security Agency (NSA). The bill was called the USA […]


Wormwood as an Herbal Medicine and Parsasite Cleanse

Posted in HealthMeaning of Words

For thousands of years our ancestors have used the plant known as wormwood, or  Artemisia herba-alba, the white wormwood, for purification, protection and medicinal purposes such as a vermifuge also […]

Tau and serpent

The True Cross and Sign of Life

“To the Rosicrucians, Alchemists, and Illuminati, the cross was the symbol of light, because each of the three letters L V X is derived from some part of the cross.” […]


Who were the Canaanites?

The term “Canaanites” in the Old Testament was normally applied  to the inhabitants of the lower coastal regions of the Land of Canaan, as opposed to the inhabitants of the […]

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